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♪ It’s a wonder ♪ ♪ The spell I’m under ♪ ♪ Because of the chill in the air ♪ – You just made me fuck up! (yelling incoherently) – I didn’t do it. – We’re knitting. (upbeat music) – I have never knitted. It’s something you do while watching TV. You feel like you didn’t waste all that time watching TV. – When I think about knitting, I think about ooh, cozy fireplace, hot cup of tea, being old, ooh, rocking chair. Do I, can I get a rocking chair for this? – I would consider myself an artsy person, so I’m actually kind of pumped for this video. Also, knitting needles look like giant chopsticks, and I’m great at using chopsticks. – I used to, as a kid, do cross stitch with my mom. I do remember how, at the end, it was rewarding. – Look, I’m always looking for new hobbies. – I’ll take some long needles and whip together some thread pasta and see what I come up with.

– As an adult, I can’t possibly fathom this being enjoyable and people say this is a nice hobby. I already have hobbies, y’all. I have a goddamn baby. (wind whooshing) Take the baby on a walk, go take the baby to the park, take the baby to the movies. Last movie I saw was The Last Jedi. (laughing) – We’re gonna learn to knit over the course of 24 hours. – At the end, we’re going to be giving each other gifts in the first ever Try Guys Secret Santa, ooh. Who am I gonna get? (upbeat music) – Hi, I am Frankie Santos, I am a knitting expert, and also a prop maker.

– How does one knit? – The way I like to explain knitting, it’s putting a loop through a loop. I think people enjoy it because it’s very meditative. There is a mug that I kind of want that says, I knit because stabbing people is frowned upon. I probably should not say that on camera. – I want that mug. – No, I love that. This became way more exciting. Even though I hate Christmas, I do love giving gifts, and I’m fucking good at it. – I’m an okay gift giver. I’m excited to knit something, and then present it to my friend, because then they’ll have to wear it.

That’s the rule of the gift. If you make somebody clothes, they have to wear it once. Nancy got it for you, Aunt Nancy bought it, your gonna wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. – So this shop, The Little Knittery is the originator of the pussyhat, which became the great symbol of resistance at the beginning of 2017. – That’s amazing. – That’s awesome. – Who do you think’s gonna knit the best? – I’m thinking that Keith is actually gonna be the best knitter. (gasping) – What? – Wow. – Are you guys ready to grab some needles and learn how to knit? – Yeah! Oh! – Hi, guys. – Hi, Frankie. – Hey. – Okay, so the way you’re gonna start is you’re gonna have, this is called the work, the little bit of knitting that you have, you’re gonna put that in your left hand. – Work, girl. – Work. – And then you’re getting insert it– – Which loop? – There’s so many. – The very first loop. – Top loop. – What do you mean, the first loop? – Right here, like that. You’re going in the back side. – I’m going in the back side? I don’t wanna go in the back side.

(laughing) – Oh! You said it’s putting a loop inside of a loop. – Correct. – How does make a sweater? – Are we doing it? – Repeatedly, they got the idea. – Well, wait, I wanna get in on this. What are you guys talking about? – We’re a sweater now. – Let me just sneak over here. – Yeah, there you go. – Now you guys have made a cable. – Oh! – Wow! – We’ll never be on cable.

– We’re gonna have it peek. – Peek through. Ooh, I might need to see that again. – I lost you. – All right. In through the front door, around the back. ♪ In through the front door, around the back, ♪ – Peek through the window. – Peek through the window. – And off jumps Jack. – And off jumps Jack. ♪ In through the front door ♪ ♪ Round around the kitchen ♪ ♪ Back to the back door ♪ ♪ And off comes Jack ♪ – Are there different types of knitting? – There are many different types of knitting, many different methods. I’m gonna teach you how to knit today, it’s called the English method. The method that I often use is called Continental. Well, since you guys are already learned the knit stitch, you’re gonna learn the purl stitch, which is just the same thing, but the opposite. (groaning) – Oh, fuck. – So when do you decide to switch between a knit stitch and a purl stitch? – It’s just to get whatever look that you want. – Oh, okay. – You would do one row of knit, and then one row of purl.

– So if we do that for our actual gift, we’ll be a little more advanced than people who don’t. – Potentially. – I really, really don’t wanna get Eugene. – ‘Cause he’s gonna be harsh in his criticism. – I do know however draws me is gonna have a really tough time thinking of something good. Not a scarf, though. Fucking better not make me a scarf. – I’m hoping to knit a scarf, obviously, it’s the simplest thing. – If you gave a gift that you personally knitted, is everyone like, oh, Frankie’s here, she– – Oh, see, this is where I get to tell you about the sweater curse. – What’s the sweater curse? (wind whooshing) – Okay. – I didn’t know it was gonna get spooky. – The sweater curse is if you are a knitter, and you have a partner to whom you are not married, if you make them a sweater, and you give it to them, you’re gonna break up. (gasping) – No! – What? – But when you’re married, it’s okay? – When you’re married, it’s totally fine, because then they’re yours.

– So what you’re telling me is if you wanna break up with someone and you don’t know how to tell them, you knit them a sweater. – Mm, it’s kind of a roundabout way. I think there’s a little bit more direct route. – I love it. Do they have knit underwear, like a knit thong? That would be pretty dope. Wow, that’d be great for Keith, a crochet crotch. That’s definitely gonna be Keith’s present if I pull him. Now I hope I have Keith. I’m so nervous. (bright holiday music) (chuckling) I’m gonna give him the sluttiest knitted thing ever.

– Which is? – A thong. – Oh, you’re gonna make a thong. – I’ll make a thong. I would love the sparkliest, most beautiful blue yarn you have. – Right over here. It has sparkles– – Perfect. – Right inside. – Can I use this one, too? – You could use that one, too, just like you could use two, you can also use three, but then that just might make you a little tangled. – I’m already so tangled, girl. I just hope it covers up his, um– – His stuff? – His little Habersberger. – Got it. – What if I wove these two together to create the main part of the thong? – Sure. – And these can be somehow knit for the strings on the side. – Oh, that’s very clever. – Yes. I’m going to make Christmas slutty! – Oh, my, (gasping) what? Oh, I get to pick somebody? This is how it works? And it’s coming out of this official Try Guys mug, only available at I got Ned, which means I got Wes, yes! Fuck, yeah.

I’m making something for the baby. – I don’t know. Honestly, whatever I get is probably going in the garbage. (snorting and chuckling) – I think I wanna make Wes a little hat. I didn’t even think about what kind of yarn I’m gonna pick. Are we going yarn shopping? (twinkling music) So my gift is for the Fulmers, and they have a very beautiful living room that has some gold, some blues, some silvers, so I feel like I should just make their baby match their aesthetic. – Yeah, I was gonna ask if you’d really want the baby to blend into the– – Mm-hmm. So you know, it’s really sort of a decoration in the living room. Oh my goodness. This looks. – Oh, that looks nice. – This is like this, but a little less intense. I like this. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make, for the beanie, like a long sheet, and then I’m gonna wrap it around, and sort of seam it up.

I’m gonna use the internet to help me out, or maybe I’ll stop by the Friday Night Social. – Who am I hoping to pick? Uh, I guess Zach? I feel like Zach’s always cold, you know. (gasping) I got Zach! I get to knit something for sweet little Baby Korn. This is fine. I’m just making a gift for Zach. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. He drinks tea all the time, so I want to make him like a koozie for his tea cup. – Oh, I love it.

– To make sure it stays nice and warm. – So you’re thinking of a blue yarn? – I’m thinking like a bluish gray. – This is really nice and thick, so you can just get– – Yeah. – You can get fewer stitches, but be a lot faster. – Do you ever mix two types of yarn together? – You can definitely mix two types of yarn together. It just makes it a little more complicated. – Mm.

I’ll just stick with this one. – All right. This is a much bigger yarn than this one. What you wanna do is use much bigger needles, like these. – What? – These are. (Ned yelling) – So, okay, so I have my start now, and then, do I just start knitting? – No, you can just start knitting, yeah, exactly. – Easy. – Well, keep knitting, and good luck. – Thank you. – Thank you. – I appreciate it. – I’m just like, please give me Ned, you know? I feel like he’s got a lot of needs in his life right now, really, anything you give him, he’ll be like, oh, thank you. The guys are used to like, oh, Zach, he fucks things up, he has fun bumbling around and messing shit up. Not today. I am going to blow the collective dicks off of my friends.

No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies. (blowing raspberry) (laughing) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. (dramatic music) I am no longer excited for this video. My Secret Santa target, I have Eugene. – Okay. – He’s very opinionated, is prone to hate anything I make, so I really wanna wow him. But Eugene is a fashionable person. – Yes. – So I was thinking I could make him a bow tie. – Wonderful. – Yes. – I think that’s a great idea. (Zach exhaling) So I usually recommend thicker yarn, just because that means fewer stitches and a lot faster. – I’m leaning towards this, ’cause this is clearly the Zach color palette. – So I’m gonna get you started because really, all you need to do to make a bow tie? Is a strip. – Great. Just curious. You guys, do you guys, you do commission, like commission work, right? – I do, I do, yeah. – Yeah, how much would like, (Frankie laughing) like a bow tie cost? (magical holiday music) – You can see where she did it for us, and then where I stated. It’s a pretty obviously different. – Like what’s this going, what’s going on there? How’d this, how’d that happen? – What? – Got any tips? I am making friends left and right.

– It’s kind of a chilly day, so I’m having a glass of tea while I knit my tea koozie for Zach. Wondering if anyone will come up and talk to me, asking me what I am doing. – Is it like, almost like a cult of people who like, really, like when you see people– – Cult, cult? – Knit. – Cult, cult? – Well, you know, like the cult of blank, what is the bond that you instantly have with knitters? – Talking about the project, and about how you selected your yarn, typically who you’re making it for. People sometimes have very strong preferences. The whole English and Continental thing. – So it’s less like a cult, and more like a gang. – So it just happened. I made a new friend, probably because I was knitting and definitely not because she was a Try Guys fan. Bu I never thought this would be a social hobby. – All right, I’m in the shed. I’m basically in my blanket, like a grandma. Got my yarn set up. – Oh, yeah, we’re getting cozy up in here. I’m gonna sit by my fire with these nondenominational stockings, and I’m gonna knit a bomb ass present.

Um, that’s my yarn. I need that. – I just sat down to try and knit, and I have no clue. – So what are some ways we can mess up? – You can add a stitch. – It just looks kinda big. – Yeah, that’s what they said to do. They said it would be better to start big. – I hope you don’t– – You just made me fuck up. (yelling incoherently) The lady said it needed to be 15 inches long. I need you to back off. I’m supposed to be meditating. – You need to calm down. – You can drop a stitch. – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. (dog barking) No, come on, Bean, you’re ruining my chill. We are relaxing right now. – Or you can go back the other direction unknowingly. – It just seems like it should be so simple. I just got a yarn, and two sticks.

Why is it not easy? What’s happening? (whooshing) (dramatic music) Oh, God. Okay, don’t panic, but my needle fell out. I wanna scream, but I don’t wanna alert the neighbors. – So my yarn got like snagged in another part, and I started pulling it out, and then, I just have this situation going on, and I don’t know what to do at all.

– I am getting a little confused. I put my knitting niddles, needles, oh boy. This is, it was so much easier in the store. Oh. – From my face to my hands. Come on, Eugene, there we go. – So this is my piece. I really messed up the stitches in the middle. I think the word I’m looking for is shitty. I finished my bow tie. Maggie, what do you think? – That’s not what you said when the camera wasn’t rolling. – I might start over and do it again. Which is crazy, but I want this gift to be good. – It’s Sunday morning, and I’m having a lovely time knitting. This is my progress so far. A purl stitch, and a knit stitch to alternate. I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve given myself a little bit of design interest. The size of the mug is too small, or maybe it’s my tea koozie is too large. (gasping) My bread.

I’m also baking bread this morning. – Pretty far along. I’ve enjoyed the process, actually. The more I’ve gotten used to it, the more like it is something I’d do while just sitting and chilling. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos, been doing some knitting. – Weirdly, I think I get it now? The muscle memory is back, and I think that I, I think I’m excited to do this over. – So rather than continuing it, I’m just gonna stop, and I’m gonna see if I can stretch it around the tea cup. – There is something so satisfying about when you get into a groove, I actually totally see the appeal here, now that I’m not totally fucking up. – This past weekend, I was finishing up The Trevor Project video, and I hosted TrevorLIVE L.A.

That was a huge time commitment. I only have one more night to finish it before our gift exchange, and it turns out, I’m taking my new friend Hannah to her first drag show, and the only thing I can do is try to do it while being entertained by drag queens. (“The Nutcracker Suite” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) So we are now at the club, and I am here with Hannah. – Hi, guys! – And Julissa. – Hey! – So what’s great is that I can expose you to drag, and you can maybe help me knit? I heard you knit.

– Oh, yeah, I knit. I knit socktapuses, so like octopus with socks on it. I can do scarves, I can purl, I can do anything. – Is that why you’re named Stocking? – Yeah. (all laughing) – Hey, Wes, you gonna help me knit? Yeah. Looks pretty good! Eh, uh oh. Maybe this is the little space where you get to see the detail. Oh, yes, I did it on purpose. – I’m doing pretty good on my new, my new row. There’s something really nice and almost meditative about it, I don’t know. I kinda feel like I needed this. – I’m knitting you a whole row right now.

Do you want me to purl? I got you, if you want me to. – Girl. – I wrote a little song about knitting. Do you guys wanna learn it and play it? – Yeah, yeah. – Let’s do it. ♪ People say my friends and I’s hobby ♪ ♪ Is knotty ♪ ♪ And when they see us doing it ♪ ♪ It leaves them in stitches ♪ ♪ It’s something that takes longer ♪ ♪ When your project is haughty ♪ ♪ But your outcome is as soft ♪ ♪ As our musical pitches ♪ ♪ And it’s totally fitting ♪ ♪ That the best part about knitting ♪ ♪ Is that friends who knit ♪ ♪ Are close-knit friends ♪ ♪ Yes, friends who knit ♪ ♪ Are close-knit friends ♪ – Hey! (bright holiday music) – Yeah! – Here we are. It’s time. We’re gonna give each other the gifts we’ve been making all weekend long, and nobody knows who got who what? – Of course, we all were knitting all weekend long.

– You got all of last night. – Well, I had to take Hannah to the drag show. – Had to, had to. – Yeah, I promised Hannah. – Well, up first is Zach. – I’m excited to open my gift. Which one do I think is for me? Oh, yes, the beautiful one, the only beautiful one. Thank you to whoever got this gift for thinking of inclusive wrapping. Ooh, what do we got? (gasping) Oh, shit. Something to keep my tea warm. – Wow! – A tea koozie. – Wow. – Hey, oh my God. What a beautiful mug. Where did you guys get this mug? – Is that, is that the KNZE emoji mug from – Wow! – – Zach, react to your gift.

– Wow, it’s like, almost like a pillow. – So Zach, I got you this gift. – Oh, wow, thanks! – I was the one that made it. – Aww. – Thanks, Ned! – I did it in alternating purl and knit stitch, to give it a nice stripe. I have a hole there for the handle, but then also– – Oh, it’s just you and me! – It’s just you and me! – Suck it, everyone else. – Can that not come off the mug? – What? – You– – Did you knit it on the mug? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (all laughing) – I can never wash this ever. (laughing) – Oh no! – Just so you guys know, this is not a bit. I always love tea. I got tea hanging out back here, hidden. – I can tell that this tea is already getting a little cold. In the future, that won’t happen. (liquid splashing) – Oh, and this is nice. I can do that thing that girls on Instagram do when they’re trying to be cute, and they go, (blowing). – Yay! – Happy Hanukkah to all.

– Yeah! – My turn. – Yes. Merry Christmas, Eugene. – I don’t think I’ve actually physically opened a Christmas present in like eight years. – Well– – Whoa, that’s horrible. – ‘Cause my family just like, we just Venmo each other money. – Well, lucky for you, you don’t just have a gift. You got the big boy gift. – Okay, you ready? ♪ Silent night ♪ – You can tell he hasn’t done this in awhile. ♪ Holy night ♪ – What is it? What is it? Open it up. – It’s a good present. – Wow! (all laughing) Yeah! – Oh my God! This is the best Christmas present ever.

Was this you, Zach? – It was me. – Yay! – ‘Cause I wanted to make you something dope, so I made you a bow tie. – Thank you. – So you can wear that bow tie. – Yeah, I think I’ll keep it on Pikachu. – Damn it. – But it’s really, it’s really good. – So close. – This is my failed first one, so you and I could totally match, Eugene. – Oh, wow. – You and I could match. We could wear bow ties together. – Guys. Oh, maybe it goes to the bottom. – Oh, no! (laughing) (distorted slow motion talking) – You just spilled. – Oh, no. – All the tea everywhere. – It looks like pee pee. – Yeah! – Wow. I’m so excited to get my gift. I kind of know, at this point, who got it for me.

I know that they didn’t have as much time, but you know what? They had a very busy weekend. The fact that they did it at all, they could’ve just given up. Oh, oh! Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ah. What is it? – It’s– – Oh, I know what it is! – I know what it is. – It’s a string thong. (all laughing) In blue squares. – This is pretty good. That’s pretty cool. – Yeah, it’s a– (all laughing) Hopefully, it’s your size. I think it is. – Well, I have been working out. I’m gonna take stuff out of my pockets. – Yeah. – Turn around. – I think my balls would fall right out of it, but. – Wow. – Ooh. – Yeah! – I got– – It’s very well knit.

– So it’s two different yarns. – Thank you. That’s a great, beautiful rectangle, Eugene. It can cover my dick, or it can cover something else. – Hannah did about two rows. (Keith laughing) So this is also made by Hannah. – So this is Keith’s thong featuring Hannah Stocking. – Yep. – It’s a dick stocking. – Yeah! – Ah, what a Christmas this has been, you guys, and I know now that this was made by Keith. – Mm-hmm. – Wow. Thank you, Keith. Oh my God! It’s a little hat! – Wow! – Holy shit! – You made a hat. – Oh my God! – Thank you. Oh, it’s awesome. – Holy shit, that’s beautiful. – The poof ball is actually made very similar to this. You tie, you bundle just a bunch of yarn around a thing, tie it together, and then you cut the ends, and then it poofs out.

– You made the poof ball? – Yeah, with the ladies at the shop. – Keith, that’s amazing. – You gotta send me a picture of Wes in the hat, though. It’s got a little poof ball. – Especially little poof ball. – Does he have a poof ball hat yet? – It almost looks like a crown, the little dimples on top. – It’s a cute little– – Man, I can’t believe you did a poof. That’s so cool. – Yeah. – Thank you. – Yeah. – Thank you for thinking of Wes. – I will say, that when I got to the end of the hat, and I totally finished it, I was like, aw. I don’t have anything to knit anymore. – This might actually be the first thing that we’ve done in a Try Guys video that will genuinely become a hobby of mine.

– I thought it would take so long and that it wouldn’t be that fun, but as soon as I realized I was doing it for someone else, then the whole thing was infused, that it’s like, oh, I wonder what they’re gonna think about this. – I learned that you probably shouldn’t knit in a gay club while watching a drag show. – God bless us, everyone. (upbeat music) Look Wes! You got a new hat! Yeahhhhhhh!!! Oh no Oh no It doesn’t fit Well, that’s fun .

The guys pick up some needles and get to work knitting each other Secret Santa gifts, with a little help from a professional knit shop.

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These Encounters Between Babies And Cats Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

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These encounters between babies and cats are guaranteed to melt your heart The bonny baby’s parents appeared ready to introduce their little one to the current ruler of the house The family cat but felines have a reputation for being fickle how would the moggy react to a miniature human mom and dad mentally prepared themselves for the first meeting and With camera in hand tentatively opened the door when a family is expecting the arrival of a new baby It’s more often than not a turbulent time for all involved including any domestic pets Since parents naturally want to protect their newborn from injury or disease.

They sometimes Understandably considered getting rid of animals in the house and this is especially true when pat and baby come into conflict However, new parents can limit these clashes or even avoid them completely by preparing their fur babies for the new arrival in advance One of the reasons pets suffer when a newborn comes along is because the thoughtless mini human upsets their routine Animals thrive on familiarity so it disturbs them when their normal day-to-day life is disrupted With this in mind animal experts advise that prospective parents prepare their pet Well for a baby’s arrival beforehand, in fact these specialists consider it prudent to introduce changes to a household animals routine approximately 16 weeks prior to the birth Scent plays a big part in an animal’s life.

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These Encounters Between Babies And Cats Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart



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Hé les gars, c'est Ro! Je vais faire une vidéo de chasse au chien aujourd'hui. Je pense que le dernier que j'ai créé remonte à environ un an. Donc, ça va être mon deuxième chien. Parce que vous me posez beaucoup de questions sur le sort de Cookie? Avec quels jouets joue-t-elle? Je pensais partager la vidéo de la chasse au chien avec vous.

Alors commençons par les jouets! Le premier jouet que j'ai obtenu pour Cookie est un Humunga Stache Mini. Celui-ci est pour les petits chiens, et à l'avant il ressemble à une moustache et à l'arrière c'est une petite balle, de sorte que lorsque le chien le tient dans sa gueule, il ressemble à une moustache! Juste une note de côté, j'ai trouvé ce cadeau chez Healthy Spot et je vais mettre des liens ci-dessous vers l'endroit où j'ai tout trouvé. Cela n'a pas encore été utilisé, je peux donc vous montrer à quoi ça ressemble quand je l'utilise! Le deuxième jouet…. Je n'ai pas pu résister, ils sont si mignons! Je les ai trouvés en ligne, ils sont de la société Haute Diggity Dog! Et ce sont 2 jouets pelucheux, et je sais que j'ai dit que je ne voudrais pas obtenir un jouet qui grince pour Cookie, mais ils étaient trop mignons! Regardez, il est écrit «Starbarks Frenchie Roast»! Ce sont donc les jouets qu’elle a reçus cette semaine. Parlons maintenant de voyage! J'adore voyager avec Cookie, je l'amène dans la voiture pour des réunions ou lorsque je fais des courses, parfois je l'amène simplement au café quand je déjeune.

Et, je l'emmène toujours en promenade, alors je suis toujours à la recherche de trucs vraiment bons pour le voyage, et je veux les avoir depuis très longtemps, je ne sais pas pourquoi cela m'a pris un an obtenir ces. Mais sortez des bols de voyage. Ce sont des tasses de voyage pliables de Popware for Pets. Je les ai trouvés dans le magasin de Healthy Spot et je suis si heureux de les avoir obtenus.

Vous les regardez, ils sont plats pour pouvoir les mettre dans la voiture, ou les jeter dans votre sac à main, ou même ils ont ces petits mousquetons pour pouvoir les accrocher à votre petite laisse de chien. Et quand vous êtes en promenade, vous pouvez simplement sortir un petit bol, boop! Et donnez de l'eau à votre chien! En parlant de faire des promenades, j'ai donné à Cookie un nouveau harnais, je vais vous montrer son vieux harnais. Non seulement elle en est devenue trop petite, mais ce n'est pas le tissu le plus respirant, elle emprisonne l'humidité. Et cette partie qui entoure sa jambe n’est en aucun cas préjudiciable pour elle, mais ce n’est pas la plus confortable, elle a un côté dur.

Et je voulais quelque chose de vraiment doux, vraiment respirant, alors quand j'étais au magasin, je cherchais un harnais qui serait beaucoup plus confortable. Et j'ai trouvé celui-ci! La marque est Puppia, j'adore ces harnais, je pense qu'ils sont mes harnais préférés. Ce sont des matières respirantes, c'est quelque chose que je voudrais porter tous les jours, alors j'ai dit que si je voulais le porter, Cookie l'aimerait. Vous cherchez bien! Cookie est jaloux que je porte sa tenue. Le troisième article de voyage que j'ai obtenu est en réalité 2 choses. Parce que certains chiens sont de grands nageurs, mais Cookie… n'est pas! Elle est un bouledogue français, et la plupart des bouledogues français ne sont pas de grands nageurs, certains ne savent même pas nager du tout. Mais Cookie aime l'eau et elle sait nager. Je veux juste me sentir en sécurité lorsqu'elle est dans l'eau.

Donc, j'ai eu ses 2 gilets de sauvetage, le premier gilet de sauvetage que j'ai obtenu est un peu plus petit, les flotteurs sont tout autour du sommet. J'aime les gilets de sauvetage avec la poignée sur le dessus, parce que, disons que vous sortez de la planche à roulettes avec votre chien, vous partez, vous partez et le toutou a envie de sauter et de nager. Quand il est temps de partir, vous pouvez simplement la ramasser, la remettre sur le tableau. Le deuxième gilet de sauvetage que je lui ai offert est un peu plus résistant, c'est pour elle quand elle veut aller nager en eau libre. Celui-ci a beaucoup plus de flottaison à l'avant pour tenir sa tête, ce qui est vraiment important, et il a plus de mousse tout autour.

Alors que s'il y a beaucoup de vagues, c'est juste pour la maintenir à flot, elle reçoit juste le soutien supplémentaire dont elle a besoin! C'est tout pour les voyages, maintenant quelque chose de aléatoire. J'ai ceci, c'est celui que j'aime utiliser. Cela s'appelle le cône confortable, car chaque fois que votre animal a besoin d'un cône. Vous savez, le cône médical. Habituellement, quand vous allez chez le vétérinaire, ils vous donnent un cône en plastique dur à mettre autour de leur cou. Et j'aime beaucoup celui-ci, je l'ai trouvé il y a quelques mois, il est plus mousseux, plus confortable et j'ai remarqué que Cookie aimait mieux y dormir. Donc, ceci est juste une de mes choses préférées. Et si votre chien est en convalescence ou en train de dormir et que vous voulez qu'il ait un peu moins de structure, pour le rendre encore plus confortable, vous pouvez simplement enlever ces os ici. C'est juste un os en plastique, et ils sont juste entre chaque mousse, de sorte que vous pouvez enlever un couple pour le rendre plus facile à dormir. Peut-être que je suis une mère de chien trop protectrice, mais tout ce que je donne à Cookie, j'aime essayer moi-même.

J'aime m'assurer, est-ce que ça fait du bien? Ouais. Pour aider Cookie à rester propre, je lui ai acheté de nouveaux shampooings, tous deux shampoings à l'avoine biologiques. Et ils sont destinés aux chiens à la peau irritée ou sensible. La race French Bulldog a généralement une peau sensible et Cookie ne fait pas exception! Elle a la peau sensible, alors chaque fois que je lui donne un bain ou que nous prenons un peu, comme une douche pour chien. Où je chante cette chanson: Bienvenue dans le lavis pour chien! Le chien se laver ouais! Bienvenue dans le lavis pour chien! 🎵 Celui-ci est juste un shampooing et il vient dans une jolie petite bouteille en os de chien. Et vous venez d'enlever le haut. Et ça a une petite pompe! Une chose que j’ai vraiment aimé de cette marque est qu’elle a été fabriquée sans tests sur les animaux. L’autre que j’ai eue s’appelle Comfy Dog. C’est un shampooing et un revitalisant qui donnent vraiment une odeur de fourrure! Je sais que c'est un gruau, mais ça sent tellement bon que c'est l'un de mes préférés. Last but not least, j'ai eu quelques friandises pour les cookies. Je cherchais des friandises saines.

Ceux-ci sont de la famille Earth et ce sont des saumons sauvages enveloppés de patates douces biologiques! Cookie aime les patates douces, elles sont peut-être l'une de ses friandises préférées. Je lui ai fait comme, des petits biscuits avec eux avant et elle les aime. J'ai donc trouvé cela intéressant, j'ai aussi aimé, j'ai lu le verso et les ingrédients sont: saumon, patate douce biologique, farine de riz brun, œufs biologiques et huile d'olive. D'accord, c'est tout ce que j'ai pour ce chien. Laissez-moi savoir dans les commentaires ci-dessous s'il existe des produits pour chiens que je ne connais pas et que Cookie pourrait aimer! Et laissez-moi également savoir s'il y a d'autres types de vidéos que vous aimeriez voir. J'espère que vous avez apprécié ce voyage, au revoir les gars! Cookie a dit qu'elle allait m'aider avec la vidéo mais ensuite elle a dormi tout le temps!

Je voulais faire une autre vidéo de Dog Haul pour vous montrer les nouvelles choses amusantes que j'ai eues pour Cookie maintenant qu'elle est presque adulte! J'espère que vous les appréciez. VIDÉO EXTRA HAUL HAUL: Quels autres produits devrais-je essayer? COMMANDEZ NOTRE LIGNE DE CUISSON: Commandez le livre de recettes Nerdy Nummies ici: FOLLOW RO: Facebook: Twitter: http: // Tumblr: Instagram: Snapchat: rosannapansino LIENS UTILES: Jouets: HumungaStache Mini: http: // amzn. to / 1sKCeuX Starbarks Frenchie Rôti Jouet: Voyage: Bols pliants pour chiens: Harnais pour chien Puppia: Gilet de sauvetage pour chien: http : // Gilet de sauvetage pour chien robuste: Soins et toilettage: un cône confortable: Shampooing organique pour chiens à l'avoine: http: // amzn .to / 1OFJqMT Shampooing et revitalisant Comfy Dog: Gâteries: Gâteries au saumon et à la patate douce: Remarque: Tous les produits que j'ai achetés et beaucoup recommandés par mon vétérinaire . Ceci n'est pas une promotion.