10 AMAZING PRINCESS Dress CAKES 👑 Compilation!

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dark meat is the best ice with white icing smooth icing out with a piece of kitchen towel roll fondant out cut fondant to shape shown place fondant on cake place other pieces of fondant on cut hole in top of cake make face out of peach coloured fondant paint fondant as shown cut out pieces of black and white fondant use red fondant too! shape red fondant into bow your Cruella Di Vil cake is finished! .

10 Princess CAKES iced 10 ways in under 10 minutes!
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Google +1 Button Guide

I’m Tom Howlett, and one of the key changes I’ve seen in 2011 is the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button was introduced in March in the USA and in June in the UK. This was Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button, which was introduced in 2010. This gave users a chance to click the button if they liked a particular web page or felt it was worth sharing. Webmasters could also add the button to their own websites if they wanted to. At the time, visitors using Google could see how many +1s a site had within the search engine result pages. They could also see how many +1s a site had when viewing a particular web page, and this would show roughly how popular that site was. Syncing with people’s Google profiles, it would also highlight sites that they had liked. So since this introduction, Google+ has been released, which is Google’s own social network.

This has made the integration of Google +1 button much more social by adding the ability of sharing the web page directly with people in your social circles. Search engine results now display pages that your friends have liked, which make using the Google search engine much more socially driven. Of course, this is only available for people with a Google account and will have little effect on the large number of people who browse Google without being logged in. So what effect has this had for website owners? The presence of the +1 button on Google results and different web pages may influence web users slightly. A high number of +1s may suggest that a site is particularly useful or even entertaining and could act as a trust signal when people are browsing the Web.

This could influence the amount of people who click through to your website. It could also increase the amount of traffic you get by receiving traffic via Google+. Google may also use the +1 data to influence the quality of their search results, which could have an impact on rankings. However, this isn’t likely to override any other important ranking factors. The +1 button is bound to be a key driver next year. For more information as the +1 develops, visit Koozai.com or any of the social profiles below. .

http://www.koozai.com – 2011 saw the introduction of the Google +1 button as a new way of sharing content socially. This video looks at the impact of this button and how it could impact the search results we see.

For more information visit http://www.koozai.com

What the FAX?! – Vraag het Google #1

I think this is the first time we’re faxing a vlog. The screen is very color coordinated with my shirt, don’t you think? Ask Google. An answer to your question every Monday. Hey, welcome to Google Netherlands’ YouTube channel. What we’ll do here: answer your questions! Questions you’d normally put to Google Search, we’ll answer here. Might be a little bit slower, but we enjoy helping you. So if you’ve got a question, perhaps about YouTube, about Google, or something totally different, Leave your question in the comments below this video. So that makes this first video a bit difficult, because we don’t have any questions yet. But I heard we coincidentally received a question by fax.

Alright, thanks for that. That’s Tim. It’s a real fax by the way. It’s from shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk. Hand-written. The question is: How come when I type my own name on Google and I press “website”, I’ll arrive on the website of my competitor. We are shoemaking shop Ton van Heeswijk. My competitor is called shoemaking shop Ton. Please reply. Best regards, Ton van Heeswijk. Where did you get this? The fax machine. – Where’s our fax machine? Let’s go find it. I’m not sure where he found our fax number. I’m checking on Maps, when you search for Google, there’s no listing for our fax number. So I’m not really sure how he got our fax number. Enjoy, have we got a fax machine? Yes, it’s on the 16th floor. Nino, apparently, we have a fax machine here. Sorry, come again? – A fax machine.

I’m not sure, but if we have one, it’s over there. Is it in here? What does a fax machine do? It’s from the eighties. From way back. It’s sort of remote printing. Here’s the manual. This is the fax machine’s manual. Good luck. – Thanks. This is Luuk’s vlog. Perhaps we can start faxing vlogs to people. Obviously, I’ll first have to print the video. You should edit this, it might take a while. Look. I think this is the first time we’re faxing a YouTube video. That was pretty cool, faxing a video of a vlog. But we still have to help out the shoe maker. Let’s see, in Uden. Shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk.

The screen is very color coordinated with my shirt, don’t you think? Oh I guess this is the fax. Yeah, this is the fax. Hello? I think I dialed their fax number. Wait a second. I’ll just try again. Shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk, this is Mark, good morning. Good morning, this is Rachid Finge, Google. Hi. – Hi, is this Ton van Heeswijk? No, Ton is on vacation. – Oh, he’s on vacation? He’s sent us a fax about his entry in Google, that leads to his competitor.

We’d like to help out. Perhaps I can give you some tips and you’ll pass them along to mister Van Heeswijk? Yes, let me write everything down. – Oh, that’s very smart indeed. OK, tell me. What he should do, when he searches for his company name, he should click “Are you the business owner?” So that way he can let us know that it’s his company. Are you the owner of this company. – Yes, correct. Another tip is to replace shoemaking shop with shoemaker, as more people are searching for that. Shoemaker. So claim your company, and change shoemaking shop to shoemaker. Yes, because a lot more people will find him.

Finally, if he googles “Digital Garage”, he’ll find much more about how to improve his visibility on Google. Great, I’ll pass that on to him. Thanks. Is he on a nice vacation? Well, actually, he’s building a house. – He’s building a house? Please wish him good luck. I will. – Great, thanks so much and have a nice day. Thanks. – Bye. If you’ve got a question for Google too, leave it in the comments. Or perhaps you know our fax number, let us know because apparently we don’t. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. See you next time! What is this? Tim, check this out, they brought me some makeup. .

Stel, je hebt een vraag aan Google… dan fax je die toch gewoon? Dat dacht een schoenmaker uit Uden. Maar kunnen ‘m we ook echt helpen met zijn vraag?

Eigenlijk doen we bij Google niets anders dan jouw vragen beantwoorden. Als je iets niet weet, gebruik je Google Zoeken. Als je de weg kwijt bent, gebruik je Maps. Als je iets niet weet in een andere taal, gebruik je Translate. Jouw vragen beantwoorden – er is niets leuker dan dat.

Daarom doen we dat vanaf nu ook op YouTube in Vraag het Google: elke maandag jouw vraag beantwoord! Wat je vraag ook is – of die nou iets met Google te maken heeft of juist totaal niet, Rachid Finge en de andere Nederlandse Googlers doen ons uiterste best om een antwoord te vinden. 🙂

Laat je vraag achter in de comments en abonneer je op ons kanaal. We beantwoorden elke week de leukste vraag!

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BREAKING NEWS !!! Google One Is Google’s New Paid Storage Offerings

If you’re an avid Google Drive user the company has some interesting news for you in an announcement today Google unveiled Google one an upgraded version of their previous Google Drive cloud storage system Google one will reportedly be replacing drive entirely for those who take advantage of Google’s paid storage plans while also providing them with an additional storage plan offering a price tweak and a couple of notable subscription perks to start with Google is slashing the price of their 2 terabytes cloud storage plan from $per month to a mere $per month and they’ll be adding to their low-cost storage options with a $per month 200 gigabytes storage plan the company’s $per month one terabyte storage plan which would be obsolete in light of the 2 terabytes plans price cut won’t be seeing any price tweaks rather Google will simply be eliminating it altogether it’s unclear whether or not the company plans to roll out an alternative in the future but the company’s other storage plans such as their 10 terabytes and 30 terabytes offerings are largely remaining unchanged Google 1 will also include much requested family sharing functionality you’ll be able to add up to 5 people to your storage plan one tab access to support experts free google play credits and deals on select hotels found through Google search google plans to expand this list of perks over time if you’re wondering when you’ll be able to try out Google one for yourself the company claims the upgrade will happen automatically over the coming months if you subscribe to any paid drive storage plan even the cheapest one dollar and ninety nine cents per month 100 gigabytes plan Google hopes to bring Google 1 to free drive users later this year

BREAKING NEWS !!! Google One Is Google’s New Paid Storage Offerings

Google has announced its new paid storage offerings for all of its services, they are now called Google One. Google says that it is designed to make it simpler for you to get extra storage with Google on top of the free storage they offer. The company is now offering paid options from 100GB to 30TB and pricing will start at $1.99 a month for 100GB, 200GB will cost you $2.99 a month and 2TB $9.99 a month. That’s why we’re introducing Google One, a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help you get more out of Google. In the next few months, all paid consumer Google Drive storage plans will be upgraded to Google One. This change doesn’t affect G Suite business customers.

Preference :
– https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/google-one-is-googles-new-pair-storage-offerings-15-05-2018/

Google Featured Snippets: How to Rank “0” on Google

– Alright, so, in this video we’re gonna talk about how you can rank #0 in Google. Now there’s a really fantastic post done by one of Moz’s employees, his name is Dr. Peter Meyers and I’m gonna go through this post right here to get through to the meat really quickly so you don’t have to go through, read a really long post you can just listen to this on your drive or listen to this while you’re working out. So basically when you’re ranking zero, and we’re gonna go through, we’re gonna look through this post right now, when you’re ranking zero, when you’re searching for something, let’s just give you an example, let’s say, what is, what is football, for example, you know, basically, Google has ability now to show you a snippet of the answer, so they’re trying to give you the answer as quickly as possible.

And the reason for that, imagine if you’re searching from mobile, or if you’re searching from a device that you have internally at home, it might be like Amazon’s new product, I don’t wanna say the name right now ’cause she might turn on. So basically you’re looking for something that’s gonna be able to give you an answer very quickly it’s very concise, k? Now the idea behind this is that if you have an answer like this, you can see this one right here where it says What is SSL, you can see it’s very clear and to the point, it’s very concise, right? So the question is why should you care? Well the thing is this: It’s the same thing as when you’re running pay per click ads, you’re occupying more paid, you’re occupying more real estate, so when you’re running paid advertising to your brand name, well guess what, you get to occupy more site links, you get to have reviews in it, you can change the headline, you can change the copy, as well, you can do a lot more with it, you have a lot more flexibility in general.

So when you’re able to occupy double the real estate, well you’re gonna get more conversions at the end of the day. Now, when it comes to ranking #0, well, these spots are actually higher than organic spots in many cases, so if you’re able to occupy that real estate. This article basically reports that the idea behind these Featured Snippets is that basically Google has been testing this for the past couple years, and you can see it’s getting bigger and bigger over the period of time, you can see Featured Snippets, % of Featured Snippets on Google over the last 12 months over here went from 4% to 12% and it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger because again, they’re trying to create the best experience for the user, it’s not necessarily trying to get people to click back to your site.

So even if you can get people to continue to, you know, show your Snippets, they’re gonna remember your brand over time, and here’s the thing, if they click through on a Snippet they’re going to come back to your site. Now, you’re question is probably, how much of these people are actually clicking through? You know, what is the actual difference that you’re gonna get if you’re actually able to occupy these Snippets? Well, guess what? Here’s where it says right here, in this section you can see when somebody lost their Featured Snippet, over a two week period they lost over 39,000 clicks.

So that is a very big number. And right here HubSpot did a larger study of high-volume keywords, and it showed that the ranking zero basically produced a 114% Click Through Rate boost, even when they already held the number one organic position, so this has huge implications. Now, the question is, what are you gonna do exactly? You know, this article talks about where do they come from, it’s just showing you different Snippets right here, that’s not really what’s important to me, now that we’ve established the importance of Featured Snippets, question is, how do you go about getting one? So it shows you right here, Featured Snippets by Ranking Position, the number one, when you’re ranking organically number one, you have a you know, 30 to 35% chance of getting that snippet.

Now, two and three, you still have a pretty good chance too, you know, two and three basically has about 35%, and it goes lower from there. So, that just shows, I mean, you don’t necessarily need to have the number one organic ranking spot, if you’re on the first page you have a shot at this, so keep that in mind. So basically what you need to do, and Moz did a case study right here which I think is really interesting, we should cover this portion, Moz basically coined the key word Page Authority, that’s one of their key metrics in their tool, and here it’s showing a Featured Snippet done by somebody else that was ranking number two, and they occupied that Featured Snippet.

Why? Because they are more concise with the answer, and they just had a better answer in general, so drumBEAT Marketing right here was talking about page authority, they had a number one Snippet, so Moz wanted to do a test, and see if they can take that spot away because Moz occupies the number one organic position. So what they did was, they made sure that h1 tag answered that question, what is page authority? So what is page authority that specific question is there, so they weren’t answering it yet, I’m sorry, just back tracking a little bit, and they changed their answer to be much more concise and they made it a better experience overall, and they took that Featured Snippet away from drumBEAT Marketing.

So that shows you the power of making these adjustments. You have to have h1 tag that addresses the question and you have to have an answer that’s concise. You have to write something that’s better than what’s out there already. So if you aren’t familiar with the term skyscraper content, well you can search Backlinko skyscraper content, you can figure out what skyscraping other content actually means, and take that concept into Featured Snippets and then you’re gonna be able to own more Featured Snippets out there, and you know this is something to take over, this is a free win in 2016, take advantage while you can ’cause I guarantee you other people are gonna start looking at this 114% Click Through Rate as no joke, losing 39,000 clicks in two weeks is no joke.

Take a look at Featured Snippets, you can Google this post as well, this is Moz Ranking #0, and you should be able to find it. That’s the number sign, I forget what that’s called and yeah, just search it up and you’ll find it and let us know what you think in the comments. .

Single Grain and Growth Everywhere’s Eric Siu walks you through Google’s Featured Snippets, from what they are to how to get them even if you aren’t already rank #1 for a search term.


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