Funny cat talking like a ninja saying “oh my god” not oh long johnson – Bibi

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I then we had a of how’s that is that good said good sir in why you making funny sounds bibi way making funny sounds? we’re separating I can up that’s good say why do you enjoy your favorite and stop talking while you’re eating mom your noisy nature and you baby fun day his here and noisy Tehran you baby who 0 no and that makes each a what’s that or you’re spoiling me a favor their heroin come on baby can’t you eat a bit more quietly the the set tonight for from on mom I K you I and the stand line you like to talk while you’re eating day lemme you said in iowa yes the are were a home by hell more them well mom sounds like he’s seen a song on kidney well for on mainly can you say I long chunks unlike that other captain the moon Ramli them them I long gone for in how long Johnson them are alarm fock them it’s nice having dinner with you it’s nice that you outside talkin mom prevent but doesn’t look quite bright talking and eating especially when you’re spilling your food well as long as you enjoy it that’s the main thing isn’t it Bibi maybe you can tell me about your day how is your day baby them really I’m well own so what did you do today the Lauren I came held that’s interesting have you had enough now I K

Funniest cat video ever! Talking Cat saying “oh my god” clearly and “I don’t know” each twice and marked with speech bubbles each time and several other things. ALL 100% real! Funny cat talking cat talking funny Bibi talks while eating. The funny talking can Bibi talks while eating results in peculiar sounds. Stop by for a chat with Bibi.