Here’s What It Really Means When Your Cat Curls Up With You For Cuddles

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Here’s what it really means when your cat curls up with you for cuddles When asked a thing of a pet that’s going to show you unconditional love and affection most people would probably point to dogs cats on the other hand are generally known for being aloof and independent but Stereotypes don’t always ring true after all kitties are often happy to cuddle up with their humans And if you think that’s just because they want something out of you.

Well think again Yes, here are the real reasons why cats love to curl up for cuddles? While dogs were once the first choice for a family pet that’s no longer true in some countries Thanks to these stresses and demands of modern lifestyles fewer and fewer people have time to look after pooches after all They require far more attention than cats. It’s no surprise. Then that moggies have taken pups place as the most popular pet Indeed veterinary professor Daniel Mills told the Daily Telegraph in 2015 The domestic cat has recently passed the dog is the most popular companion animal in Europe with many seeing a cat as an ideal pet for owners who work long hours and Therefore more and more people are learning about the various ways in which cats show affection However several studies have claimed that the furry creatures don’t need humans at all For instance one 2015 investigation found that cats don’t experience Separation anxiety in the same way that dogs do so, they won’t panic when you leave the room or go away for a few days This study shows that cats do not need their humans to feel safe.

They don’t depend on us they look after themselves Celia Hadden author of several cat behavior books told The Daily Telegraph if they’re scared a cat won’t come to its owner It’ll jump on top of a wardrobe or hide under the bed Still apparently this doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t love you Instead you could even look at it as a compliment After all if cats don’t need humans to survive but choose to stick around. Anyway, then it becomes apparent that they must like us Moreover beyond that basic instinct there are many physical ways in which cats prove their loves for their owners in Fact there are so many ways that cats can show affection that The Guardian columnist face Chopin managed to list 25 of them in a 2015 article, there’s no denying that some of them are inherently obvious Licking and playful biting for instance would be affectionate from any animal and cats are no different Nuzzling into your face or chest with a gentle headbutt. Meanwhile is clearly intended to be affectionate even if it does have the bonus of transferring the cat’s pheromones to you and therefore marking you as their own and Traits such as following you around the house or waiting by the door for you to come home our obvious signs of love However a few of Chopin’s examples point to more subtle ways in which cats demonstrate their love for humans for Instance she explained that cats don’t meow to each other.

In fact, they only meow to communicate to humans So if your moggy is being particularly noisy it’s because they’re trying to tell you something maybe that it loves you but one of these apparent signs of affection really mean Are they genuine displays of appreciation in love or? Are they in fact just ways for a cat to get you to feed them and shelter them? Well, if you Darren believe that your cat could be so mercenary then you’ll be pleased to hear that It’s more likely to be the former Figuring it out for sure is simply a case of knowing what to look for according to cat behavior expert carlo siracusa Indeed the veterinarian told the dodo that to understand these animals. We must use cat rules not human rules Yes, well those clear signs of affection do exist. There are other telltale signals that you can watch out for as well For example, you never notice your cat walking around with its tail in the air well it’s a signal that cats use to feel each other out if The cat raises its tail up in response then they can approach each other Likewise if a cat is lifting its tail up that means that it’s comfortable with you Another clue that you may notice in your moggy is the slow blink if It makes eye contact with you and slowly narrows its eyelids.

That’s basically the equivalent of a kitty kiss So, you know, you could try doing it back. We can’t promise that your pet will understand but it can’t hurt to reciprocate, right? Clearly then there are reasons for your cat’s affectionate actions. And that’s no less true when it comes to literally cuddling up with you Indeed their touch alone is almost proof enough that cats are being genuine with their affection Nevertheless there are also several other reasons, why cats choose to curl up with their owners It’s no secret that cats love warmth and it’s all the better if they can find that warmth from external sources Indeed whether they’re soaking up some rays in the summer or hunkering down near a radiator in the winter Our feline friends are seldom far away from a source of heat and there are few better than you guys did humans Your cat may also cuddle up to you simply to feel safe indeed no matter how much of a natural predator cats Are they still don’t want to become prey while they’re sleeping? But if they’re in your presence, they’ll feel secure because they know that you won’t let any harm come to them And of course cats desire comfort after all they sleep an average of 15 hours a day It’s no surprise then that they want to do so somewhere where they feel comfortable Pillows and cat beds are all well and good but humans can be even better Especially when they’re already snuggled under blankets of their own which is why you’ll often wake up to find a cat laid across you That isn’t the only reason cats like to sleep on top of their owners, though They also love the familiar soothing scents and sounds of the human body That slow inhale and exhale as you snooze the night away and a slow rhythm of breathing for cats.

It’s the perfect lullaby and They’ll also recognize the sense that you admit which again ties into that feeling of security and comfort in Case you hadn’t clocked on yet. These are all very positive emotions and associations So when you put them all together, it becomes obvious that yes, your cat really does adore you Moreover they love cuddling up to you It means they feel safe protected and loved and also gives them a warm comfortable place to sleep. So while cats may not depend on humans in the same way that dogs tend to it doesn’t mean they don’t reciprocate your affection and When they come to curl up for cuddles, you know that deep down they really do.

Love you Sorry kitties your reputation as aloof independent creatures is at an end .


Aquarium Fishing Fail! Epic Fish Tank Prank. FUNNY

Dad what the heck are you doing (the kid yells in the background) Shhhh…Come here… Were going fishing and there is two things you need to know about fishing…one you gotta to have a trusty fishing hat Put this one! Right now number 2 you gotta go where you know the fish are! and I know there is fish right here Hold the phone…be serious, this is an important lesson in fishing. We’re gonna go with the worm We’re gonna put this worm on this hook he’s squirming but they do that when your baiting a hook for fishing okay let me just rinse my hands (worms and dirt) Dad Ms Ashlee will be home in 10 to 20 minutes! We got to have these fish on the skillet before she gets home!! (The cute little kid replies) Well Ashlee is obviously gonna kill you when she finds out you went fishing here She’s never gonna know (Dad replies) Be quiet don’t scare the fish….I’m going in hot… Come a little closer so we can get this fish in the shot There is the worm and were going down Oh these fish are going crazy over that…look at them! OH WOW I GOT A BITE! (little kid laughs) ha ha you got ten bites! (kid giggles with laughter Family bonding fun) …

Ashlee is seriously going to kill you Dad! She’s not gonna know by the time she gets home these fish will be on the grill! all she’s gonna smell is fish on the griddle! (little kid says to parent) YOU SERIOUSLY THINK!? Dad interrupts; Wait wait wait, I gotta bite, I got a bite… I got one, I got him Hannah come here! GET THE NET! GET THE NET WOW Awe crap, nevermind he got away he got off the hook. Dad if you hook one of my favorites I’m gonna be very upset with you. Your not going to be able to hook one of these fish dad, their not even the right kind of fish for the hook! (cute little kid explaining) Wait wait look, look at that fish she is a biting fish wait for it…

Wait for it…. look at that it’s a bottom feeding fish, let him run with the hook for a minute, let him get it in it’s mouth. just let the little fish run with the hook for a minute let him get the hook and worm in his mouth! awe Dad I’m gonna give you a whipping if you catch my favorite fish during this fishing lesson. look this fish is tearing this fishing worm up! Look at him, let me set the hook fishing Dad shows off his fishing technique He’s got it in his mouth Hannah! We’re EATING FISH TONIGHT! WERE EATING FISH TONIGHT! Fishing in the aquarium, man I was tearing em up! These little fish were definitely biting. In this video I show off my epic fishing skills for the world. You gotta go where the fish are if you want to be successful. Hook, line and sinker. Fishing is the best. Watch me demonstrate how to bait the hook, work the jig and attract the most fish. Were fishing with worms on a little bity jig hook here and were going danger close. The fish were really biting in the living room of our home today. Man I was literally tearing em up in our fish tank…actually my old lady’s fish tank! LOL Spending time with the kids is an important parenting tip. I’m learning how to raise kids and raising a child ain’t easy. I hope I’m doing a good job as a parent in raising my child!

Watch aquarium fishing for a hilarious, awesome, epic funny, good time!
check out this funny video on youtube. Fun for kids, and the whole family especially if you have pets an animals, including fish. (NO PETS OR ANIMALS WERE HURT DURING THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO). Thanks for watching
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La pêche en aquarium échoue! Epic Fish Tank Prank. MARRANT

Papa, qu'est-ce que tu fais (le gamin crie en arrière-plan) Shhhh … Viens ici … allais-tu pêcher et il y a deux choses que tu dois savoir sur la pêche … il faut avoir un chapeau de pêche de confiance Mettez celui-ci! En ce moment, le numéro 2, tu dois aller là où tu sais que le poisson est! et je sais qu’il ya du poisson ici Tiens le téléphone … Sois sérieux, c’est une leçon importante dans la pêche. On va y aller avec le ver On va mettre ce ver sur ce crochet qu'il se tortille mais c'est ce que l'on fait quand on mord à l'hameçon pour la pêche, laisse moi juste me rincer les mains (vers et saleté) Papa Mme Ashlee rentre 10 à 20 minutes! Nous devons avoir ces poissons sur la poêle avant qu'elle rentre à la maison !! (Le mignon petit garçon répond) Eh bien, Ashlee va évidemment te tuer quand elle découvrira que tu vas pêcher ici. Elle ne le saura jamais (papa répond) Tais-toi ne fais pas peur au poisson … je vais au chaud … .

Viens un peu plus près pour que nous puissions voir ce poisson dans la prise de vue Il y a le ver qui descendait Oh ces poissons deviennent fous à cause de ça … regarde les! OH WOW, j'ai eu une morsure! (petit gamin rit) ah ah tu as dix bouchées! (gamin rigole de rire Amusement familial) … Ashlee va sérieusement vous tuer, papa! Elle ne saura pas qu'une fois rentrée chez elle, ces poissons seront sur le gril! tout ce qu'elle va sentir, c'est du poisson sur la plaque chauffante! (le petit gamin dit à un parent) VOUS PENSEZ SÉRIEUSEMENT!? Papa interrompt; Attends, attends, je dois mordre, j'ai une morsure …

J'en ai un, je lui ai fait venir Hannah ici! OBTENEZ LE NET! OBTENIR LE NET WOW Merde merde, peu importe, il s'est échappé, il a décroché. Papa, si tu croques un de mes favoris, je serai très fâché contre toi. Tu ne pourras pas attraper l'un de ces poissons papa, ce n'est même pas le bon type de poisson pour l'hameçon! (mignon petit garçon expliquant) Attends, regarde, regarde ce poisson qu'elle est un poisson qui mordille attends-le … attends-le … regarde comme c'est un poisson qui se nourrit de fond, laisse-le courir avec le crochet pendant une minute , laissez-le mettre dans sa bouche. laissez simplement le petit poisson courir avec le crochet pendant une minute, laissez-le mettre le crochet et le ver dans sa bouche! Coucou papa, je vais vous fouetter si vous attrapez mon poisson préféré pendant cette leçon de pêche.

regardez ce poisson est en train de déchirer ce ver de pêche! Regarde-le, laisse-moi mettre le crochet à la pêche. Papa montre sa technique de pêche. Nous mangeons du poisson ce soir! Nous mangions du poisson ce soir! . Pêcher dans l'aquarium, mec je les déchirais! Ces petits poissons mordaient vraiment. Dans cette vidéo, je montre mes compétences de pêche épiques pour le monde entier. Vous devez aller là où sont les poissons si vous voulez réussir. Crochet, ligne et plomb. La pêche est la meilleure. Regardez-moi montrer comment amorcer l'hameçon, travailler le gabarit et attirer le plus de poissons. Ont pêché avec des vers sur un petit crochet de bity haque ici et allaient danger proche. Les poissons mordaient vraiment dans le salon de notre maison aujourd'hui. J'étais littéralement en train de les mettre dans notre aquarium … en fait, l'aquarium de ma vieille! LOL Passer du temps avec les enfants est un bon conseil pour les parents. J'apprends à élever des enfants et élever un enfant n'est pas facile. J'espère que je fais du bon travail en tant que parent en élevant mon enfant! Regardez la pêche en aquarium pour un moment hilarant, génial, drôle, épique et amusant! regardez cette vidéo amusante sur youtube. Amusant pour les enfants et toute la famille, surtout si vous avez des animaux domestiques, y compris des poissons. (AUCUN ANIMAL OU ANIMAL N'A ÉTÉ BLESSÉ LORS DE LA RÉALISATION DE CETTE VIDÉO). Merci d'avoir regardé Voir aussi; Ninja énorme de poisson-chat tué avec Nunchucks Astuces de pêche pour cuisiner et manger dans le sud TROUVEZ STEVE SPELL II SUR GOOGLE PLUS ET AJOUTEZ-LE À VOS CERCLES; LAISSEZ LA BRETAGNE SEUL. LAISSEZ FISHIE SEUL. COMÉDIE, VIDÉO HUMOUR YOUTUBE. FISH JOKE TIP NOUS ICI; nous avons tout perdu lors des inondations en Louisiane. Aidez-nous à collecter des fonds pour reconstruire partager le lien s'il vous plaît