How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer!

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How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer! hello I’d like to introduce you to my friend Benjamin and his friend Benjamin and his friend Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin this is what’s called ten racks as they say in the hood that’s $10,000 right here and this is the amount of money I make every single day online now how to make money online it’s a huge question it’s a huge question it’s the goal of like everybody on the planet how can you use a computer to make money how can you use a computer to make money because if you can make money on the internet you can live anywhere you want to be you can do anything you want to do you can work any time you want to work with your time now every day I wake up and I have a choice to make I have a lot of choices I can do anything I want with my time because my business is completely automated my business allows me to make ten thousand dollars every single day and I’m actually gonna show you in this training that I’m holding this week exactly how you can build your own online business how you can actually copy and paste a business with that that’s already proven like a franchise owner don’t be an entrepreneur do not be an entrepreneur be a franchisee over you can model something that’s already proven and you can use it to make lots of money online here let me show you let me show you so so here come over here so this this is my computer over here and this here let me show you this is the amount of money I make this is one of my accounts and this is the amount of money I make every single day three thousand four hundred and seventy-three dollars I’ve made just so far today that’s just so far today here come here come here six thousand two hundred and fifty two dollars here’s here’s what I’ve made so far this month okay here’s what I’ve made so far this month current sales that’s two hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars it’s about ten thousand dollars every single day look at what I made last month last month three hundred three hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars five hundred and seventy nine dollars and 49 cents now on this free training that I’m gonna give you show you I’m gonna be showing I’m actually gonna be giving this away all this money here I’m actually gonna be giving it away to you to those of you that are on this training and who are engaged I’m going to be giving this away because I want people to understand what it is like that this is possible but what you have to do what you have to do here come back here come back here is you have to understand how the system works you have to understand we’ve been taught we’ve been taught to use our hands we’ve been taught to work for companies we’ve been taught to work for hourly wages or monthly salaries like chattel slaves we’ve been conditioned through the education system don’t ask questions stay a role wait your turn they’ve conditioned us through a governmental II controlled education system to stick in our place and work a job which will never afford us the ability to make serious money and live a life of freedom the computer democratizes everything this is your chance to make money and make it make a lot of it this is your chance to make serious cash now if you sign up for this training you sign up for this training I will be giving away I’ll be explaining to you how I’m giving away this money and I will be showing you how you can get it okay I’m also gonna be showing you how you can make this sort of money every single day without having a prior existing audience without having to invest lots of your own money without having to spend a lot of your time without having to buy products and start an e-commerce or an Amazon FBA or drop shipping or Shopify business without having to do sales calls every day and without having to without without having to deal with all of the houses just using a computer to earn you money that’s all you need all you need is a laptop or desktop computer to earn you money and that’s what I’m going to show you in this training so sign up there should be a link somewhere around this video and I’m gonna show you how to make the Benjamins how to make friends with some of these guys make time for money I’m gonna show you the way and it’s really exciting on the other side so let’s get let’s get it I’ll see you on the training How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer!

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Super Affiliate System – Become A Top Affiliate Marketer With SUPER Affiliate John Crestani.

Have you ever wanted to start earning a full-time income online? Don’t know where to start?

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The program takes students through 12 weeks, and over 50 hours worth, of videos explaining the affiliate marketing process, from start to finish.

The first few weeks of the course involve basics, such as giving students a complete understanding of the business model, the mentality required, how to set up tracking software and domains, and how to create landing pages for the offers they want to promote.

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Super Affiliate System Features Overview:
What will you learn over the 12-week Super Affiliate course?

Below are the components of the included in the Super Affiliate System:

The 12 Week Super Affiliate System training program, including 12 modules.
12 Live Q&A calls with the Super Affiliate System team
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Custom audiences email lists of buyers to use in Facebook advertising
Ad swipe file and landing page templates for all major Nutra niches
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Whether you’ve heard of him or not, he’s a GIANT in the affiliate marketing industry, he’s generated over $2 million in affiliate commissions using Facebook ads alone.

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Super Affiliate System – Become A Top Affiliate Marketer With SUPER Affiliate John Crestani.

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FREE WEALTH TRAINING: How To Earn A 6-Figure Income Making Money Online At Home Using Your Computer

Watch the Greatest Strategy of All Time for Business Success | DailyVee 447

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How did it go oh I see it it’s bad all right next one from Binney yeah motherfuckers what’s up vlog it’s gonna be a wacky day here I don’t know how much shouldn’t be able to film not a whole lot just feels like it’s the story of Batman’s life alright let’s do a couple questions right here right now let me just give you guys a sense of what I’m doing to just to bring a little value like I’m just trying to really bring us more a little more value to the blog got a one-on-one meeting right now with somebody pretty important in business to can’t get anything here just you know classic our meeting where I’m there’s so much of what you know I know this for a long time ago somebody posted something about the blog and like you don’t do anything you know like what the fuck you just travel around and like have meetings and like fuck you when I was like I’m just laughing about this next meeting to me an hour meeting it’s gonna be a meeting it’s be a relationship building its power brokering it’s a you know just who do you think is smart who do you think is doing interesting things actually I think we were able to show a little bit of this meeting which is nice because now I gave her a huge DAP so just like who do you think smart who do you think’s doing interesting stuff and that is worth your hour because you might be able to provide that person value and then that’s in the ethos and Karma’s practical for me there’s no bigger strategy on earth then provide as much value as possible to everybody and then there’s an extra kicker if you can provide value to the 3 to 4 percent of the winners in society without any expectation because you understand if somebody’s a three to four percent winner in society their whole life as somebody who lives that life and like to think that he’s getting into that zone every single meeting is somebody asking you for something so the off-speed pitch the complete curveball if I could spend more time having meetings with people that are playing at the top three four percent of the world in their crafts and genres that I’m interested in and the entire meeting is me providing value for them well then I would be set for the next five decades in my career so that’s that it’s nice little rant on that and then I have a meeting at Apple Shh and then I have who go to vaynermedia LA meet with a bunch of one-on-ones and catch up with people and then I’ve got a meeting with Shh and then I’ve got a meeting with Shh one meeting is with some other taste makers and other ones with potential client none of it can be shown so let’s get into the QA all right first one from Linda dawn mm-hmm hey Linda when you know your day is going to be crazy how do you mentally prepare yourself for it every day of my life is crazy um I’m busy and if you mean crazy like look that’s not fair all my days are crazy by regular standards but above and beyond for me like everybody’s got their baseline you know just uh to me I I use perspective when I’ve got to do things that I’m not looking forward to like going to the dentist is for me like crazy you know you know things like that so just perspective you know like I could be terminally ill it’s kind of where I go somewhere people I care about could be terminally ill so just putting things in perspective like you know I also think that you’ve made your bed you’ve signed up for this like I hate when people do well or complain about shit when it’s the infrastructure they’ve created for themselves like you’ve picked that job you decided to start this startup you signed with that manager you decided to create this business you’ve decided to put yourself out there like I’m a big fan of I’ve signed up for it so I got to eat it that’s next one from Laura Alisa what are your thoughts on content marketing and also what marketing strategy for major businesses do you see in most successful considering the generation and current I’m just telling the person I’m 10 minutes late one more time named flora flora what are your thoughts on content marketing and basically what’s the best marketing strategy for major businesses to do into this generation I mean I think content market content is the variable of success so I think it’s oxygen I mean I don’t think if you’re not producing content you’re not relevant now content can be broken down a lot of ways a lot of people a lot of businesses back to your question are making content in the form of commercials and marketing I think that’s a bad idea for the most part I think there’s a new age of content that can be produced that is far more storytelling compelling don’t make a commercial make a movie trailer to sell your product that kind of thinking so I think every business needs to think more like a media company I hae a Volvo needs to think more like ESPN Conde Nast you know CBS News Steven Spielberg than they need to think about making a Volvo commercial right so I think that a what do I think about it I think it’s the cost of entry of success in today’s environment if you make it in the form of content and information entertainment not in the form of a commercial or a sales pitch that is the biggest differentiator and that’s how I think about it you should start a podcast for a million dollars instead of spending a million dollars in radio ads and that’s where big businesses are getting caught hi sorry thank you come on thank you oh listen you got you got my back here I’m happy to help all right nice to meet you man take care of it it was cool right so I found three that are kind of weird let’s do it cool house the first one for Christopher by the way blog I’m so pumped up about this like I literally think this can become the vlog like backseat answers alright go ahead Christopher um is there any strategy for farmers other than direct marketing meeting produce my family raises commodities like corn soy beans etc margins suck and it feels pointless or current ROI of such a huge investment love this nerdy question big shout out to all the farmers that have been such a foundation of this incredible country but the world evolves right and so farming wants the technology industry of our society no longer to your point brother what’s his name again Christopher Chris Christopher I get it and so here’s what I would say if I was the son of a farmer um was that mine was that my head Pete if I was in that game who’s that my head piece about yeah let’s leave this in the vlog I think it’s really funny anyway Oh bro if I was in that business I would start small and I would start a brand right like if you’re producing corn all right if you’re producing corn like four carrots or cabbage like start a very small direct-to-consumer brand in that space make the capital investment to those those kind of business models so yeah I think that there’s an incredible opportunity for you in starting a very small direct consumer brand call it Christopher’s corn like Bobbie Robbins beef jerky and away you go and so yeah I think that’s the strategy like started direct to consumer consumer packaged goods foods brands started very small make a thousand bucks the first year I don’t care eventually I may eventually you could become Jolly Green Giant if you do it right you’re making this stuff the margin is with the people that know how to market it and sell it figure out how to build those capabilities start small farm stands and Shopify in Amazon and take it from there how did it go oh I see it it’s bad all right next one from Binney yeah motherfuckers all right can you ask Gary any advice for me publicly door-to-door sales specifically I’m secure sorry first of all babban you were evolving into a great teammate these are great niche questions that don’t normally get answered and this is the this is the foundation of back seat answers with Gary any back seat answers BSA well you know I think that there’s a lot of thoughts I have one door-to-door sales men you know I think doing your homework is very important so for example if you know that you’re gonna be in Edison New Jersey and that’s where you sell I would go to Twitter and search Edison New Jersey and see what people are talking about you know if somebody if somebody says Sam darn ‘old yeah like I would have when I was in Edison New Jersey when you roll up and you make a darn old reference or you deliver a Sam d’Arnaud t-shirt or something that nature I think people could use Twitter search in the radius that they’re selling door-to-door some people may think it’s creepy but you start with like hey I’m a I’m an you know if you do to do hello hey I’m a New Wave door-to-door salesman I use Twitter to make it awesome I saw that you’re a Jets fan here’s a little Sam darn old t-shirt you know but now you’re home security sucks like that just wild that’s different you know now you may get the mom who answers the door and she doesn’t know what you’re talking about the Twitter thing but like look technology has allowed us to know more about the people we’re selling to I think one door-to-door sales even the people that win the most have humility you know I would if I was door-to-door sales today I would knock and I would say look I know you don’t want me here you’re busy very simply I think you’re overpaying for your home security like something that would be literally my pension so I think door to door does too much sizzle and not enough steak this is like hey you know I would go reverse brother I would go humility be like I know you don’t want me here you’re busy I appreciate you even opening the door you’re overpaying for your home security system fuck technology that just door-to-door sales my fucking concepts more humility less hyperbole last one this guy runs a snake breeding business if you ran that business how you are good I would make a ton of content if your snake breeding you fuckin won in today’s world like visual content for days like just incredible I would also run heavy heavy ads on YouTube pre-roll based on google searching so people searching snakes snake breathing then they go watch a Gary Vee video but the first three seconds is a snake breeding video and you’re into that pre-roll YouTube based on search query capabilities on YouTube is one of the incredible ad products in the world and how they recommend that you do that if you’re a snake breeder if I bought the company tomorrow and have the bucket of money for two videos one anthem video the way you wanted it one the way I wanted it a one-week or wherever else and social media ads to drive business and and the pairs that we’ve allocated to the influencers if they all started at the starting point that we are at now I would probably take 50 cents on a dollar from all the other buckets and put it into giving out Morse to post on Instagram because I genuinely believe that would sell the most amount and build the most amount of brand give me the the actual number I will personally Wednesday night with with my team put all these ideas over a four hour period line by line for two pop-ups when he comes through like literally lying for line like you know for podcast integration because I’ll hit up like I will literally line by line breakdown the most comprehensive Culture Media plan you’ve ever seen I just want to make sure that I have every dollar and that when I give it to you those were the dollars and then all you’ll have to do is say yes or no and then we can fucking roll yep yep how are you good hey oh hey what’s up Judy well I’m gonna start because I don’t want to hold up too much time so thanks for getting together hello I have a couple announcements that I want to walk through and then let me just hang for ten minutes and maybe ask any answer any questions anybody may have on any of the things going on so we have some pretty exciting announcements

Producing good content on a consistent basis is the best marketing strategy for businesses in this generation. Content marketing is smart because content is the currency of the internet – if you’re not putting out content, you’re not relevant. By the way, I’d love to hear from you guys on what you think about this Q&A format living in DailyVee. Please let me know!!!

Quick shoutout to two influencers, Leenda Dee & Laura Elisa, for two of the questions featured in this video 😉
Leenda –
Laura –

Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the daily videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say ‘Hey’ ;).

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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How to Create a Video Content Marketing Strategy

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to business training made simple Google hangout this month my name’s Sarah Kerrigan I’m part of the team here at business training made simple and today I’m joined by social media consultant speaker trainer and author David Taylor hi David guitar with us yes good afternoon sir and so a few things before we get started today and today’s hangout is all about creating a video content marketing strategy and so just to let you know any questions you have throughout please do post them you can either post them to our hashtag my remote training or you should see at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and a question box if you just log into that of your email and post your questions on there they’ll come through on to our chat system um and we also will be announcing a promotional code at the end of the Hangout so if you are interested in booking on any of our costs in the new year then stay tuned and we’ll be announcing that at the end so I think that’s everything David we should get started straight away fantastic so what are we going to be covering today and why video is so important many of you probably never used video in your marketing previously how to video into your marketing strategy like all things in social media you don’t just try and stick it on ad hoc it needs to be part strategy some of the uses for video and whether your business facing or consumer facing doesn’t really matter a little bit about how you actually going to shoot some of these videos to make sure that they represent your brand in the best possible way how you promote the videos very calm very often know what you find is that people producing videos but they have no idea how to get them out to as many people as possible and of course like all this things in social media and in fact marketing it’s measuring performance of your channels to ensure that you’re hitting your specific business objectives so a little bit of a surprising statistic and by the end of 2015 Cisco Systems estimate that eighty-six percent of all content line will be video now it’s not just on YouTube which clearly gets millions and millions and millions of hits every day you also getting a lot of traction on vimeo on Instagram on Vine BBC iplayer itv player etc unfortunately or fortunately it depends which way you look at it we are in age now where people don’t have the time or the inclination to read and what they would rather do is watch and obviously with the advent of smartphones tablets etc it’s very very easy to see videos post videos etc and therefore and that statistic really must be borne in mind that although now you might not be doing very much video if you work out that a lot of your target audience new target audiences now and in the future are going to be watching more and more video it’s about how can we capitalize on that interestingly for me one of the takeaways child hope you get from this webinar is that if you have a website must make provision in some way for putting video onto that website there are modules wordpress content management systems make it very very easy to add video and you can very easily and put it onto the site the advantage of that is obviously any videos you’re doing you can provide your own website but the second thing is that what Google is looking for is is fresh engaging interesting content and if you’re adding that in this form of video onto your website you will get a lot of brownie points from google so little bit of a takeaway there now um in the all the training courses here a busy training made simple and in also the book business of being social that I wrote it’s we all focus on business objectives social media whatever you’re doing whether it’s Facebook Linkedin etc has got to come back down to what are your specific business objectives and you only do social media if it is going to meet a specific objective business objective that you have in place with all these things you need to plan how you’re going to use it how you’re going to meet those business objectives found the content listen out to what’s going on in the marketplace listen to what’s going on online figure out what it is that people want sort of content people want the most engaging content people do and then the final thing is that that you you engage now if you then decide to put this into a video context you have a business objective and ultimately it’s about figuring out what sort of business objective is going to be met through video so one of the things you need to think about is look at your business objectives how and what business objectives are going to be met through using video now that could be any number of things it may well be to improve SEO on your website it could be that you want to raise a profile key members of your employee key employees and that you want to humanize your brand maybe you want to use it as an education on a customer service tool and all of those things could be business objectives and you’ve then got to figure out which one of them you actually want to do second thing you need to do if you’re going to be fitting video into your marketing strategy is you’ve got to ensure that there is a video friendly culture within your organization now it’s all very well so many marketing or someone maybe the chief executive saying great idea we’re gonna do we’re gonna have our own YouTube channel we’re going to be doing vines and all sorts of interesting things and you know that’s a great idea and they’ve they’ve got some good storylines it got some good content she’s fantastic um but um they then get members of staff in front of the camera and they decide and they DS soon discover that no one is any good at talking on camera in fact they go to pieces several clients I’ve worked with in the past people are absolutely brilliant at their jobs and they weren’t actually employed on the basis of a screen test though and as soon as you get them in front of a camera they go to pieces and therefore like with all these things it’s worth trying to ascertain who in your organization is a good consistent performer in front of a camera and thirdly and I’ve mentioned it in passing earlier is you must make sure your website is mobile enabled and video enabled and another statistic is that by the end of this year more people will be looking at the internet on mobile devices than on computers so not only is it important you have some form video embedded within to your website but also your website is entirely mobile enabled IE you can easily look at it on an iphone or a galaxy etc and but I would reiterate the fact that if you can and if you’re going to have videos part of your marketing strategy that must include the website and therefore you may need to go back to your web designer if you’ve got a reasonably new website and say look we’d like to have a myth video module within our website if you’ve got a website which is more than three years old and not much of a content management system it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to add video to it so you might need to think about investing in a brand new website which of course would include video you then need to think about allocating some form of budget now many people when you sir start saying video oh yeah but that is going to cost thousands of pounds to have these professional promotional videos done and you know we don’t really have the budget for that it all depends on your business objectives if you want to humanize your brand you want to reach out to people and show your staff in a friendly way you don’t need to go down the corporate route and by the same token if you do want a really professional video you may need to pay for it either way there needs to be some for budget so if you’re going to do home videos what that might include is trying perhaps to create a studio with in your office then maybe there’s a spare room you can light it properly you can Mike it up properly and you can make your videos within their within your own office but you need to allocate budget for things like microphones for lights a tripod things like that or of course if you say we’d love a really good one and a half minute video which really puts our brand into context then clearly you’ve got to think about having a budget going out to some form of video production company you can then do that an edit it properly and finally and this is always absolutely vital in terms of any sort of social media strategy is what is your content pipeline if you’re going to go down the route of having a video module on your website and a youtube channel and being visible on Instagram etc if you need to be having a constant supply of quality content and what you don’t want to do which is what most brands do is they go all right yeah we’ll have a blog on the website and we’ll do facebook and we’ll do videos they run out of steam after a couple of weeks and it just looks really bad that they can’t keep going with it so if you’re going to be serious about using video you’ve got to think maybe about having some form of structure some full of timetable and ideas about when you’re going to be creating this content and how you’re going to do it it may well be that you you might decide you’re going to try and do a video a week or perhaps a video a fortnight it’s all depends on your objectives it all depends on your organization and all depends on your budget but having that content pipeline is absolutely critical and if you fall at the first hurdle which is you don’t think you’re going to have a content pipeline then maybe it’s it’s time to rethink may be put off trying to have video for now until the point at which may you’ve got enough budget or enough bandwidth to be able to provide that content so you thought about having a video and how you could fit it into your strategy now let I’m just want to just touch on a few uses of video and again as I said earlier it’s not just about customer facing organizations but also business facing organizations are perfectly able to use video within their marketing so a promotional film so that could be you have a hotel and you want to give people an idea exactly what it’s going to be like when they stay at the hotel so you could do a short two-minute video going through the hotel maybe outside the hotel may be interviewing some people within the hotel and then thats it on the website so if you want to go then you can get a sense of what it’s like when you’re there testimonials and interviews with customers increasingly now people you know we’re in a tripadvisor generation we’re in a feedback generation it’s not what you say about your brand is what others say and you may well say well with the best accountants or were the best solicitors or we’re the best estate agents in the area but what you really want to do is if you can get someone to talk about why you are the best in the area then it obviously has much more validity than otherwise clearly if you’re in professional services is going to be a very very small proportion of people but there will always be some of your clients who would be very happy to do a video testimonial for you customer-facing you’re a restaurant someone comes into the restaurant they had a really lovely meal and they’re raving on about how wonderful your restaurant is then it’s not going to be very difficult so actually would you mind me doing a short 30 second video you saying that on camera also interviews with staff people did people with people they like know like and trust and ultimately people do business with people not to sternly corporates and and and corporate entities and if you want to humanize your brand if you want to raise a profile of individual members of staff or key people within your organization if your business to business then clearly that could be a way but the caveat there is that they’ve got to be able to speak on camera and not turn into a wooden top here’s another one always a tricky one to do but it can work is a use of humor to convey a dry subject now um what you might want to do after this webinar if you google Dollar Shave Club video there is an absolutely brilliant video which was made by the managing director of a company in America and they sell razor blades very very dull subject that’s not really much to do it but what they did was they did a one minute 33 second video which cost I think something the region of four and a half thousand dollars and it is utterly brilliant had millions and millions of views and interestingly enough that one piece of content has changed the destiny of that company forever and they’ve used humor in a way to convey a dry subject similarly I work with a mortgage company called senseo and over here and we did a video about the mortgage process possibly the most dull subject in the world it’s a list of bullet points but by using an actress by using a script we could actually try and make it a little bit more interesting video press releases and video blogs virtually every single journalist in the world worth their salt is on Twitter so why not create a video press release so they can just watch it rather than have to read it because they’re obviously so time pool and and you could put those videos out or you could do a video blog if you if you’re minded instead of writing a news feed on to your website have a video feed on your website presentations and keynote speech is clearly if your professional services firm you’ve got a senior partner senior members the organization they’re going to be making lots of speeches and talks etc how great would it be if you could actually get capture some of what they’re saying onto video which you can then put onto your website which of course will build their brand build your brand and ultimately help get it your key messages across podcasts and vodcasts and video on demand again these are and your musings on whatever subject and that could be you know again if you’re in professional services if you’re a key lawyer and you want to talk about some aspect of legal things then you can actually do a podcast etc you’ve also got there’s a really good application called animoto animoto com and within animator what you can do is drop content which is static content whether it’s graphs Excel spreadsheets photographs Word documents PDFs etc even short form videos like vines and Instagram you can drop it into animoto and what it will do is it will thread it all together and turn it into a video which you can then use if you have a particularly good keynote presentation which you’d like to turn into a video that can be done to animoto and finally of course there is it is sales if there’s there’s no reason why you cannot use video in some way for sales there is a sort of a myth about social you can’t sell you don’t really sell directly but you create the conditions whereby people and actually want to do business with you so if you have that product and people want to see what exactly what that product is like then clearly through use of a video that can represent it in its best light so that’s some of the uses of video and now you know if you if you’re going to go down the route of shooting videos and even if you’re not going to shoot them yourself but you’re going to get a company in to do them and you need to think carefully about how you got to make these videos count the first thing to do whatever you’re going to do is prepare some form of brief what is this video what is the objective of this video what will the content of this video be where will this video be shot who will be in this video and all of those things need to be considered because if you don’t you’re going to get and sadly caught out so brief needs to be written down and fully refined now if clearly if you’re going to go down the route of hiring in a company however good the company’s if you don’t give them much of a brief they got very very little to go on and they’re unlikely to give you the video that you really need so with that brief if you’re going to do your own video do that brief work with whomever needs to be worked with within the organization whoever’s going to appear in the video you need to be briefing them and making them feel comfortable etc if they’re going to be if you’re going to go to an outside agency then what you need to do is obviously the age with that agency to refine the brief so they’re very very clear exactly what you want to achieve and then they may be obviously be able to give their input and say well actually we suggest you change aspects of it to fit your objective so once you’ve got your brief you need to think about creating a storyboard and writing a script again that may well need to happen even if you’re using a video production company very very few people when a camera is stuck in front of their face can suddenly come up with an amazing one take wonder and and I gave the example earlier of the mortgage company and what we did there was we figured out exactly what the brief was what the objective was the objective was really should try and get across the mortgage process in a way which people would find interesting engaging at least they would actually take on board what we’re doing so um we got through a script and it was really at the initial stage just a load of words you wonder then if you’re going to go down the route yourself you need to get someone who can write fairly well and to write a script and then get whoever’s written it to read it out and time it you want videos ultimately should be no longer than about two minutes 30 seconds is brilliant one and two one and a half minutes is ideal two minutes any more than that is getting a bit long so you need to write a script which is going to be pretty short because people have very short attention spans so you write the script and you have a storyboard if the storyboard is if you’re going to be out and about so you want to do maybe some filming on location if you have a hotel you have a restaurant / bar you’re going to have different areas of your company where you want to try and visualize it on video so you need to have different scenes within that I mean all this is is sounding a little bit like becoming your own stephenville Spielberg on a greater or lesser extent that is exactly what it is we we’re in an age where everyone is an editor publisher a broadcaster if you’ve got your own channels brilliant so if you’ve got your own channels you’ve got to start acting like a director a producer etc so what you need to do is think time is money you want to do it right to get it right to get a storyboard write a script when you’re actually doing the filming there’s some handy hints now several things make sure you’ve got a tripod it’s a really good idea and you can even attach you have a little accessories so you can actually attach an iPhone or Android device to to a tripod no one likes to see shaky footage unless you’re fenton in Richmond Park and someone’s chasing a dog and but so make sure it’s no it’s steady make sure it’s in focus make sure the lighting is okay make sure that the person is might again you can get a very very cheap Mike which could plug in to your iPhone and it would be a little appel might similar the ones you see on TV and so ensure that the sound quality is good make sure that you’ve got permission to film wherever you are if you if you’re filming in a public place you may need to get permission from the local authority to get or in fact if you’re going to be on private lands then you need to get again permission to film there and make sure that you’re the subject or the person who is being filmed presents the brand in the best possible light so if you were an accountancy firm you don’t want someone with you know their morning’s breakfast on their on their sweater and their tie half I’m done it’s really not going to come across very well so clearly you want to look people in the best light so those are I mean a lot of those will come across as being pretty much common sense but it’s always useful to have those as a little checklist and have we got the lighting right make sure that their tires done up ugly etc and then you’ve got the final stage is the editing the video now again you could go down the line where you make your own video and you don’t really need to edit it so your interview at your owner of a cafe or a restaurant and someone’s had an amazing experience and you say can I just take a quick video you just get your camera take us 30 seconds and and you can upload it straight on to your Facebook page or you-tube from new camera the next stage up is that there are a lot of editing free editing software and paid for editing software which you can upload onto your PC so when you’ve got the video you can edit it yourself clearly though some people might think well you know the opportunity of cost of that is quite great because I don’t want to be faffing around trying to edit the video I could be doing something better I’m very happy to pay often if you’re going to be getting a video production company to come in and actually do shoot the video what they will often do is actually edit it for you they can add music they can add your logo they can add branding etc and so that’s again something you might want to think about when you are when you have your video and you and often what I would say in my experience one of my previous jobs was I was the editor I was the press officer at london transport and we brought in a video production company to shoot a lot of content a video what was called a video press release or video news release which we would send out the the channels and the editing the most of most of the hard work was done in the editing that the actual filming isn’t that great and that difficult but it often it’s the editing which will make all the difference that’s all very well so you’ve got nice video brilliant um it’s a file it’s sitting on your PC will he great what we going to do with it so the obvious thing is you can upload it to video to YouTube um it’s very simple murder onto YouTube you can upload it to vimeo for those who don’t know vimeo is another it’s not really a social network but it’s it’s a video file sharing site and it’s probably of a better quality what you’ll find is that that some of the better quality websites will be using Vimeo so you upload it to that now once you upload it to something like Vimeo and you upload it to YouTube what you’ve got is a URL it’s an address online which you can then use so huge amount of places and you know that you can see the list in front of you firstly you can embed it into any Microsoft Application outlook Word Excel PowerPoint to hide it behind text so click here to see more and it goes straight through to the video but on your website you can put on a specialist landing page put it into your email signature and want to find out more about our firm click here traditional marketing brochures adverts PR Flyers posters etc very often now you’ll see traditional marketing being used to advertise social and there is some sort of myth that social media will replace traditional the two actually worked very well together in fact they need each other because if you don’t have any traditional it’s very difficult to actually promote your social channels and and vice versa so email campaigns if you’re sending out an email newsletter you can embed the video into that campaign if you’re putting into a blog you can just drop that straight into the middle of a blog Facebook pages if you got the company facebook page or you can just pay just the URL straight into the update and you get a drop-down you see the video there on twitter twitter is a brilliant brilliant transportational device really if you want to get your stuff out there to the widest possible audience twitter is a brilliant one to do that again you can just add the URL on to the end of your tweets linkedin personal company profiles if you got members of staff and you’ve got a really good view video they can all update that video onto their LinkedIn profiles if you’ve got company profile then you can actually obviously upload it to there and you can put on to your Google+ page and then the other social networks it could be tumblr it could be interest etc so there are a huge number of places now the big mistake people make is that they get the video and they stick it on to their YouTube channel it just stays there the key thing is you’ve made that video you put it on a channel what are you going to do to get it out there and that list of things you can use any of them at any time and you can do it in different occasions you can put a different tech title a different headline two different tweet and put it out they so all of these are organic so what I mean by that it’s you’re not having to pay to actually get them online however you may decide you do want to promote those videos using advertising so um one way is obviously YouTube video ad words that YouTube is part of Google and if you want to get your video out there then you can actually get your video promoted on youtube so when people are searching they will then see your listing up in the same same way as you find with Google or if you can have a title of your video appearing within other videos there are a number there are four different ways in which you can be using and it’s quite sophisticated now if you want to get that content out there it’s a great way to do it you got facebook boosted or targeted posts so you have your profile on facebook you have your facebook business page you had this amazing piece of content so again yeah perhaps you are an estate agent and someone just said look you know I think you’re the best estate agents in the world I’ve just saw my property at twenty percent over the asking price and I couldn’t have had a better service brilliant best customer testimony will ever want you could decide to create an ad saying looking to sell your house want professionals to do it click here then that could then you could do a pay-per-click campaign which would then take them straight through to that video which would then have a call to action at the end or you have a piece of content you just promote put it onto Facebook and by the content you’ll say it will say boost post you can then boost it out to your the fans of your page or in fact the friends of the fans of your page or indeed to a very select demographic audience of people to get that content out there linkedin similarly has just substantially beefed up its offering and now has the sponsored company updates so if you really want that piece of that video content you’ve done to get out to a very very specific target people then using LinkedIn sponsored updates you can do that you simply post your content as you would have normally on your linkedin company profile and then it gives you option to sponsor it you can then decide what you want to pay when you want to pay who’s going to go and see it in terms of the the targeted audience and and therefore it will then be delivered into the news feeds of the specific people you’ve targeted and also there is of course sponsored tweets Twitterers interest recently introduced sponsored tweets for small to medium businesses so if you would like to sponsor either a specific tweet or in fact sponsor your twitter account then you can do so so again if you have a really really fabulous video with a great tweet next to it and you think well you know we have got only a small number of followers it would be great if we could get out to a much much larger audience then that’s obviously going to help you get that video to a much much wider audience new or other of done so okay so you’ve looked all these organic ways of getting this video out there you’ve got your objectives and you’ve also got some of the paid-for objectives and you’ve got budget society etc so how’s this all working for you well obviously with any form of marketing is very very important you test and measure there’s no such thing as one hit wonder and marketing and you try your videos see what works see what doesn’t work think about when you’re going to actually be promoting that to get the greatest interaction etc and YouTube has its own set of analytics if you have a youtube channel then it’s perfectly possible to look at your channel to see what’s happening now in fact also with individual videos if you are getting engagement if you’re getting views and you’re getting traction from those videos then clearly that then you can see whether they’re working or not Google Analytics still absolutely paramount and within Google there is a section on called social and if you want to accurately measure exactly how much traffic is coming to your website from social media then you can see so obviously if you want to see well we’re doing this we’re doing these videos we’re doing you know some of this video content to try and drive traffic to our website if you’re then seeing a large volume of traffic coming to your website from YouTube then clearly it’s working out very well for you social mention if you know about Google Alerts social mention is very similar in that if you want to find out what is being said about your brand social mention is a great one you put your brand into social mention it will come up with mentioned on social media for your brand so in fact regardless of whether it’s youtube or facebook or twitter or linkedin etc then you’re going to get a pretty accurate view what is being said about your brand online and the visibility of your brand online like with all of these things also it’s very important that you set some form of key performance indicators so you set your objective we would like to improve our customer service we would like to humanize our brand within that then you set some key performance indicators some are easier than others so we want to generate more leads to our website so if you say clip for one of the KPIs is that we want to have a five percent increase in traffic to our website that is a KPI you’ve set you may not reach it but at least you have a KPI with all of these things often companies when they’re on social media they’re just playing at it and they don’t really have any objectives and they’re not really setting any targets for themselves so the kpi’s our targets because you’ve set out an objective how you how are you going to rate how well you’ve met that objective or not and clearly if it’s brand awareness you could be looking at views of individual videos it could be traffic generator to website it could be interactions on your Facebook page it could be increased exposure on Twitter it could be greater networking and business development on linkedin so all of those may have their own KPIs and it’s up to you really if you’re going to be doing a video content marketing strategies try and have some form kpi’s rather than just say i’ll just stick some videos up and see what happens you know you can’t really afford to do that so um in conclusion and just some just some pointers which really would be very very keen that you can some have some sort of take away which we always do in any of the training courses with one of key issues for us at this is my training made simple is that if we have people in the course you really want people to profit it on the day but at the same time they have something they can actually take away with an implement and put into practice and that’s something which we carried forward into the book as well so I’ve just got seven points really to think about to conclude the whip this webinar firstly create defined video content marketing strategy and it’s their only to achieve your business goals Matt affirms who still say oh let’s have a youtube channel why don’t know it just seems a good idea well don’t you don’t do anything in business just because it seemed like a good idea at the time you may occasionally straight lucky but ultimately with social media with any form of marketing if you’re going to do it you have to have a proper strategy and it is there solely to help meet your business goals if you don’t know what your business goals are you probably need to go back and try and define what they are secondly create the right culture within your organization might be worth if you’re thinking about having video is perhaps talking to a few people in the company maybe it’s a very junior member of staff maybe it’s a very senior member of staff and try and figure out who’s happy on fit on camera and who isn’t I would be very very surprised and even the most small organizations that you’re not going to have someone who’s very very good on camera and can effectively be the face of your brand now there may be times when everyone in your company is not it is either useless info on camera or doesn’t want to be you can’t make them go in front of a camera at which point what you might want to think is maybe getting in an actor or an actress to do it sometimes that might be cost-effective and that actor or actress can actually effectively be facing your bread be creative in how you use video there’s no point just saying here’s our CEO sitting at his desk doing a talking head thing it’s really dull it’s dull as ditchwater you’ve got to be creative all marketing is about being creative and being innovative with the Dollar Shave Club video if you have a look at it the guy could have just SAT behind his desk and said here are my razor blades they’re really sharp and they’ll help you and it’s really dull it was he went out this way to be creative have some fun with budget i canny former marketing you need to have a budget set aside and if you know you’ve got no budget chances are you’re not going to have a very good strategy be proactive if you’re going to be doing video and if you’re going to have a video module on your website in the YouTube channel and you want to be active on vine and Instagram etc you’ve got to have that proactivity in the content pipeline if you know you’re not going to be that proactive when people aren’t going to help you and there’s not the culture within the organization you’ll really get a struggle when you’ve got your videos make sure you promote them you don’t want them to just sit on your YouTube channel and just gather dust promote them promote them promote them as you said you have a huge list of places where you can actually promote them so each time you do that you’re going to get more traction you’re going to get more visibility and ultimately you’re going to drive more awareness to your brand and finally with any every aspect of marketing test and measure find out what’s working find out what’s not working and think about the budgets and do you allocate more budget and do you allocate less budget and they really that then comes back down to what your original marketing strategy was thats Sarah I think is it lovely great Thank You David’s very interesting I mean anyone who’s been on our website and those were very big on video testimonials nice and very popular people always talk about that on the reasons why the book to other courses and they’re good okay so we look at a few questions now that come in and we’ve got one from Julie who just wants to clarify that you said that video is beneficial for SEO reasons yeah yeah would you like me to clarify that a little bit further Wow yeah maybe no absolutely and one of the YouTube is part of the Google family which is Google Google Plus and YouTube well if you are and there’s two elements to it if you’re putting video content onto your website under the new hummingbird algorithm and that is classed as very very good engaging content and but similarly if you’re posting videos to youtube you can tag them and you tag them with the right keywords you can put the headline and the content and the description underneath the video also keyword enabled and that means that not only will you be visible when you search on youtube which is incidentally is actually the second most visited search engine after its parent company Google but also it will benefit you if people are searching within Google and if they’re searching for something up there and and your videos are tagged that will actually add to your visibility online so video has a number of different benefits not only the SEO so it’s important just as you can just upload your returns need you to bits importantly matrix optimizer it that’s absolutely true and you’ve got the ability to put lots of keywords and it will even give you into what keywords you want to put and because ultimately that will they will act as little sort of ways in which Google can pick up on you okay thank you have perhaps Julie and another one is video right for every type of business very good question and in theory yes because as I’ve said about the SEO and you get the benefits of SEO and obviously everyone wants to have improved visibility online it all depends now clearly if there is no culture within your organization and people really are frightened the video and don’t really like video then it’s not really going to be right there’s no point forcing people to do videos and then coming up with really rubbish videos if if there is no specific business objective which you believe will be met by video which is perfectly possible um then clearly it’s not going to be of use I come back to your business objective you personally and any business will know what its business objectives are if there could be a defined objective which would be met by using video clearly will work but it’s a very good question there will be some businesses for whom no business objectives are actually met by using video therefore there’s no point using it okay it and one from man you mentioned two minutes maximum for a video is that just for social media in terms of what they’ve been a lot of studies and surveys done looking at engagement on video now whether it’s a video on mobile device or video on a computer screen etc now clearly if you’re looking at I player and you want to watch EastEnders than half an hour is absolutely perfectly normal you want to watch a film is two hours is perfectly normal so I think yeahit’s in terms of social and the short form social video I mean if you think about a vine it’s just six seconds an Instagram is about 14 15 seconds you’ve also got things like snapchat again which only seconds in length if you’re going to be doing your own videos pretty much primarily on social anything over two minutes and often you go into a website and there’ll be the corporate video and you’ll be about five or six minutes long you think five or six minutes not that long doesn’t seem that long when you’re watching it you think oh my god this is boring and people have switched off and we are in an age of instant gratification and people just want to quickly look at a video 30 seconds minute you know if you’re looking it on Facebook you’re looking at on YouTube you’re just opening up a website I think it really in terms of social not clearly if you’re going to be watching something on iPlayer or something like that then clearly if it’s longer it’s not a problem but I think in terms of social and social videos and videos which is going to be used by brands not really no I’m not saying that if you do an amazing two-and-a-half minute video that it’s get it’s not going to work for you but I think rule of thumb try and keep it short okay great and when everyone how does AdWords for video work same as scuba AdWords paper clay yeah it’s um it works in a very very similar way with them with google adwords and and if any of you are interested in adwords we actually run a proper adwords course which goes into it and pharma greater detail than this but really see what you’re doing is you are sponsoring an ad which will pay often with google adwords it will appear in google here it sa is appearing in youtube you the advertiser create a an advert which is a video advert or it can be words that will then appear within different places within YouTube people who see that that will classed as an impression if someone then clicks on it then you are paying for that click and so it is the principle is pay per click and you will pay and you will see what exactly you are paying for you to click there for you measure results accordingly so that’s that’s that’s really how it works and as I said if if any of you are interested more about Adwords and when we run a full course on that correct and would you advise all the websites should have a video I think it’s essential um yes I’m i would i would say the only time is if you think well you know it would be a lovely idea but realistically we’re never going to do a video there’s no point having a video module on a website which is empty or you’ve got a video on there which is never updated the ideal is to have a mobile-friendly website with a news feed and a video feed that’s the ideal and there will be many many demonstrable benefits resulting from that however that is the ideal and you know we don’t live in an ideal world and it’s really about what you can do in your own organization to try and achieve the goal of actually trying to have video so in theory yes it would be great idea to have it on every website in practice if you know you’re not going to do it properly best not have it I can take just one more thing I just like a basic roi to no investment when paying for promoted videos or sponsors um if you um clearly you’ll have a defined business objectives so if you say we want to increase our links by five percent and you might run a sponsor campaign on YouTube which is closely dis signed to drive traffic directly to your website or maybe to a YouTube video which has got a very strong call-to-action the end of it you then measure what exactly traffic is going to your website at the same time you would then also measure in terms of what is going on in terms of new business and new business leads and you can quantify how those meet and I think one of the fallacies about social media is that it’s not measurable it’s a finger in the air stuff it’s not it’s entirely measurable now certainly with the paid for advertising you know exactly what you’re getting for every pound your spending it’s not just going into the ether not like traditional advertising where you know let’s let’s put an advert in the local paper or magazine and then see what happens you have no idea so I think there are lots of ways you can quantify but you need to have the objective if you don’t have the objective start and strategy then you obviously can’t set kpi’s to meet those okay lovely thank you very much Dave that’s brilliant I’m so moving on now our Christmas gifts you this year and we’ve got a promotional batch which you can use at the checkout before the 31st of January and which is Christmas 100 and that’ll give you a hundred pounds off any of our courses so a few of our upcoming courses our next one is next week if you’re really keen which is social media fitness and introduction that’s on the 10th that’s on Tuesday and the one after that is on the seventeenth of Jan then got google analytics facebook and our strategy workshop as well which is just how are you based on strategy and they’re coming up we’ve got a couple of in between you can check them out on our website business training made simple co uk and i will send you a recording of this hangout and over this afternoon or tomorrow and it will also be uploaded onto our youtube channel which obviously will be showing on all of our social media platforms and when if you subscribe to our youtube channel you’ll then get it emailed to you every time we do have a new hangout or webinar and you’ll get informed so please do that you can find on youtube with business training made simple ok thank you very much everyone thank you for joining us and have a good rest of the afternoon thank you David thank you
Business Training Made Simple part of the Made Simple Group is a London based training company delivering Certificated and CPD approved training across two streams:Social Media and Search Marketing

How to Get Data-Driven with Your Content Marketing

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Bryan Harris: Hi, this is Bryan with KISSmetrics. Today I’m going to teach you how to consistently create high quality content for your blog. Anyone can write one awesome blog article, but to do that day in, and day out over an extended period of time is a completely different story. Chances are you’ve started a blog, and then completely abandoned it because it didn’t get any traction. If you’re ready to get going again, today I’m going to share with you three specific techniques you can use to get started. So, let’s get going. First, let’s just face the facts. Blogging is hard. Some articles do extremely well, and some articles completely flop, so if you think it’s gonna be easy you’re wrong. If you think you’re just gonna to check in once month, and you’re gonna have a wildly successful blog, you’re wrong. But if you’re willing to put in the work, if you’re willing to dedicate time to this, and do it, you can definitely make it happen. Tip number one, scrape other blogs for content ideas.

Using a few software tools, we can scrape other relevant blogs and boil down the data to find out what they’re doing, what’s working, and what isn’t. Let me show you exactly how to do that. Let’s say I want to write a few articles about my marketing blog. Today, I want to write about analytics, so I’m going to use my favorite blog, “Annielytics,” as a place to start. First, I’ll go to and there, I’ll enter the URL and press go. Now, I’ll set the filter to 6 months to filter the results down. And lastly, I’ll export the search results to CSV, where I’ll be left with a nice, clean list of URLs. So, with this list of titles, run them through the free word counter tool, This will tell you how often each word in that list is used. Take out the tos and that’s and theres, and you’ll have a clean snapshot of what they’re doing. Lastly, go to and run the word list through their free cloud mapping tool.

You’ll see which words are really popping out. It’s not automatic, and it takes a lot of work. But if you follow those three steps, you’ll be well on your way to developing a solid content plan. Tip number two, utilize experts. Every industry has its giants, and their names have pull. And you can harness that power for your blog to get traction. If you don’t know who those people are, we can start with our old friend Google. You can start with a simple Google search like “analytics speakers” to get a list of speakers that have presented on the topic of analytics in the past. With this list of experts in your hand, you need now to connect to these names through social media.

Follow them on Twitter. Add them on LinkedIn. Subscribe to their YouTube channels. You wanna know how they talk, and what they think on a broad range of subjects, so try to get to know them through any available channel. Once you have a grasp on their personality and expertise, reach out to them and request an interview. Ask them about topics that they’re interested in, and then report those finding back on your blog. You could even put together a list of greatest hits based on their blogs that they’ve written, tweets, quotes, and even passages from books they’ve published. Tip number three, use big events to build buzz. No matter what industry you’re in there’s an event associated with it, and if you’re not aware of an event, find one.

A simple Google search will show that there’s a lot of activity that you’re not aware of. Find the event, and you can talk to attendees, speakers, sponsors, or anyone else you can interview. When you’ve exhausted that avenue, start mining the event agenda for relevant topics. Use this as an opportunity to share your opinion by writing a blog post about it. Did they choose the right location for the event? Is the panel of speakers good enough? Were the topics relevant? What were the successes and failures? And of course you need to be at the event if at all possible. Arrive early, and provide plenty of preview, and stay up late to wrap up. These events are an opportunity to catch the eyes and ears of everyone in the corner of your world.

Don’t miss them. That should sound like a ton of work because it is, but with this action plan in place you can start producing fresh content on a regular basis, and you can turn your blog into a resource, and not just a bunch of noise. So, that’s it for this week. Until next time, happy analytic-ing. . – In this video we’re going to show you how to get back on track if you’ve let your content marketing efforts slide. It’s all about being data-driven!

For more information, please read this blog article:

Content Marketing Explained

People today do a whole lot of research before making their purchase decision. Almost 60% of the whole sales cycle is done even before a seller is involved. We are going to cover how this has changed the marketing concept, and how you can grasp the potential of content marketing. The customer journey has shifted from being mainly a sales activity to more of a marketing practice. Modern technology allows us to measure the interests of the prospects and that information gives marketers a clear view of what content the prospects prefer.

This has made content marketing key when it comes to perfecting the buyer’s journey, building long-term relationships between customer and business. With these 4 content marketing tactics, we are not trying to sell to the customers but rather we help them buy. To provide the right content, you need to know your customer. Create your buyer personas; fictitional and realistic representations of your ideal customers that tells you everything about them; age, shopping habits, hobbies, life style. This will help you see and analyze what your customers are thinking, and what they expect from you.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, going through their customer journey and start constructing your own effective marketing funnel. As your customer, what content would I like to see at what time to make me feel comfortable enough to sign-up, purchase, download or in other ways engage in your call-to-actions? It’s time to publish the content that supports your buyer personas. The motto here is to provide the right information at the right time to the right lead and certain types of content are more suitable in different stages. Successful content tactics for generating suspects would be videos and free e-books. When that suspect is ready to become a prospect, relevant content would be webinars and case studies. Further along, to get qualified leads we would offer free trials and demos. Lastly, there would be a sales interaction with the lead. Marketing automation, the engine behind content marketing. Investing in a marketing automation tool is essential to be a successful content marketer. It allows you automate the delivery of perfectly timed content based on your recipients’ behavior.

It keeps your organization informed and your sales team aware when to respond to qualified leads. Begin your content marketing strategy by putting yourself in the customer’s situation. Who is your buyer? When you know that, you can start creating content that will support them throughout their journey. Automate your content delivery with a marketing automation system to get that perfect timing. Now you’re well on your way to become a content marketing ninja .

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When the customer behavior changed, the practices of marketing followed with new ways of communicating with the public.
The journey your customer is on, from first website visit to final sale, used to be mainly a sales activity where the sales team handled the communication with the customers via phone calls and advertisements. However, when customers turned to the Internet as their main source of advice, the roles of both sales and marketing shifted. People were no longer interested in ads and commercials were the products were pushed onto them. Instead, they started looking for information themselves that would help them making a purchase decision. Modern technology allows marketers to measure the interests of the prospects, meaning that we get a clear view of what the customers are looking for.

In this video, we go over the basics of one of the most rewarding marketing concepts today – Content Marketing.

Google +1 Button Guide

I’m Tom Howlett, and one of the key changes I’ve seen in 2011 is the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button was introduced in March in the USA and in June in the UK. This was Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button, which was introduced in 2010. This gave users a chance to click the button if they liked a particular web page or felt it was worth sharing. Webmasters could also add the button to their own websites if they wanted to. At the time, visitors using Google could see how many +1s a site had within the search engine result pages. They could also see how many +1s a site had when viewing a particular web page, and this would show roughly how popular that site was. Syncing with people’s Google profiles, it would also highlight sites that they had liked. So since this introduction, Google+ has been released, which is Google’s own social network.

This has made the integration of Google +1 button much more social by adding the ability of sharing the web page directly with people in your social circles. Search engine results now display pages that your friends have liked, which make using the Google search engine much more socially driven. Of course, this is only available for people with a Google account and will have little effect on the large number of people who browse Google without being logged in. So what effect has this had for website owners? The presence of the +1 button on Google results and different web pages may influence web users slightly. A high number of +1s may suggest that a site is particularly useful or even entertaining and could act as a trust signal when people are browsing the Web.

This could influence the amount of people who click through to your website. It could also increase the amount of traffic you get by receiving traffic via Google+. Google may also use the +1 data to influence the quality of their search results, which could have an impact on rankings. However, this isn’t likely to override any other important ranking factors. The +1 button is bound to be a key driver next year. For more information as the +1 develops, visit or any of the social profiles below. . – 2011 saw the introduction of the Google +1 button as a new way of sharing content socially. This video looks at the impact of this button and how it could impact the search results we see.

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