So if you’re looking to get some money to your PayPal account definitely keep watching this video as I’ll be showing you how exactly to make 100 daily Welcome back guys. My name. Is Upredictable and today. I’ll be showing you exactly how to get one hundred fifty-three dollars inside your PayPal account This is no good. This is no hack. This is actually really good legit. And I do promise you you can achieve this if you put some effort into it If you go down below in the description you go get RoyalURLs website this actually pays money It’s like adfly but ten times better if you keep scrolling it will say best URL shortener of 2018 Manage your links it will see some features Load minimum payout rate friendly advertisements meaning this website is 100% secured add an admin panel and so much more I’ll show you like I haven’t made much.

I just only started it, but you can set loads. This is a new account I just created and Obviously I got one click That’s my tester And I’ve out of my average CPM as four dollars and ninety cents obviously because I’m coming at you from the United States So I can see I do have one click, and this is how it works really? Shorten links you share it and you make money and simple as this click on the URL here Type in URL click on allies you can change the name of your website And then click on charcoal control you can get a real link. I’ll go to do is share it through Twitter Instagram Facebook Anywhere even if you can sign up share a link down below in addition at the bottom this video comment down below with the link and I’ll Approve it. I’ll pin you over and Obviously no more people clicking it and they’ll help you out, so Help each other out Coming to link down below click on a chilla each other links and help everyone’s out basically so go into withdraw I show you that I do have a $1 available in my account just from signing up so there we go This is my web draw funds And as it says available balance is $1 49 cents and because I do up top more clicks so this is amazing once you get $10 I can withdraw and I could get money to my PayPal account make sure to At payments so make sure to add a payment and you also get money So I definitely recommend this click on Tools you get many options here And I do like this little feature where like you scroll This and the website name comes up like this.

It’s absolutely amazing and when you Scrolls well the menu comes with it absolutely Incredible and get features about bookmarklet a full page script without having to do it individually, so yes If you enjoyed this make sure to leave a like help each other out comment down below in description Share this video and share RoyalURLs around to your friends and family, and yes, hope you enjoyed I’ll see you in the next video adios .

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