10 AMAZING PRINCESS Dress CAKES 👑 Compilation!

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dark meat is the best ice with white icing smooth icing out with a piece of kitchen towel roll fondant out cut fondant to shape shown place fondant on cake place other pieces of fondant on cut hole in top of cake make face out of peach coloured fondant paint fondant as shown cut out pieces of black and white fondant use red fondant too! shape red fondant into bow your Cruella Di Vil cake is finished! .

10 Princess CAKES iced 10 ways in under 10 minutes!
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Watch Most Hilarious Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera

Most hilarious fishing photos ever caught on camera Fishing is an excellent activity relax and forget for a moment the stress and worries of daily life Even though it offers a calm atmosphere something unexpected may occur at the moment that you don’t expect Fortunately some of those surprising events have been captured for posterity Let’s check the funniest fishing photos ever caught on camera What sign? Signs are posted in offices on the streets and even at the beach they are everywhere But they’re posted for protecting you however this particular sign of no fishing from bridge may be is something for the beginners protection in any case nobody cares about it a Taunting fish Fishing normally implies spending many hours waiting out in the water But in this case these guys decided to put their rods on a rod stand to keep their bait in the water while they relax For a brief moment, but this particular fish used the chance to taunt the fisherman and show that he won’t be fooled by their bait Using the floods in your favor Heavy rainfalls can cause a lot of problems and one of them is floods They caused damage to buildings and entire streets too close But this guy is taking advantage of a bad situation and instead of staying away from the flooded streets He stayed on the streets with a fishing rod He’ll be successful Trying to convince a fish to take your bait is just the beginning of a long battle Once the fish is hooked Then you have to reel it in However, a fish won’t go down without a fight and as you can see in this pic The fish was so strong that he’s not willing to be reeled in who win this battle personally, I have a feeling that this photo might be mocked a Dream catch This lucky guy not only got the biggest catch of the day But he had the greatest catch of life a pretty and loving girlfriend who supports his hobby and has a good sense of humor She enjoys the fact that her boyfriend caught a fish that’s almost the size of her Be careful on those rocks When the seas are rocky and if you’re not an experienced navigator, you got to be careful So this man underestimated the strength of the water during his fishing trip, and the result Hayes boat ended up paying the consequences The motor has died Spending a day with your best friend is something nice You can drink a few beers while you’re waiting for the baits to be pulled in by a fish however Unfortunate events do happen.

And in this case the boats motor just died So there’s only one thing to do in a situation like this fix it Fortunately, this guy had his good friend to support him in such an uneasy situation We’re just here for the fish When a good spot to fish is discovered somehow, it doesn’t stay secret for much time fishers come from nowhere daily, like it’s magic however, we have a feeling that it isn’t just the fish that these fishermen may be feeling attracted to in this particular spot as We can see in the picture. The sight is pretty amazing a Man fish caught on camera This snorkeler decided to see the beauty of what’s dwelling under the surface Luckily, he had a partner who is able to capture this perfectly timed photo Although this is not a picture related to fishing. It’s still a photo that everyone should see Two nets are better than one besides the typical fishing rod the net is the most popular instrument used for fishing and This woman looks like a real expert when it comes to using a net to fish In fact, she loves using the net so much that she decided to put one on her head Identical teeth there are 28,000 species of fish in the seas with a lot of different variations amongst them Some of them are small some of them are colorful some live in freshwater and some as you can see have very interesting teeth This particular fish has a set of chompers That’s not common to see on a fish but normally seen in human beings and it very nicely matches the guy holding the fish a Family fishing day Planning a family vacation is not an easy task Especially if you have kids so you must think of an activity that can offer some fun for the entire family although this couple loves fishing They have a baby but it seems they found the perfect solution for such situation Bringing a crib on board to keep the little ones safe Fishing in a hole We’ve seen man taking advantage of heavy rains by fishing on flooded streets and this guy was inspired by the same idea However, we don’t think he’s gonna be able to fish anything in that pothole Maybe this guy is actually protesting the government’s lack of action to fix the potholes.

Who knows I think this is down the street from me actually Unique flip-flops Flip-flops are the ideal outdoor footwear, especially if you go fishing But this particular model should be a must-have for Eddie Fisher. They look comfortable and have an appearance that matches perfectly with any occasion Fishing obsession if children always have a favorite toy or blanket they want to sleep with then why can’t adults do the same thing? Definitely this guy loves his fishing pole so much he decided to sleep with him We hope he doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend because she probably wouldn’t want to have them in bed is fishing forbidden in the fishing bridge Okay, this one’s weird imagine you’re looking for a good spot to fish and then you find a bridge over Lake with a sign that says fishing bridge and You believe that you finally found the perfect spot However, your dreams are immediately broken when a second sign you see that says closed to fishing How could there be a fishing bridge if you can’t fish from it? How does this even work? The lay-z-boy boat Spending many hours on the boat can be relaxing but also hard for your body Sitting on metal or plastic for long hours can be painful.

However, these two people found the perfect solution for that a lazy boy Even though it may have been a bit annoying to carry the recliner from your living room to the boat these guys are certainly enjoying a great time a Special wedding People have a wedding when they decide to tie their lives until death do them part in plain words They choose to stay at each other’s sides and support mutually So that means let the bride run to the water to fish right after she said I do how romantic Fishing for everyone Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from young children to older folks Every person can enjoy a bit of calm and tranquility and this man is living proof of that showing that fishing community Showing fishing can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and in any condition Nothing will stop him from enjoying his favorite hobby Is this sign really necessary as We mentioned before signs are normally posted for a purpose even though people tend to ignore them But in this case we can say that it’s completely unnecessary when it’s so evident.

That one important thing is missing water Taking advantage of high grounds it’s recommendable to fish at sea level boarded on a boat or just from the docks It’s very uncommon to see anyone fishing in a higher place, which is a few feet above the water however, these guys wanted to try something new and decided to get a crane to do some fishing from high grounds a Very peculiar lawnchair boat Previously we’ve seen a lazy man bringing his recliner from his living room to his boat, but now we’re seeing another creative man He noticed that bringing a recliner to the boat is not the best options in terms of cost Therefore he preferred to attach a lawn chair to a platform with a motor on it He can just say this is the perfect gear for a solo fishing day What did you think of these crazy fishing photos what was your favorite let us know in the comments below You You

Most Hilarious Fishing Movies Ever Caught On Camera

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These Encounters Between Babies And Cats Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

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These encounters between babies and cats are guaranteed to melt your heart The bonny baby’s parents appeared ready to introduce their little one to the current ruler of the house The family cat but felines have a reputation for being fickle how would the moggy react to a miniature human mom and dad mentally prepared themselves for the first meeting and With camera in hand tentatively opened the door when a family is expecting the arrival of a new baby It’s more often than not a turbulent time for all involved including any domestic pets Since parents naturally want to protect their newborn from injury or disease.

They sometimes Understandably considered getting rid of animals in the house and this is especially true when pat and baby come into conflict However, new parents can limit these clashes or even avoid them completely by preparing their fur babies for the new arrival in advance One of the reasons pets suffer when a newborn comes along is because the thoughtless mini human upsets their routine Animals thrive on familiarity so it disturbs them when their normal day-to-day life is disrupted With this in mind animal experts advise that prospective parents prepare their pet Well for a baby’s arrival beforehand, in fact these specialists consider it prudent to introduce changes to a household animals routine approximately 16 weeks prior to the birth Scent plays a big part in an animal’s life.

So it’s thought that this is always a good place to start Consequently mom and dad are advised to introduce baby related smells to their cat for months in anticipation of the due date talcum powder Infant shampoos and soaps even baby milk can be suddenly presented to the cat in the second half of a pregnancy The advice is for the owner to rub the baby products on their own skin so that their feline gets used to the new smell in conjunction with a familiar scent and so does not feel the need to freak out New babies are also notoriously noisy, of course sounds another note of concern for sense oriented animals, believe it or not But expectant pet owners are advised to play progressively recordings of crying babies around their cats Apparently the feline will become accustomed to its future living conditions much more quickly and without traumatizing a vulnerable infant Any other dramatic changes to a cat’s living conditions, for example? moving its bad or litter tray should also be executed well in advance of baby’s arrival in addition owners should start to use toys and other implements to play with kitty rather than their bare hands as a Result the cat in question will be much less likely to take a swipe at human fingers Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that once the baby does arrive there will still be plenty of preventative work to be done with a domestic pet Firstly an infant should never be left alone in a cat’s presence.

Someone responsible should always be close at hand and Initial meetings between actual baby and fur baby should always be a mutual ground well away from the felines recreational area However, perhaps the most important thing for cat owning parents to keep in mind is hygiene Parents should ensure their pussycat is parasite free and its living space is clear of soiled diapers If mom and dad are sensible and have prepared their feline properly There’s no reason for them to call the rescue center and surrender their beloved pet as soon as baby rocks up But if any prospective parents with a cat in their pad need further reassurance Perhaps footage uploaded by the new york-based online news and entertainment agency NTD in June of 2018 provides it the video in question features a collection of clips showing cats with their young human siblings and Needless to say these super cute selection is enough to melt even the hardest of hearts One sequence in the NTD upload shows a baby in the company of a black and white cat sitting on its hind legs The animals front paws are comically lifted in the air much to the amusement of its laughing infant playmate The baby even mirrors the cat and simile lifts her own hands in the air with a wiggle Another star is a white and ginger feline rubbing Its furry hat on its tiny human when the baby fails to take a hint and Stroke the attention-seeking animal the pet sheepishly waives Its paw at the human as a last-ditch effort the cat pushes, its cranium against the baby for some Self derived affection Meanwhile another young looking cat wants to avoid attention in a pretty playful and totally hilarious fashion when the pussycat pokes its head From a sofas cup holder its infant human sibling instantly wants to pet it however, the cat swiftly ducks out a sight from the entertain toddler only to reappear in a different hole shortly thereafter and Haters who sneer that cats are simply selfish obviously have not set eyes on the generous felines who entertain tots with baby toys Further on in the cat clip collection a child spinning device makes a black family can’t highly curious The pussycat paused at the toy which slides towards a crawling baby who appears equally fascinated by the colourful object Later in the reel a baby is shown sharing its miniature cars with its kitty companion the infant places a car on its elevated track But the toy slides to a halt the can’t apparently has no time for the car disappointing it’s human and pulls the tiny vehicle the rest of the way down with an impatient paw and From viewing the NTD video it would seem that moggies have a very similar taste in toys to babies as another cat shows We see the helpful animal assist its baby human with the tricky task of posting a ball in a multi-coloured toy slide Seeing the to play so nicely together is truly heartwarming in fact all the cats selected in the video collection show so much love and affection for their babies that it’s a beautiful thing to watch One clip features a ginger cat lying on a baby’s lap as the infant strokes its furry head The feline just cannot get enough of the petting and happily rubs its face against the baby’s hand But that was by no means the only cat who appeared to enjoy a special bond with their baby The footage also reveals a toddler snuggling with a cat in the youngsters pushchair The cuddling Kitty has its legs around its human teddy.

Bear rubbing its face lovingly against the infant’s arm sharing closeness with their kitties is clearly a joyful experience for the babies – The gleeful look on this infant’s face as the Baba holds. Our cat close is just priceless The bonny baby is beaming such a massive engaging smile for the entire clip But not only do pets bring immense happiness to infants domestic animals also have other benefits for babies For example a cat’s companionship can actually help strengthen family bonds So if news of a baby does arrive in your life You should think hard before you decide to re-home your moggy to quote none other than Leonardo da Vinci The smallest feline is a masterpiece You .

These Encounters Between Babies And Cats Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart


A Woman Went Outside To Check On Her Cat, But Then She Made A Bizarre Discovery On Her Porch

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A Woman Went Outside To Check On Her Cat, But Then She Made A Bizarre Discovery On Her Porch .

A Woman Went Outside To Check On Her Cat, But Then She Made A Bizarre Discovery On Her Porch
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When Rescuers Looked Closer At This Cat Mothering Kittens, They Realized They’d Made A Big Mistake

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When rescuers took a closer look at this maternal can’t they realized they’d made a massive mistake When animal rescuers received a call about some tiny kittens and their mom that had been left out in the street They rushed to the animals aid when they got there, they found the mama cat keeping her babies warm However, they later realized they’d made a big mistake The homeless animal adoption league aj al is a pet rehoming organization based in Clifton, New Jersey The league was founded in 1989 by some East Orange New Jersey residents after they grew worried about their local pounds conditions After the East orange pound closed in 1995 aja al began finding homes for the shelter’s leftover cats after That it started taking an abused homeless and abandoned felines from its base in Bloomfield, New Jersey Since then h al has spent more than 20 years finding countless cats there forever families on top of rehoming animals the organization also vaccinates spays and neuters the creatures in its care and Test them for feline AIDS but while H ALS work is undoubtedly rewarding it can be testing too and the rescue attended to a Particularly worrying call in December 2016 when it learned of a group of kittens that have been abandoned by the side of the road Relaying the details of the rescue in December 2016 a post on the H al Facebook page revealed When you get a call saying that kittens are in laundry basket on a curb your heart sinks The call sounded legit and the caller seemed truly concerned Because the Good Samaritan who’d reported the kittens didn’t drive he was in a bit of a panic The man in question had been on his way home when he spotted the fur babies and had been compelled to help That’s why he called the H a al According to the caller it appeared the kids had been dumped Luckily though their mom was still with them which meant they could keep warm without her There was a risk they could die of hypothermia as temperatures started to drop To make matters worse It had just started to rain and since the stranger who alerted AJ al to the kittens plight felt uncomfortable lifting them up and moving them time was of the essence as a Result ajl staff rushed to the scene so they could assess Revealing what happened next the h al Facebook post read so off We went to see if we could find these frightened babies with GPS in hand We quickly found the street.

Once we parked we started walking and in seconds. We saw a recycling container on the curb Inside the containers staff found four kittens. No older than five weeks old all cuddled close to their mom for warmth according to the social media post mama cat was glad to see them mom was quiet and looked up as if to say Thank God you found us it explained Aj al personnel covered the cats container with a blanket and ferried them away to the rehoming center once there a closer inspection of the basket revealed there were in fact six kittens and Fortunately, every one of them was well, despite their ordeal Recalling the state the little kittens were in the h al Facebook post read they look good clear eyes and noses And we’re eating on their own. We moved some cats around and squeeze them in seven more to add to our family The next day the staff turned their attention to checking over the kittens mom and it was then that they got a big surprise It turned out that mama wasn’t mama at all.

That’s because he was actually a male Writing on Facebook H al later explained he could have been the dad or a big brother from another litter but to those kittens he was their protector and Surrogate mom he groomed them and gently played with each one The staff at H al decided the cat needed a name fitting of his surrogate status as a result. They called him mrs Doubtfire after the famous Danny from the 1993 film of the same name now all they had to do was find names for the six kittens in his However, that wasn’t the end of mrs Doubtfire story soon after he arrived at the center HAL staff noticed that his breathing was irregular He was later diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia, meaning his intestines and stomach had been shifted into his chest cavity The condition usually occurs in cats that have suffered major traumas such as being hit by a car or physical abuse So it seemed likely that mrs. Doubtfire had suffered in the past. He now needed up to $8,000 worth of surgery to put his organs, right? However, the operation was intensely risky as A result those caring for mrs Doubtfire at ajl decided against putting the cat under the knife a vet gave the cat a 65 percent chance of surviving the procedure and Since the feline father-figure was comfortable and could still have a long life.

They decided to leave him be and Thankfully their risk paid off after looking after his six kittens mrs Doubtfire finally found a forever family to care for him for now His hernia is under control and judging by images from his new home. He appears happier than ever .

When Rescuers Looked Closer At This Cat Mothering Kittens, They Realized They’d Made A Big Mistake


Here’s What It Really Means When Your Cat Curls Up With You For Cuddles

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Here’s what it really means when your cat curls up with you for cuddles When asked a thing of a pet that’s going to show you unconditional love and affection most people would probably point to dogs cats on the other hand are generally known for being aloof and independent but Stereotypes don’t always ring true after all kitties are often happy to cuddle up with their humans And if you think that’s just because they want something out of you.

Well think again Yes, here are the real reasons why cats love to curl up for cuddles? While dogs were once the first choice for a family pet that’s no longer true in some countries Thanks to these stresses and demands of modern lifestyles fewer and fewer people have time to look after pooches after all They require far more attention than cats. It’s no surprise. Then that moggies have taken pups place as the most popular pet Indeed veterinary professor Daniel Mills told the Daily Telegraph in 2015 The domestic cat has recently passed the dog is the most popular companion animal in Europe with many seeing a cat as an ideal pet for owners who work long hours and Therefore more and more people are learning about the various ways in which cats show affection However several studies have claimed that the furry creatures don’t need humans at all For instance one 2015 investigation found that cats don’t experience Separation anxiety in the same way that dogs do so, they won’t panic when you leave the room or go away for a few days This study shows that cats do not need their humans to feel safe.

They don’t depend on us they look after themselves Celia Hadden author of several cat behavior books told The Daily Telegraph if they’re scared a cat won’t come to its owner It’ll jump on top of a wardrobe or hide under the bed Still apparently this doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t love you Instead you could even look at it as a compliment After all if cats don’t need humans to survive but choose to stick around. Anyway, then it becomes apparent that they must like us Moreover beyond that basic instinct there are many physical ways in which cats prove their loves for their owners in Fact there are so many ways that cats can show affection that The Guardian columnist face Chopin managed to list 25 of them in a 2015 article, there’s no denying that some of them are inherently obvious Licking and playful biting for instance would be affectionate from any animal and cats are no different Nuzzling into your face or chest with a gentle headbutt. Meanwhile is clearly intended to be affectionate even if it does have the bonus of transferring the cat’s pheromones to you and therefore marking you as their own and Traits such as following you around the house or waiting by the door for you to come home our obvious signs of love However a few of Chopin’s examples point to more subtle ways in which cats demonstrate their love for humans for Instance she explained that cats don’t meow to each other.

In fact, they only meow to communicate to humans So if your moggy is being particularly noisy it’s because they’re trying to tell you something maybe that it loves you but one of these apparent signs of affection really mean Are they genuine displays of appreciation in love or? Are they in fact just ways for a cat to get you to feed them and shelter them? Well, if you Darren believe that your cat could be so mercenary then you’ll be pleased to hear that It’s more likely to be the former Figuring it out for sure is simply a case of knowing what to look for according to cat behavior expert carlo siracusa Indeed the veterinarian told the dodo that to understand these animals. We must use cat rules not human rules Yes, well those clear signs of affection do exist. There are other telltale signals that you can watch out for as well For example, you never notice your cat walking around with its tail in the air well it’s a signal that cats use to feel each other out if The cat raises its tail up in response then they can approach each other Likewise if a cat is lifting its tail up that means that it’s comfortable with you Another clue that you may notice in your moggy is the slow blink if It makes eye contact with you and slowly narrows its eyelids.

That’s basically the equivalent of a kitty kiss So, you know, you could try doing it back. We can’t promise that your pet will understand but it can’t hurt to reciprocate, right? Clearly then there are reasons for your cat’s affectionate actions. And that’s no less true when it comes to literally cuddling up with you Indeed their touch alone is almost proof enough that cats are being genuine with their affection Nevertheless there are also several other reasons, why cats choose to curl up with their owners It’s no secret that cats love warmth and it’s all the better if they can find that warmth from external sources Indeed whether they’re soaking up some rays in the summer or hunkering down near a radiator in the winter Our feline friends are seldom far away from a source of heat and there are few better than you guys did humans Your cat may also cuddle up to you simply to feel safe indeed no matter how much of a natural predator cats Are they still don’t want to become prey while they’re sleeping? But if they’re in your presence, they’ll feel secure because they know that you won’t let any harm come to them And of course cats desire comfort after all they sleep an average of 15 hours a day It’s no surprise then that they want to do so somewhere where they feel comfortable Pillows and cat beds are all well and good but humans can be even better Especially when they’re already snuggled under blankets of their own which is why you’ll often wake up to find a cat laid across you That isn’t the only reason cats like to sleep on top of their owners, though They also love the familiar soothing scents and sounds of the human body That slow inhale and exhale as you snooze the night away and a slow rhythm of breathing for cats.

It’s the perfect lullaby and They’ll also recognize the sense that you admit which again ties into that feeling of security and comfort in Case you hadn’t clocked on yet. These are all very positive emotions and associations So when you put them all together, it becomes obvious that yes, your cat really does adore you Moreover they love cuddling up to you It means they feel safe protected and loved and also gives them a warm comfortable place to sleep. So while cats may not depend on humans in the same way that dogs tend to it doesn’t mean they don’t reciprocate your affection and When they come to curl up for cuddles, you know that deep down they really do.

Love you Sorry kitties your reputation as aloof independent creatures is at an end .