Why Marvel’s Inhumans Was Such A Flop

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Marvel’s ABC TV series Inhumans has made its long-awaited debut, with a modified version of the first two episodes landing in IMAX theaters across the country. Unfortunately, the reaction from critics and fans has not been kind. The theatrical release currently has yet to earn a single positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, the box office take has been anemic, and fans have been left wondering how a project that spent such a long time in development is turning out to be Marvel’s first massive flop. There are several factors that brought Inhumans to this point, so let’s take a look at where this project went so wrong…

Red light, green light | 0:34
Terrible teasers | 1:36
Awkward press panel | 2:58
Imperiled production | 3:50
The IMAX experiment | 4:41
Critical miss | 5:23

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ClickFunnels Lead Funnels Review | 114 Case Studies to Grow Your List and Convert Customers

Hey guys without a list you have no business and so how do you acquire a list of customers well we’re going to talk about that in this video so hang tight and we’ll talk after the intro hey guys this has been Arkell passive automation calm in this video we’re going to talk about the best way to acquire a list to obtain a list and we’re going to be talking about the lead funnels excuse me the lead funnels product that click funnels just came out with russell brunson ever click funnels as you can see here they did a hundred and six case studies of the world’s most successful lead funnels and what you get for $7 if you click the link below you’ll actually get those case studies as an e-book first 35 pages is some information about what a funnel is what a lead funnel is why you need to list and then it gets gonna break down these 106 funnels and let’s just go through real quick the sales page so it talks about this one funnel gathered you know garnered almost two hundred thousand leads for them so this funnel swipe file we’re gonna buy in a second here but it’s the definitive guide to lead generation it will show you how to create the perfect landing page use two and three-step funnels the right way get the cash register ringing on the Thank You page do bump orders have persuasive folks and titles and headlines make cold traffic fall in love if you kiss with a ton of stuff so using social proof again it’s just seven dollars you click the link below I’ll actually be throwing in some bonuses I’ll be throwing in some free click funnels training so with five hours of training for you as well as I have over fifty different funnels because these lead funnels they talk about they kind of go through them but they don’t actually give you any funnels so I’ll actually provide that for free as a bonus so make sure you take advantage of that and then if you’d like I also provide some facebook Messenger support unlimited support so russell brunson he kind of talks about kind of the origin of list-building and talks about this one list builder that was it was called the kiss the kiss test all right so he he was very intrigued by this his kiss test so it’s a pop-up that said you’ll know without a doubt if the girl in the first day would want to kiss you at all okay so he guess it’s the only talks about this lead funnel he saw and then talks about what was inside and inside that brief explanation of this kiss test he said it finally hit me that the kissed has fun was packed with curiosity desire persuasion fear of missing out open-loop specificity and simplicity so he modeled that and then thirteen years later he did it with the marketing secrets black book and brought it over almost two and a thousand leads okay so he’s saying it doesn’t matter what a niche profession you’re in these can work for real estate for econ fitness your coach you have a franchise for social media SEO dieting sports financial attorneys MLM traffic podcasting there’s basically a breakdown a case study for pretty much any industry room that you’re in so what we’re gonna do here you know basically I’m just gonna this is as a sales page going on explaining everything in there okay then you see here there’s just one time order bumped to get rustles rustles especially behind the curtain live recording training where he breaks down each of the funnels it’s not something you might be interested in for now I’m just gonna go on to the swipe file so that was his order bump that’s processing here okay and and the upsell is for the one funnel away challenge okay so if you have not taken the one funnel challenge with the one funnel away challenge is it’s basically all that information you get for how to build lists they’re also gonna give you information on how to build a whole final – it’s at one funnel I could sell your product or someone else’s product but it also talks about the importance of hoaxes and stories and offers it’s also gonna basically help you have a high level understand the marketing we had things how to how to basically get a business rolling how to generate traffic to a funnel and you get coaching everyday you get thirty years of coaching on a video then three days of live Facebook coaching from Russell and then from Steven Larson and a couple other people pretty awesome and then you get this kit if you want it see here you get an mp3 so I did the one funnel Lloyd challenge highly recommend it actually sign up for it twice so you can you can grab that upsell and I’d recommend you do that you have not knowing as well though if you do the one funnel voice challenge you want like one to two hours a day four to seven days a week like an hour or watching videos and learning then probably like an hour implement things so if you can’t do that I wouldn’t do that the challenge but if you can and we want massive results I would HIGHLY remaking recommend you take it again this is more of the upsell on that and no thanks and so now what they’re doing next is to down sell so from the hundred dollars to that digital only access for forty seven dollars and again you have time to do it I would highly recommend you do it here’s a lot of testimonials from people and again the one funnel away challenge huge huge help for anybody trying to learn it a bit build a business online I’m gonna say no thanks cuz I’ve already done it okay so thank you for the lead final swipe file okay there you go so now what did you down here they also have a free trial you can start including finals I’m gonna click here to create access to get my lead funnels now what I want you guys to realize is what click funnels is doing is they’re actually if you’re an affiliate you’ll see that you actually can get $10 commission for everybody who signs up for the $7 plan ok now something to keep in mind is what click funnels was trying to do is they’re trying to build their lists so they’re paying all their affiliates $10 and say hey we’ll give you a hundred and forty three percent commission but in the meantime they’re getting all their affiliates to send them their lists so click funnels right now it’s it’s kind of like a matrix you know they’re actually building a list within the list of other people okay now I’m going to access this the weed father once you log in this is what you see okay it’s just this one PDF that you download now again with it it’s the first 35 pages or so is just gonna be information about what a funnel is and the importance of it and actually apparently you get 114 lead funnels okay so there’s a there’s a history but when I funnel is talk to what squeeze pages and talks about so five parts of double your dating lead funnel again that back to the kiss test lead funnel strategies in Chapter two and then talking about a thank you page and a sales page follow-up funnel chapter three is lead funnel implementation and again guys if you’d like to purchase this swipe file you can click below and follow my link it off some bonuses as I mentioned before but it talks about lots of different good information about here we got let’s see here creating a landing page you build an email desktop this is the main thing creating a thank-you page to build trust creating a sales page to go to the list creating a follow up on a little bit of relationships and three types of content in one fell swoop text audio podcast video of logged so there’s a lot of different information those first 35 pages in and of themselves are probably worth the seven bucks but then you get down here into the swipe files and the funnels K so the kiss test so these aren’t all wrestles or click them as funnels their funnels of other people but what they do is they you talk about the hook what the story is and then what the offer is and then on the thank you page what goes there and if you can click on the the bitly link I wish they had at let’s go back that’s funny I mean when to kiss her if you’re a married man hopefully you know there’s about a buck so that’s the only thing I don’t like is it’s not isn’t open to a new tab okay but you get on here so go back to where we were so there’s a kiss test marketing secrets black book again it breaks down hook story offer and the Thank You page and so again for any industry so we got this is like a newsletter you’ve got this guy’s newsletter Facebook Ads valuation we got Fitness okay we have a membership site you got a soccer newsletter the affiliate membership start up this is wealth wealthy affiliate if you familiar with the affiliate they teach you how to start making money online with a blog so they break it down broken down all of these different lead funnels and again a lead funnel is how a company is trying to get your email because if you have someone’s email you can continue to market to them I send them a value letter keep selling them lower end products and higher end and even higher end in higher ticket as you build their relationship with them so guys if you are trying to learn about funnels what a good hook story offer it looks like some of the most successful lead funnels there are I would highly recommend you buy this it’s just again seven dollars click the link below I will along with this for seven dollars I’ll include some bonuses of my of my own I have over five five hours of click funnels training that I will send you I also have over fifty funnels from click funnels that you can import into your account and start editing and customizing and using they’re already pre-built so you don’t have to spend time starting from scratch which even back when it goes newsletter yeah so they go through all these and it’s pretty nice though I’m gonna go to the bottom and see at the end where we have yeah this is a pretty large document I’m gonna hop all and out of the bottom just to see there’s anything interesting in the bottom that would be valuable okay it’s just a legal disclaimer but okay if you guys have any questions about why building a list is important you have any questions about this lead funnel offer feel free to leave a question in the comments below but we will catch you guys on our next video thanks

ClickFunnels Lead Funnels Review | 114 Case Studies to Grow Your List and Convert Customers. Get Lead Funnels, and My Awesome Bonuses Here ➜ https://www.passiveautomation.com/lead-funnels

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online ✅
CLICK HERE ➡️➡️➡️ https://benarkell.com/legendary

An intro from Russell Brunson on why you need to be gathering leads and why Lead Funnels is something you want to purchase. (Especially since it is at an insane value of $7)

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Do I need ClickFunnels? I don’t understand how it will work with my business.” Knowing that ClickFunnels has the power to transform any business, it’s hard not to softly laugh as I respond, “Do you need leads or customers?”

Their answer is usually, “Yes,” to which I reply, “The only businesses that need ClickFunnels are businesses that either need leads or customers. So if your business needs leads or customers, then yes, you need ClickFunnels.”

Though few in number, there are some businesses that don’t need ClickFunnels because they don’t need leads or customers. In the case of these businesses, they have too many leads and too many customers. In fact, they’re probably freaking out because their business is exploding and all they want to do is slow it down. In their case, they probably shouldn’t use ClickFunnels because it would give them more leads and more customers.

For everyone else, though, you’re probably wishing you had that problem. You want more leads and more customers. After all, leads are the backbone of your business. The more leads you can get, the more products and services you can sell. At ClickFunnels, we help you generate leads through what we call lead funnels.

While this book is titled, “114 Unique Lead Funnels That You Can Model to Build a List, Generate Leads, and Create Prospects Who Are Ready and Willing to Buy from You,” it’s about so much more than just that.

This book is broken into two main sections: strategy and examples. In section one, we’ll discuss history, strategy, and implementation. We’ll be reviewing the history behind lead funnels, and how pop-up ads paved the way for online marketing.

We’ll also be understanding the strategy and implementation behind the five parts of a lead funnel: lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, sales page, and follow-up funnel. You’ll learn what each one is, why they’re crucial to your business’ success, and how to create your lead funnel in five easy steps.

In the second section, we’ll show you 114 examples of unique lead funnels so you can see how it can work in your business. I found 114 different examples for you because I want to prove to you that lead funnels work in any industry from authors to local businesses to franchises and more! Obviously, there’s more than just 114 lead funnels out there, but I think these examples will give you a really clear understanding of how you could use a lead funnel in your business.

Get Lead Funnels Here (and my additional bonuses)

#clickfunnels #leadfunnels

✅ Join me for the ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/OneFunnelAwayChallenge
✅ ClickFunnels 14-Day Free Trial ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/ClickFunnels14dayFreeTrial
✅ Facebook Passive Income Support Group ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/FBPowerGroup

✅ Click Funnels: https://passiveautomation.com/CF14dayTrial
✅ Active Campaign: https://passiveautomation.com/ActiveCampaign
✅ Bluehost (more popular) : https://passiveautomation.com/BlueHost
✅ Siteground (better support): https://passiveautomation.com/SiteGround

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! russell brunson clickfunnels training




我本身是經營一個平台學校之源 www.schoolneeds.hk, 是專幫客戶打入學校市場,本來只想研究幫客戶打入學校的方法。不經意地搵到一個網路行銷的竅門。


Clickfunnels 做著陸頁 :http://bit.ly/RoniTseungClickfunnels (按此連結有14天免費試用)
ActiveCampaign 做自動化行銷流程 : http://bit.ly/roni_Activecampaign (按此連結有免費試用)

最興奮是不需要程式編寫就做到,想用這些影片教學,幫到我的客人及各位導師,在租金超貴的香港,可以自己都做到online course,賺多一點收入!


How to Use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing (And WHY You Should)

Hey guys if you want to get started with affiliate marketing and you don’t know what clickfunnels is there’s a chance that you’re missing out on the number one tool that I could actually help explore your business I’m going to talk about click funnels in depth how to use it and we’ll touch on that after this intro okay guys we’re back this is been Arkell passive automation calm before we begin I want to let you know that I actually have a training for clickfunnels below and they’ll link up in the description hours and hours of information not clickfunnels it teaches you how to navigate the dashboard how to become an affiliate how to build your first funnel dashboard or give you tons and tons and tons of information ok so just up front if you wanted to get that you can click the link below and find this course completely for free the other thing I want to say is this channel is all about passive income about affiliate marketing so if you would click the subscribe button and then hit the bell notification you’ll be notified when I release videos what I do a lot of is kind of walking through my business how things are set up and so we can get a clearer picture in your mind if you guys would also like this video and lets me know that it’s valuable but also let’s YouTube know and it helps other people see and I appreciate that greatly again get that free training for clickfunnels now we’re gonna walk through really quickly what the flow would be so you’re an affiliate marketer and for those of you who might not know what that is essentially means you’re the liaison between a company’s product and a buyer you help a buyer find the product now I have this screen up here real quick and I wanted to show you what most people do with affiliate marketing so a lot of affiliate marketers maybe are starting out artist experience bill they’ll bring traffic in from YouTube Facebook or Instagram you know they’ll they’ll talk about a product and their review or they’ll go on Facebook and post a story about it and then they’ll say hey this product is great this is why this is maybe what I didn’t like about it but click this link and what that link will do it’ll take you to the product page alright and they’ll land on the you know whatever the product is that dream t-shape okay I know have the sales page there and bill directly linked the product problem with that is is if you have someone coming to your your YouTube channel they click that link and they’re not interested in buying that product you’ve lost them forever okay there’s no way of really you know finding that customer again so what we want to do we want to use the power of click funnels to actually get the contacts information and then we can continually market them that same product perhaps we could send an email reach out and say hey I noticed you click this link you know here are some other features about the product you might like or we can sell them other products most people don’t sign up for a probably the first time it takes like seven different hits for them to kind of maybe you see the value in the product so the best way to go about it is again you have your traffic sources here if you say hey here’s this really cool awesome product it’s called organifi it’s this green smoothie so what you do is you set send them to a pop out excuse me a pop up it’s not gonna be a pop-up it’s an opt-in page where they put their email and on one second I will show you how I do this in my business so hang tight you capture their email and then you send them – it’s called a vesl page where you basically you give your own testimonial say hey guys I tried this smoothie mix it’s incredible help me out a lot and then you can even put some other testimonials on there or some other information you want so it kind of it pre frames them that’s the term that Spencer Meachem likes to use he’s a big affiliate marketer you pre frame them or you get them in the mind okay you you you help them see where they’re being sent like okay and then they click the link to go to the product and that last page is the smoothie drink okay and so now when they’ve gotten there they’ve already received your testimonial they know what to expect and you also have email so I want to show you how I do this in my business so this this is a sample video on my youtube channel okay I’m talking about three essential things you’ll need to be a successful marketer now someone who comes and just watches this video that’s great and I want people to watch my videos but the number one asset in my business is an email list it’s my number one asset so what I’m doing is I’m saying hey and the link in the description my number one recommendation to make a full-time income click here okay so if they click here then they go to bed Arkell com+ legendary and it’s about it it’s for a new training howto lots of proven automated and profitable online business without tons of experience or tech skills just complete newbies are getting the same result for this fast step-by-step training so yes give me instant access instant video access so as i am looking at that may be something i want to change like new video training reveals and then yes give me instant video access just to tie the fact that the video access is the video training but what i’m doing is when they say yes give me into the access i collect their email right and let me take you to the back enough click funnels how that looks so this is the same exact page we just saw and then the next page if i do put my email and it takes me here it takes me to this is the bridge paid so if you go back here well it’s it’s the sales page so you go back here as this example so this page okay is the pop-up this sales page is me right here and essentially what I’m saying this video is hey thank you guys for taking the next step and I’m selling them on what they’re going to receive on the next page so it says click here for the next step but then I also show all these little testimonials screenshots of people having success with the business that I’m gonna be pointing them to so they click for the next step and it take them to this page I shouldn’t have closed that of it huh glory in it okay so it then takes them to this page which if they click this video that’s still loading so this is a it’s a video that talks to them about the product and then they can get started and sent it for you know it’s this is for a seven dollar training it’s called the business builder challenge and how to set up an online business and kind of it teaches you all these koruna core concepts and online marketing it’s incredible and I love a link to that below as well however I just wanted you to see that flow okay so again hold on a second ever yet okay so they come to my YouTube channel they click this link right the link taken to this pop-up page or the email is okay and then it takes me to the video sales letter which is right it’s this page okay takes me to this video sales letter and then it takes him to the product you know I had that how that video okay now for those of you who aren’t from there click funnels to the funnels is really cool it’s a what I will do as well if you would like a copy of this this is called a funnel I’ll put a link you can actually copy the whole thing and then all you have to do with it you have a click funnels account you can get a 14-day free trial after that it is $97 a month but you can just click in here and you can just I mean you can edit stuff as you want put your own words to click that of that leave okay so again the benefit to this is when somebody again what we’re doing is we are capturing their email which is the number-one asset you have online your your business isn’t your product you’re selling your business is your list if you have no one to sell to then you have nothing if the YouTube shuts down and you’ve no more subscribers number people watching your videos your business shuts down unless you have the list so as a example like I have a list of 13,000 people for one of my companies so what I do is when I want people do at our website I send out an email and I had people coming to my website I don’t need YouTube or Facebook okay so the importance of the list cannot be overstated what I wanted to do too is talk to you about once they go on my list what happens so when someone puts their email in what they do is they go into this follow up series on a weber and i have 35 different emails that I sent to them so they put their email in they see that video and then I send them an email back and say hey just a quick thing in case you didn’t finish watching the video you want to do this these are the next steps you can take and this is how it will benefit you and then again the next day so you can see that my first email has a forty five point seven percent open rate which is awesome as a big drop-off but they’re all around you know 20 to 45 percent which is great okay guys I hope this helped you see kind of the flow that should happen the mistake that a lot of affiliate marketers make is they think they can just put their link everywhere and that people will buy and you know that’s not true it just doesn’t happen you can do a good product reviews on YouTube and get people to click your link and buy stuff however the best method is you give a good product of you you talk about something on YouTube you teach a principle and then in your link you put a link to a lead capture page click funnels is a great way to do it you can just click funnels you can capture their email on one page send to send them to another page with a video sales letter and so some pre framing then you can send them on to the product offer right and so you’ve built your list you’ve educated the consumer more you’ve sent them to your affiliate link but then you can follow up follow up with them as many times as you want and as you can see I have 35 different emails that I’m following up with okay so just in closing guys again things I’m offering you in this video I want to make sure you have everything you need if you want a full trinny on click funnels it as hours and hours and hours of training I’ll have the it’ll say click funnels full training okay if you want this exact sales funnel that I’m using like this this whole funnel that has the capture the video we can replace with you and stuff I’ll put a link for there below as well and then my number one recommendation for kind of learning all of this how did I learn this stuff how did I learn to do it it was through a lot of her pursuit legendary marketer and it’s my number one recommendation for starting an online business but if you would subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification and also guys if you leave it leave a comment if you let me know are you doing affiliate marketing now and if so how are you capturing leads are you focusing on your your list building I’d love to know that but until then guys we will catch you in our next video we’ll see you

Free ClickFunnels Master Course Training ➡️ https://www.passiveautomation.com/membership
My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online ✅
CLICK HERE ➡️➡️➡️ https://benarkell.com/legendary
If you want to import the exact ClickFunnels funnel that I was demoing, you can import it here ➡️ http://bit.ly/iShareFunnel

#affiliatemarketing #clickfunnels

If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you can’t just link barf your affiliate links all over the internet. You need a better strategy.

You need to be collecting emails of the people who see your content, and then pre-framing them for the offers that you are going to send them to.

This will greatly increase your conversions and at the same time help you to build your email list, which is your greatest asset, and it IS your business.

Your business is not your product, your business is your email list.

Below are the links for information that was discussed in the video

Free ClickFunnels Master Course Training ➡️ https://www.passiveautomation.com/membership

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online ✅
CLICK HERE ➡️➡️➡️ https://benarkell.com/legendary

If you want to import the exact ClickFunnels funnel that I was demoing, you can import it here ➡️ http://bit.ly/iShareFunnel

✅ Join me for the ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/OneFunnelAwayChallenge
✅ ClickFunnels 14-Day Free Trial ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/ClickFunnels14dayFreeTrial
✅ Facebook Passive Income Support Group ➜ https://passiveautomation.com/FBPowerGroup

✅ Click Funnels: https://passiveautomation.com/CF14dayTrial
✅ Active Campaign: https://passiveautomation.com/ActiveCampaign
✅ Bluehost (more popular) : https://passiveautomation.com/BlueHost
✅ Siteground (better support): https://passiveautomation.com/SiteGround

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Translated titles:
संबद्ध विपणन के लिए ClickFunnels का उपयोग कैसे

Sådan bruges ClickFunnels til affiliate marketing (og HVORFOR du skal)

ClickFunnels gebruiken voor affiliatemarketing (en WAAROM u zou moeten)

Come utilizzare i ClickFunnel per il marketing di affiliazione (e PERCHÉ dovresti)

Jak korzystać z ClickFunnels do marketingu afiliacyjnego (i DLACZEGO powinieneś)



Hur man använder ClickFunnels för affiliate-marknadsföring (och VARFÖR du bör)

Cómo utilizar ClickFunnels para el marketing de afiliación (y por qué debería hacerlo)

Verwendung von ClickFunnels für das Affiliate-Marketing (und WARUM sollten Sie das tun?)

Comment utiliser ClickFunnels pour le marketing d’affiliation (et pourquoi vous devriez)

Como usar ClickFunnels para marketing de afiliados (e por que você deve)


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宠物有趣的DIY项目! |如何制作宠物饰品


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The Easiest Way to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing!


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Instead of creating your own product, dealing with your own customers, you can sell other people’s products and services and make money. But how do you get started? How can you start seeing results fast? Today I’m going to share with you the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing.

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Recommended Resources!
JVZoo: https://www.jvzoo.com/

CJ Affiliate: https://www.cj.com/

OfferVault: https://www.offervault.com/

Click2Sell: https://www.click2sell.co/

CommissionSoup: https://www.commissionsoup.com/

ShareASale: https://www.shareasale.com/

FlexOffers: https://www.flexoffers.com/

Step 1, define your traffic source.

Are you good at SRO? Are you good at paid ads?

What version of marketing are you good at?

For example, if you do SEO you got to pick one niche. If you do joint ventures and partnerships, again you got to do one niche and focus all your energy there. If you do paid ads, you can do any niche out there as long as the payouts are high enough because you got to buy that traffic.

Step 2. The second step, defining your target audience.

What is the niche you want to work in? Now, most people are like, “I want to be in the niche that pays me the most money.” You don’t do well as an affiliate marketer in that. Why? Because after a while you give up, you hate what you’re doing, you’re just like “I don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy doing this.”

You want to focus your efforts on what you love because what you love is what you’re going to create better content on, better marketing campaigns, better ad traffic, you’ll get more creative.

Step 3. find products that are a good fit for your audience.

Now, most people do this by just googling. That’s a really inefficient way. There’s actually already affiliate sites out there that showcase products. And the products they showcase are the ones that tend to be the best performers not only for the publisher, but also the advertiser.

So, by looking at these affiliate sites, you’ll know what tends to work because their top offers tend to be the ones that make the most money.

Checking out those sites will give you a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your space.

Step 4. Build your funnel.

So, let’s say you have SEO going, right, and you have this traffic.

Starts with content, then you want to collect to email and you can collect to email through Hello Bar or any tool out there.

You want to create a lead magnet. You can’t just use these tools. You’ve got to actually have an offer. So, email in exchange for an ebook.

Then, once you have their email, drive them to a webinar. That webinar allows you to sell that product or service to those people.

You can also, for all the people who don’t convert in the webinar, follow up through an email sequence and sell them through text-based.

Step 5. Increase the lifetime value.

Most affiliates, drive conversions, they collect their money and they’re like, “Woo-hoo, that’s it.” Well, you already have that list. Why aren’t you continue selling to those people campaign after campaign?

Why aren’t you continually adding value to them and not always selling? So then that way when you have the next product to sell they’re more likely to buy cause you’ve helped them out. If you just sell to them every single week, eventually they’re going to drop off your list.

How To Earn $1000+ Per Day With Affiliate Marketing


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It may be just a dream to some people, but I’m here to tell you that earning $1000 in a day is much more possible than you think it is! In this video, I’m going to talk about 2 ways you can earn $1000 dollars in a day! I want you to know this because it’s super easy, and you don’t even need staff to do it for you! Watch on to learn more.

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06:06 All you would be responsible for is promoting whatever it is the company is selling
07:10 Just get started
08:11 Affiliate marketing has never been easier!

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Video by Nate Woodbury
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The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


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While affiliate marketing can turn into an amazing career, there are plenty of bumps along the way.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s actually quite the opposite. Many people try their hand at affiliate marketing, and upon realizing how much work is involved, they quit.

In this video, I share some of the struggles I’ve had recently and talk about Emilia Boone, an ultrarunner, and some of her strategies for being able to push forward through hard things.

#affiliatemarketing #motivation

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! affiliate marketing 2019 affiliate marketing for beginners

Translated titles:
El lado oscuro de la comercialización del afiliado | Marketing de afiliados para principiantes

Die dunkle Seite des Affiliate-Marketings Affiliate Marketing für Einsteiger

Le côté obscur du marketing d’affiliation | Affiliation Marketing pour les débutants

O lado negro do marketing de afiliados | Marketing de afiliados para iniciantes

संबद्ध विपणन का डार्क साइड | शुरुआती क

Den mørke side af affiliate marketing | Affiliate marketing for begyndere

De donkere kant van affiliate marketing | Affiliate marketing voor beginners

Il lato oscuro del marketing di affiliazione | Marketing di affiliazione per principianti

The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing för nybörjare

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I’m going to show you how to get started if you’re a complete beginner. And I’ll be going over on my computer right here. A step-by-step way for you to go from zero to hero. Hey, so if you’re looking to start affiliate marketing and you are a complete beginner, first of all, I recommend you do check out my introduction series to affiliate marketing. But in this video, I’m going to be showing you exactly how to get started. We’re going to be doing a couple things here. We’re going to be one, 1st part of affiliate marketing is joining an affiliate Network. And this is where you find products you can sell or link to and make Commission’s from. First step. Second step is you want to find a product. A specific product that you can sell on the internet that you resonate with. And that you can make money with. So, that’s going to be our second thing.

The third thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to actually go out there and sell it. Now, if you are a serious action taker, I recommend go through all these steps in this video and actually you can start earning your first commissions right now. If you just take these steps. So, let’s get on my computer and I’ll show you everything step by step so you know what you’re getting into. So, here I am and if we Google just affiliate networks for instance.

We’ll find a bunch of results. We’ll find a ton. And we’ll see if we just look up the 10 affiliate networks that aren’t Amazon, we’ll see a ton of affiliate networks. We see Clickbank, JV zoo, giddy up, share sale, efendi. How do you decide what to join? Now, first off, 2 great affiliate networks to join our Amazon and my other favorite is Clickbank. So, Amazon is very easy to join. And let me show you how to join Amazon’s Affiliate Network. Now, if you’re on Amazon right here as you see I’m on amazon.com. Okay, we’ll scroll down to the bottom of the page. And what we see is in the footer, it says, “Make Money With Us.” Okay? Right there? And you’ll see there’s a lot of ways you can make money with amazon selling, private label, brands business, etc. But what we’re interested is become an affiliate. Now, that’s what we’re going to start with right there.

So, when we click on this, we’ll see profit from our experience. “Earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted ecommerce leader. Join now for free.” Okay? So, very easy to join and start selling stuff on Amazon. See, it says join, advertise, earn and basically you’ll just want to join and one of the things it will ask you for is it will ask you to put in a website. Now, do you have a Facebook profile? My guess is yes.

Or if you don’t, you can create a Facebook profile for free. That’s your website. Okay? Very easy. Also, you know, I’ve heard of some people just putting in random websites that have a lot of visitors in their niche. And I guess Amazon doesn’t check. But keep in mind, your YouTube channel, you can set up a YouTube channel for free. Your Facebook profile is free and you can set these things up and use them as your website. Okay, very easy. Now, Amazon, you don’t make a lot of money. For purpose as a demonstration, I could say I’m selling this book. Anathem, which is about 20 dollar book. If you aren’t 10% of that, what are you making? 2 bucks. You’re not going to become a millionaire selling recommending books to people unless you’re making more than 10%. So, the affiliate network that I really like is called Clickbank and you can see Clickbank right here, there’s a lot of affiliate networks but Clickbank is the most trustworthy and the oldest affiliate network around.

It’s been around for 21 years it’s based in Boise Idaho. And this is the network that I made my first commissions on. Many people have made their first Commission’s on. And it’s also been the affiliate network that I currently make most of my money with. Now, if we click here, affiliate marketplace right there, we’ll see all of the products that you can sell on a commission only basis. So, let’s click this search icon right here and see how many products we can find. Okay, now you’ll see there’s other over 4,500 products in the marketplace. Let’s zoom in. So, this gives you a lot of options of what do you want to sell, okay? What do you want to sell to make a lot of money with? Okay? And you’ll see they tell you how much money you’ll make if somebody buys what you’re selling as an affiliate. You see $37 if you sell this. $56 if you sell this. $41 if you sell this.

There’s a lot of money to be made selling these different products. Now, to find something you resonate with, you kind of want to choose what I recommend, I personally sell business opportunity type products. But what I recommend you do is let’s just get started on Amazon, okay? As I said, the way you make big money is with another affiliate network outside of Amazon. But let’s just get started with Amazon for the time being for demonstration purposes, is that okay? Is that okay? Okay, cool. Sorry, I didn’t hear you there for a second. So, back to Amazon. Now, I’m going to go to amazon.com. And once again, let’s say I want to start off with advertising this book. Anathem, which is a book I’m reading right now. It’s a really good book and we’re going to search this on Amazon and look it up.

So, we’ll see… Okay, well it’s $9. Okay, $9 right here. So, I’m going to click on the book. And what you’ll see is when you’re in accepted for an affiliate Network, you see this little bar. It says Amazon Associates site stripe, right here. This is where I’ll get my affiliate link. So what I’ll do is I’ll click get link text. Right there. And you’ll see, it’s as text link created below. Now, this is my affiliate link. Which I will use to sell this book. This is the link. People need to click on this link and buy the book and I make money, okay? Does that make sense? People click on this link they buy the book and I make money.

So, we can look at the full link here, I’m not going to go into the full, what the full link is. But this carries… Basically the link carries information that tells… The way affiliate marketing works is the link contains information that tells Amazon that’s the person clicked on my link versus they searched for it online or whatnot. And that link is in right here, the tag. So, that this stuff tells them. But we’re just gonna grab the short link, copy it. Now, I have my link. I joined an affiliate Network, I selected a product and we’re going to move on to posting about how we can actually, you know, getting some people to come to my website. Okay, so now there are a few ways to get people to come to your link, okay? You will already have access to them. Now, do you communicate with anybody digitally? My guess is yes. You do. You probably use text messages. That’s a way you could get your link out to people. You use email. That’s where you can get your link out to people. You use Instagram. That’s a way you can get your link out to people.

Do you ever post comments on YouTube? That’s way you can get your link out to people. Facebook this is a way you can get your link out to people. All of these methods are ways you can get your link out to people. Now, most of the time you’re probably having very like just… You know, you’re talking about random social male/female social dynamics in your life. That’s cool. But we’re talking about making money here. So, that’s what we’ll need to be talking to people about in our emails. Now, let’s say I’m recommending this book. The first place I could start is through email. I want people to click on my link. I could send an email to a couple of my close friends. Let’s say…

You know, or just people I know. You know, I could send one to, you know, my friend Carlos. I’m not actually going to type in my friends emails here just so you don’t email all my friends. But I could type in my friends and I could, you know, write something like book recommendation. And I could say, you know, “I remember you asked me for a sci-fi book recommendation and I’m reading a really good one right now. I absolutely love it. Check it out.” And I put my link there. See ?There’s my link. So, I wrote a little short personal email in the way I normally communicate. And then I just put my initials. So, that’s a way to get your link out to people. You could send an email to people that whose emails you have. And in this case, I’m sending an email to Carlos who I know is interested in science fiction books. That would be a good way to start affiliate marketing. Another way to start affiliate marketing is I could go on my Facebook.

And I have, you know, a lot of the people I’m friends with on Facebook are like the future and science fiction and all this stuff. I’m not going on my Facebook page. I’m going on my personal Facebook. Because I want to communicate with people personally. Do you buy things from ads? Probably not. Do you ever buy things or see movies listen to music based on other friends of yours personal recommendations? My guess is yeah. Again, if we want people to buy from our link, it needs to be somewhat of a personal recommendation. That’s why I’m posting on my personal profile. Now, if you don’t want to sell anything, that’s cool. Okay? But again, the other methods of getting your link out there are are expensive. They cost money. So, we’re doing this for free. Now, if you are interested in going deeper into affiliate marketing and paid advertising and the art of copywriting, I suggest I’m going to have my my assistant put up a link to my playlist called The Art Of Copywriting here which we’ll go over how you can use paid advertising to actually make money with marketing. Okay, so here we go.

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Create a post. I’ll just say, “Really good sci-fi book I’m reading. Mind gasms every day, so far. Check it out. Neal Stephenson is a genius.” Now, I’m not spelling correctly because I’m doing personal communication. That’s what sells. Again, if you look… If you’re writing something that looks like an ad, nobody’s going to buy ever. Ever. Nobody wants to buy from ads. Nobody wants to get raped and that’s what buying from an ad feels like. It feels like your wallet is being raped. You want to have, you want to feel like you’re in love and a personal recommendation feels like you’re in love.

So, here it is. Here’s my post. Very simple post. Then I just share it. And that’s how it works. Okay? Then I’ll just post it right here. Now, that is how to start affiliate marketing in a nutshell. I hope this video was helpful. You can check out my playlists on the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing on my channel homepage. Or there should be a link somewhere around here.

Make sure to subscribe to my channel. If you want more information on affiliate marketing and make sure you like and comment on this video about what you’d like to see next. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon. .

I do affiliate marketing for a living and this video is a for a beginner who wants to get into it. There are 3 steps you’re going to learn: find an affiliate network, find products, and sell products.