Left Handed Knitting Tutorial for Beginners

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Hey knitters if you are left-handed or you’re teaching someone how to knit left-handed and you feel like you’re all thumbs this is the video for you I’m a lefty I’m going to teach you how didn’t it left-handed it’s something that any lefty can do you don’t have to knit right-handed when I started knitting I started right-handed and I just could not get how the I couldn’t get a good grasp on those needles I’d end up putting one on my arm or using it as a stake on my leg and I’d wrap the yarn around it wasn’t until I decided to relearn knitting as a left-handed person and knit mirror image of a right-handed person that it all made sense I knit continental style I’m going to show you how to knit how to cast on knit purl bind off and knit continental style that’s a way to hold your needles so it makes sense so stay tuned I’m gonna flip things around and show you how it’s done hi lefty knitters here’s everything you’re going to need to get started knitting your first project or just practicing knitting in general you’re gonna start with a skein of worsted weight yarn a pair of size 8 knitting needles I prefer to learn and teach knitting on bamboo knitting needles and these are size eights that’s a good size and the way you can tell that is if you look on the yarn label it will give you the recommended this is what’s called a gauge you’ll say 20 stitches to 4 inches and it was done on a size 8 needle so that’s what we’re going to use for this project so let’s start by also you’re gonna have a pair of scissors around to cut the yarn when you’re done let’s start by making a slipknot you have to start your knitting projects with this so you just make two loops and then you flip one over into the other and pull up like that and your slipknot should be able to move Loosli along here should be able to pull it up and down so you’re going to take that and put it on the needle like this now you’re going to do a thumb cast on all this is you’re going to bring your thumb behind the work and flip your thumb back to kind of create a cross and then insert the needle into that loop and pull it up in just make that loop it would be basically the same as taking the yarn flipping it around and putting it on the needle like that and tightening and you want to make it tight enough that it it kind of hugs the needle but you can easily glide it along as you can see there so I’ll just put 10 stitches on the needle so I’m going to draw up grab the yarn flip it back and with that little X I’m going to go into the circle that it made now I have two four six eight ten stitches and in this case you will you do count the Slipknot the stitch that you made that is one of your stitches so we have ten stitches on the nikkei so once you have those stitches cast on you’re going to place those stitches in your right hand and if you were right-handed you would knit from left to right but since you’re left-handed you’re going to knit from right to left so what we’ll do is we take the meet the left hand needle insert it into the stitch pick up the yarn and wrap it clockwise around that back needle then what you’re going to do is you’re going to pull that needle through the loop while picking up that new stitch you put on then you slide the old stitch off the right needle into the loop wrap the yarn around slide that needle off and then take it off the stitch into the loop wrap around draw up the stitch take the right hand stitch off the needle so you’re adding a stitch and you’re moving it from one needle to the other and you’re just repeating that over and over again across the row now this to cast on we did was a loop cast on it’s the easiest cast on to learn and it’s better to just learn this cast on to start and then there’s more advanced cast ons that you can do as you learn to knit the problem is it’s not a great cast on it creates this little string sometimes between the stitches that’s because there’s nothing holding these they’re just loops so it’s kind of annoying but if we were to show you a more advanced cast on you’d forget it right away and the most important thing is learning the knit stitch and the purl stitch once you get those down and you’re comfortable with them and you go to learn a more advanced cast on such as the longtail cast on you’ll get it right away so now we’ve knitted our first row of knit stitches there’s 10 stitches and how do you know where you are in the knitting your loop your tail from your yarn ball should always be in the back and if this tail is really long you might want to trim it to about 4 to 6 inches so that you don’t accidentally pick this up and knit it I’ve done that way too many times so just always keep the tail about 4 to 6 inches in fact I’ll snip it off right now you don’t want to cut it too short because you need to be able to weave in that yarn end if you were to cut it right up here and think that was it your project would unravel so you don’t want to do that so let’s knit one more row I’m going to take that knitting back to my right hand make sure that this yarn is going to be in the back and now I’m going to insert the left needle underneath and go into the stitch wrap the yarn around pull up a loop and take that stitch off the needle and I’m just going to repeat that across the row give yourself a little time to master holding the stitches and the needles it’s a very uncomfortable position when you start so just give yourself time to realize that it’s like holding a pen or a pencil for the first time there’s a an art to it and it takes a little finagling to master both so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it the first second so now we’ve just knitted two rows of knit stitch and you can see that there are when you create a knit stitch it makes these little V’s so this row of ridges is the back side of the previous row which create these they’re called purl bumps so the front side of a warp stitch is called knit and the back is called a purl so to purl we’re going to start the same way but the yarns going to be in the front not in the back so we’re going to go into the stitch and wrap the yarn around the needle clockwise like that and then go back out of the stitch and slide it off again into the stitch wrap the yarn clockwise around out of the stitch and slide it off so if we were to look at this from up here we’re doing the exact same thing just kind of from the top instead of the bottom you’re going into the front of the stitch not the back so if we were to knit that we’d go in from here and the yarn would be in this yarn would be in the back but in this case the yarns in the front and we’re going to come in to the front of the stitch and wrap it around okay we’ve finished one row of purling and now you can see that since we did the purl row on the back on this row that we just finished we’re getting another row of knit stitches on this side of the work so you can see it’s creating this little V here now I’m going to show you how to take the stitches off the needle that’s called binding off or casting off and it’s not much different than knitting there’s just one more step involved so we’re going to go into the stitch wrap the yarn around the needle knit one stitch then we’re going to knit the next stitch now to get these stitches off the needle you’re going to take that first stitch you knit and put it up over the second stitch like that so you’re gonna keep repeating that across the row try not to get too tight because if you’re too tight your bind off or cast off will be too tight and it will not look the same as the rest of your project so knit the next oh I forgot to bind that one off so here we go lift it over knit the next stitch take that first one off and at the next stitch take that first one off now if you can see my hands are a little cumbersome in this and that’s because I knit not holding my needles this way I normally knit continental style which for me is much more fluid and comfortable than this throw method or American style so now we have bound off all of those stitches except for this one stitch that’s left so what you’re going to do is clip the yarn and then you’re going to simply take that tail put it into the loop and draw up the loop like that and now you’ve cast on you’ve knitted you’ve pearled and you’ve bound off next I’m going to show you how to knit continental style okay I’ve cast on my ten stitches they’re not too tight they slide pretty well across the row and I’m going to start knitting but what’s going to change is how I hold my yarn so I like to hold it in my right hand and let my right hand act as the feeder for the stitches that way might this just feeds the yarn and holds this needle and my left hand gets to do all the work and that’s where it feels really comfortable so I’m going to go into the stitch wrap the yarn around the needle and then draw up the loop and what I end up doing is this stitch basically I mean this needle basically goes in hooks the yarn pulls it up slide it off so I’m not doing all that physical wrapping around even though I’m wrapping around it’s more of a slip of the stitch I’m just picking that up and if you’ve crocheted before it’s very similar holding crochet hooks and yarn it’s it’s more like you’re crapping grabbing it and pulling it up and then sliding it onto the new next needle so it’s the exact same step knitting is the exact same technique you’re just holding your yarn differently and your needles differently to allow you to master that and as you can see before my right hand was doing a lot of the work and now my my right hand barely moves only to feed the yarn and slide these stitches up but my left hand is really getting in there and grabbing the yarn and making those stitches and I can knit so much faster more comfortably more fluidly my stitches look so much better than what I did over here you can see my knitting just has a much better appearance all around by using this technique and I knit faster and so much more comfortably and confidently so I’ll do one more row of knitting and then I’ll do a row of purling so you can see what Continental purling looks like again I’m just grasping the yarn and I tend to pull this down so that when I go in I can just hook that up like that and slide it off and it takes a little while to get this technique but I think you’ll find it so rewarding and it’s exactly the same as a right handed person would do it’s just a mirror image they’re doing it from left to right same Continental they just hold everything in the opposite hand and knit the opposite direction but it’s all exactly the same so now let’s do a purl stitch in Continental same method of holding your needles and your yarn but we’re going to knit in the front of the work so I have my yarn in front and I insert my needle into the front of the work and then you wrap around and hook down so it’s the same thing just you’re pulling the other direction so you can see I’m wrapping the yarn I’m making instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle I’m kind of wrapping my needle around the yarn do you know what I mean it’s just this the same way to go about it it’s just that instead of the yarn doing the work the needle is doing the work so hooking it around and going back down and what I also like about this is that when you knit and purl in a one row it’s so smooth I’m going to show you how to do that so I’m going to do a knit with the yarn in the back then a purl I just kind of fluidly move it forward and do my purl oops now back to knit so I’m not like making this big dramatic gesture it’s such a simple little twist of the wrist that allows you to knit and purl almost seamlessly and effortlessly so I’m going to try to slow it down let the needle grab the stitch the needle does all the work it’ll make your left hand very happy to be able to do that and now you can see I have a beautiful knit and purl knit one purl one row there and that’s how you knit continental style left-handed so we’ve covered a lot today we learned how to cast on bind off knit purl knit and purl continental style and transition between a knit and purl in one row on a all on left-handed knitting so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if there’s something else you’d like to see please let me know in the comments below thanks so much for watching and have a great day

LEFT HANDED KNITTING TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS | If you are left-handed, this knitting video is for you! It’s a complete left handed knitting tutorial for beginners. We cover the basics including: left handed thumb method cast, knitting stitches (both knit and purl), cast off, and continental knitting.

Timing for each technique:
1:55 – How to make a slip knot left handed
2:25 – Left handed thumb cast on
3:50 – How to make the knit stitch left handed
8:27 – How to purl stitch left handed
12:45 – Continental knitting left handed

Whether you want to learn to knit left handed or you are trying to teach a left handed child to knit, watch this video from a fellow southpaw!

Knit the Easiest Seed Stitch Pattern

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The easiest SEED STITCH KNITTING PATTERN. Hello I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT today I am going to show you the easiest way to knit up the classic seed stitch knitting pattern one of the most common frustrations I hear from beginning knitters is that their seed stitch somehow turns in to the one by one rib stitch which is also another great knit stitch pattern but not if you want the results of the seed stitch so today I am going to show you one simple trick to easily knit the seed stitch every time we’re using a 1 row repeat it’s easy level perfect for everybody who’s completed my absolute beginner knitting series because we are simply using knits and purls and you can see that this is a reversible pattern because the front the right side of our work looks identical on the back the wrong side of our work so this would be great for things like scarves or blankets and if you like this pattern and what I do on my channel please like it up subscribe it really helps me out for the written pattern you can head on over to my website I have a link in the description below the pattern is written out there for you totally for free I’ve also included a knitting chart so if you’d like to start learning how to read charts then these simple patterns are a great way to start doing that this pattern is also included in my knit stitch pattern book available for purchase over on Etsy it’s a downloadable PDF that you can print out you also can have it saved on any mobile device or desktop as well for our materials we are going to be using giving needles and yarn and then you want to have scissors and a little tapestry needle on hand you can have any size yarn or knitting needles you’d like for the knit stitch patterns and I will link to what I’m using in the description below so let’s and knit it up we begin with our beloved Slipknot and here is the secret to the perfect seeds stitch rather than casting on an even number of stitches we are casting on an odd number of stitches so here I have 5 stitches that’s an odd number any odd number of stitches that you’d like is going to help you easily make this one row repeat of the seed stitch I think it’s helpful to compare the actual knitted piece with our chart and you’ll see how the seed stitch is designed so that we have these alternating little seeds these little bumps from our purl stitch alternating every single row the pattern is k1 p1 in between those asterisks that means that we’re repeating it so here is our knit 1 that’s 1 knit stitch bringing our yarn to the front to do that purl stitch that’s purl 1 p1 right there and we are repeating k1 p1 because in between those asterisks it’s telling us to repeat so we have a knit 1 and a purl one and you look at very familiar with this as you do your seed stitch and you continue this pattern all the way down the row so now we’re nearing the end of our row and we’re continuing with k1 knitting 1 and we’re bringing our yarn to the front to do that purl 1 and we are finishing up the row after the asterisks after that repeat of k1 p1 we have one last little stitch and we are just knitting one right there that last little stitch is a knit stitch and here is the beginning of our pattern already it is starting to shape up now this is a one row repeat so that means we do the exact same thing on every single row so row two on the wrong side it takes all of the guesswork out of it we are knitting one and purling one on this side as well so you just insert your needle with your yarn in the back to do that one knit stitch bringing it to the front then purling it of course we are repeating this pattern all the way down the row K 1 and then P 1 and then once you’re at the very end of the row you have that one last little knit stitch to complete and this is your one row repeat you don’t have to think every single row you’re knitting it the same so that you can knit your seed stitch pattern with confidence every single time I hope you are inspired to give this a very easy seed stitch pattern a try and I will see you here next time BYE!

My Seed Stitch Secret: Here’s the easiest way to knit it up!
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Learn the easy way to knit this classic Seed Stitch Pattern without needing to keep track of your right and wrong sides.

This knitting project is an easy level project, perfect for everyone who has completed my Absolute Beginner Knitting Series.


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The Try Guys Try Knitting

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♪ It’s a wonder ♪ ♪ The spell I’m under ♪ ♪ Because of the chill in the air ♪ – You just made me fuck up! (yelling incoherently) – I didn’t do it. – We’re knitting. (upbeat music) – I have never knitted. It’s something you do while watching TV. You feel like you didn’t waste all that time watching TV. – When I think about knitting, I think about ooh, cozy fireplace, hot cup of tea, being old, ooh, rocking chair. Do I, can I get a rocking chair for this? – I would consider myself an artsy person, so I’m actually kind of pumped for this video. Also, knitting needles look like giant chopsticks, and I’m great at using chopsticks. – I used to, as a kid, do cross stitch with my mom. I do remember how, at the end, it was rewarding. – Look, I’m always looking for new hobbies. – I’ll take some long needles and whip together some thread pasta and see what I come up with.

– As an adult, I can’t possibly fathom this being enjoyable and people say this is a nice hobby. I already have hobbies, y’all. I have a goddamn baby. (wind whooshing) Take the baby on a walk, go take the baby to the park, take the baby to the movies. Last movie I saw was The Last Jedi. (laughing) – We’re gonna learn to knit over the course of 24 hours. – At the end, we’re going to be giving each other gifts in the first ever Try Guys Secret Santa, ooh. Who am I gonna get? (upbeat music) – Hi, I am Frankie Santos, I am a knitting expert, and also a prop maker.

– How does one knit? – The way I like to explain knitting, it’s putting a loop through a loop. I think people enjoy it because it’s very meditative. There is a mug that I kind of want that says, I knit because stabbing people is frowned upon. I probably should not say that on camera. – I want that mug. – No, I love that. This became way more exciting. Even though I hate Christmas, I do love giving gifts, and I’m fucking good at it. – I’m an okay gift giver. I’m excited to knit something, and then present it to my friend, because then they’ll have to wear it.

That’s the rule of the gift. If you make somebody clothes, they have to wear it once. Nancy got it for you, Aunt Nancy bought it, your gonna wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. – So this shop, The Little Knittery is the originator of the pussyhat, which became the great symbol of resistance at the beginning of 2017. – That’s amazing. – That’s awesome. – Who do you think’s gonna knit the best? – I’m thinking that Keith is actually gonna be the best knitter. (gasping) – What? – Wow. – Are you guys ready to grab some needles and learn how to knit? – Yeah! Oh! – Hi, guys. – Hi, Frankie. – Hey. – Okay, so the way you’re gonna start is you’re gonna have, this is called the work, the little bit of knitting that you have, you’re gonna put that in your left hand. – Work, girl. – Work. – And then you’re getting insert it– – Which loop? – There’s so many. – The very first loop. – Top loop. – What do you mean, the first loop? – Right here, like that. You’re going in the back side. – I’m going in the back side? I don’t wanna go in the back side.

(laughing) – Oh! You said it’s putting a loop inside of a loop. – Correct. – How does make a sweater? – Are we doing it? – Repeatedly, they got the idea. – Well, wait, I wanna get in on this. What are you guys talking about? – We’re a sweater now. – Let me just sneak over here. – Yeah, there you go. – Now you guys have made a cable. – Oh! – Wow! – We’ll never be on cable.

– We’re gonna have it peek. – Peek through. Ooh, I might need to see that again. – I lost you. – All right. In through the front door, around the back. ♪ In through the front door, around the back, ♪ – Peek through the window. – Peek through the window. – And off jumps Jack. – And off jumps Jack. ♪ In through the front door ♪ ♪ Round around the kitchen ♪ ♪ Back to the back door ♪ ♪ And off comes Jack ♪ – Are there different types of knitting? – There are many different types of knitting, many different methods. I’m gonna teach you how to knit today, it’s called the English method. The method that I often use is called Continental. Well, since you guys are already learned the knit stitch, you’re gonna learn the purl stitch, which is just the same thing, but the opposite. (groaning) – Oh, fuck. – So when do you decide to switch between a knit stitch and a purl stitch? – It’s just to get whatever look that you want. – Oh, okay. – You would do one row of knit, and then one row of purl.

– So if we do that for our actual gift, we’ll be a little more advanced than people who don’t. – Potentially. – I really, really don’t wanna get Eugene. – ‘Cause he’s gonna be harsh in his criticism. – I do know however draws me is gonna have a really tough time thinking of something good. Not a scarf, though. Fucking better not make me a scarf. – I’m hoping to knit a scarf, obviously, it’s the simplest thing. – If you gave a gift that you personally knitted, is everyone like, oh, Frankie’s here, she– – Oh, see, this is where I get to tell you about the sweater curse. – What’s the sweater curse? (wind whooshing) – Okay. – I didn’t know it was gonna get spooky. – The sweater curse is if you are a knitter, and you have a partner to whom you are not married, if you make them a sweater, and you give it to them, you’re gonna break up. (gasping) – No! – What? – But when you’re married, it’s okay? – When you’re married, it’s totally fine, because then they’re yours.

– So what you’re telling me is if you wanna break up with someone and you don’t know how to tell them, you knit them a sweater. – Mm, it’s kind of a roundabout way. I think there’s a little bit more direct route. – I love it. Do they have knit underwear, like a knit thong? That would be pretty dope. Wow, that’d be great for Keith, a crochet crotch. That’s definitely gonna be Keith’s present if I pull him. Now I hope I have Keith. I’m so nervous. (bright holiday music) (chuckling) I’m gonna give him the sluttiest knitted thing ever.

– Which is? – A thong. – Oh, you’re gonna make a thong. – I’ll make a thong. I would love the sparkliest, most beautiful blue yarn you have. – Right over here. It has sparkles– – Perfect. – Right inside. – Can I use this one, too? – You could use that one, too, just like you could use two, you can also use three, but then that just might make you a little tangled. – I’m already so tangled, girl. I just hope it covers up his, um– – His stuff? – His little Habersberger. – Got it. – What if I wove these two together to create the main part of the thong? – Sure. – And these can be somehow knit for the strings on the side. – Oh, that’s very clever. – Yes. I’m going to make Christmas slutty! – Oh, my, (gasping) what? Oh, I get to pick somebody? This is how it works? And it’s coming out of this official Try Guys mug, only available at tryguys.com? I got Ned, which means I got Wes, yes! Fuck, yeah.

I’m making something for the baby. – I don’t know. Honestly, whatever I get is probably going in the garbage. (snorting and chuckling) – I think I wanna make Wes a little hat. I didn’t even think about what kind of yarn I’m gonna pick. Are we going yarn shopping? (twinkling music) So my gift is for the Fulmers, and they have a very beautiful living room that has some gold, some blues, some silvers, so I feel like I should just make their baby match their aesthetic. – Yeah, I was gonna ask if you’d really want the baby to blend into the– – Mm-hmm. So you know, it’s really sort of a decoration in the living room. Oh my goodness. This looks. – Oh, that looks nice. – This is like this, but a little less intense. I like this. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make, for the beanie, like a long sheet, and then I’m gonna wrap it around, and sort of seam it up.

I’m gonna use the internet to help me out, or maybe I’ll stop by the Friday Night Social. – Who am I hoping to pick? Uh, I guess Zach? I feel like Zach’s always cold, you know. (gasping) I got Zach! I get to knit something for sweet little Baby Korn. This is fine. I’m just making a gift for Zach. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. He drinks tea all the time, so I want to make him like a koozie for his tea cup. – Oh, I love it.

– To make sure it stays nice and warm. – So you’re thinking of a blue yarn? – I’m thinking like a bluish gray. – This is really nice and thick, so you can just get– – Yeah. – You can get fewer stitches, but be a lot faster. – Do you ever mix two types of yarn together? – You can definitely mix two types of yarn together. It just makes it a little more complicated. – Mm.

I’ll just stick with this one. – All right. This is a much bigger yarn than this one. What you wanna do is use much bigger needles, like these. – What? – These are. (Ned yelling) – So, okay, so I have my start now, and then, do I just start knitting? – No, you can just start knitting, yeah, exactly. – Easy. – Well, keep knitting, and good luck. – Thank you. – Thank you. – I appreciate it. – I’m just like, please give me Ned, you know? I feel like he’s got a lot of needs in his life right now, really, anything you give him, he’ll be like, oh, thank you. The guys are used to like, oh, Zach, he fucks things up, he has fun bumbling around and messing shit up. Not today. I am going to blow the collective dicks off of my friends.

No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies. (blowing raspberry) (laughing) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. (dramatic music) I am no longer excited for this video. My Secret Santa target, I have Eugene. – Okay. – He’s very opinionated, is prone to hate anything I make, so I really wanna wow him. But Eugene is a fashionable person. – Yes. – So I was thinking I could make him a bow tie. – Wonderful. – Yes. – I think that’s a great idea. (Zach exhaling) So I usually recommend thicker yarn, just because that means fewer stitches and a lot faster. – I’m leaning towards this, ’cause this is clearly the Zach color palette. – So I’m gonna get you started because really, all you need to do to make a bow tie? Is a strip. – Great. Just curious. You guys, do you guys, you do commission, like commission work, right? – I do, I do, yeah. – Yeah, how much would like, (Frankie laughing) like a bow tie cost? (magical holiday music) – You can see where she did it for us, and then where I stated. It’s a pretty obviously different. – Like what’s this going, what’s going on there? How’d this, how’d that happen? – What? – Got any tips? I am making friends left and right.

– It’s kind of a chilly day, so I’m having a glass of tea while I knit my tea koozie for Zach. Wondering if anyone will come up and talk to me, asking me what I am doing. – Is it like, almost like a cult of people who like, really, like when you see people– – Cult, cult? – Knit. – Cult, cult? – Well, you know, like the cult of blank, what is the bond that you instantly have with knitters? – Talking about the project, and about how you selected your yarn, typically who you’re making it for. People sometimes have very strong preferences. The whole English and Continental thing. – So it’s less like a cult, and more like a gang. – So it just happened. I made a new friend, probably because I was knitting and definitely not because she was a Try Guys fan. Bu I never thought this would be a social hobby. – All right, I’m in the shed. I’m basically in my blanket, like a grandma. Got my yarn set up. – Oh, yeah, we’re getting cozy up in here. I’m gonna sit by my fire with these nondenominational stockings, and I’m gonna knit a bomb ass present.

Um, that’s my yarn. I need that. – I just sat down to try and knit, and I have no clue. – So what are some ways we can mess up? – You can add a stitch. – It just looks kinda big. – Yeah, that’s what they said to do. They said it would be better to start big. – I hope you don’t– – You just made me fuck up. (yelling incoherently) The lady said it needed to be 15 inches long. I need you to back off. I’m supposed to be meditating. – You need to calm down. – You can drop a stitch. – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. (dog barking) No, come on, Bean, you’re ruining my chill. We are relaxing right now. – Or you can go back the other direction unknowingly. – It just seems like it should be so simple. I just got a yarn, and two sticks.

Why is it not easy? What’s happening? (whooshing) (dramatic music) Oh, God. Okay, don’t panic, but my needle fell out. I wanna scream, but I don’t wanna alert the neighbors. – So my yarn got like snagged in another part, and I started pulling it out, and then, I just have this situation going on, and I don’t know what to do at all.

– I am getting a little confused. I put my knitting niddles, needles, oh boy. This is, it was so much easier in the store. Oh. – From my face to my hands. Come on, Eugene, there we go. – So this is my piece. I really messed up the stitches in the middle. I think the word I’m looking for is shitty. I finished my bow tie. Maggie, what do you think? – That’s not what you said when the camera wasn’t rolling. – I might start over and do it again. Which is crazy, but I want this gift to be good. – It’s Sunday morning, and I’m having a lovely time knitting. This is my progress so far. A purl stitch, and a knit stitch to alternate. I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve given myself a little bit of design interest. The size of the mug is too small, or maybe it’s my tea koozie is too large. (gasping) My bread.

I’m also baking bread this morning. – Pretty far along. I’ve enjoyed the process, actually. The more I’ve gotten used to it, the more like it is something I’d do while just sitting and chilling. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos, been doing some knitting. – Weirdly, I think I get it now? The muscle memory is back, and I think that I, I think I’m excited to do this over. – So rather than continuing it, I’m just gonna stop, and I’m gonna see if I can stretch it around the tea cup. – There is something so satisfying about when you get into a groove, I actually totally see the appeal here, now that I’m not totally fucking up. – This past weekend, I was finishing up The Trevor Project video, and I hosted TrevorLIVE L.A.

That was a huge time commitment. I only have one more night to finish it before our gift exchange, and it turns out, I’m taking my new friend Hannah to her first drag show, and the only thing I can do is try to do it while being entertained by drag queens. (“The Nutcracker Suite” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) So we are now at the club, and I am here with Hannah. – Hi, guys! – And Julissa. – Hey! – So what’s great is that I can expose you to drag, and you can maybe help me knit? I heard you knit.

– Oh, yeah, I knit. I knit socktapuses, so like octopus with socks on it. I can do scarves, I can purl, I can do anything. – Is that why you’re named Stocking? – Yeah. (all laughing) – Hey, Wes, you gonna help me knit? Yeah. Looks pretty good! Eh, uh oh. Maybe this is the little space where you get to see the detail. Oh, yes, I did it on purpose. – I’m doing pretty good on my new, my new row. There’s something really nice and almost meditative about it, I don’t know. I kinda feel like I needed this. – I’m knitting you a whole row right now.

Do you want me to purl? I got you, if you want me to. – Girl. – I wrote a little song about knitting. Do you guys wanna learn it and play it? – Yeah, yeah. – Let’s do it. ♪ People say my friends and I’s hobby ♪ ♪ Is knotty ♪ ♪ And when they see us doing it ♪ ♪ It leaves them in stitches ♪ ♪ It’s something that takes longer ♪ ♪ When your project is haughty ♪ ♪ But your outcome is as soft ♪ ♪ As our musical pitches ♪ ♪ And it’s totally fitting ♪ ♪ That the best part about knitting ♪ ♪ Is that friends who knit ♪ ♪ Are close-knit friends ♪ ♪ Yes, friends who knit ♪ ♪ Are close-knit friends ♪ – Hey! (bright holiday music) – Yeah! – Here we are. It’s time. We’re gonna give each other the gifts we’ve been making all weekend long, and nobody knows who got who what? – Of course, we all were knitting all weekend long.

– You got all of last night. – Well, I had to take Hannah to the drag show. – Had to, had to. – Yeah, I promised Hannah. – Well, up first is Zach. – I’m excited to open my gift. Which one do I think is for me? Oh, yes, the beautiful one, the only beautiful one. Thank you to whoever got this gift for thinking of inclusive wrapping. Ooh, what do we got? (gasping) Oh, shit. Something to keep my tea warm. – Wow! – A tea koozie. – Wow. – Hey, oh my God. What a beautiful mug. Where did you guys get this mug? – Is that, is that the KNZE emoji mug from tryguys.com? – Tryguys.com? Wow! – Tryguys.com? – Zach, react to your gift.

– Wow, it’s like, almost like a pillow. – So Zach, I got you this gift. – Oh, wow, thanks! – I was the one that made it. – Aww. – Thanks, Ned! – I did it in alternating purl and knit stitch, to give it a nice stripe. I have a hole there for the handle, but then also– – Oh, it’s just you and me! – It’s just you and me! – Suck it, everyone else. – Can that not come off the mug? – What? – You– – Did you knit it on the mug? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (all laughing) – I can never wash this ever. (laughing) – Oh no! – Just so you guys know, this is not a bit. I always love tea. I got tea hanging out back here, hidden. – I can tell that this tea is already getting a little cold. In the future, that won’t happen. (liquid splashing) – Oh, and this is nice. I can do that thing that girls on Instagram do when they’re trying to be cute, and they go, (blowing). – Yay! – Happy Hanukkah to all.

– Yeah! – My turn. – Yes. Merry Christmas, Eugene. – I don’t think I’ve actually physically opened a Christmas present in like eight years. – Well– – Whoa, that’s horrible. – ‘Cause my family just like, we just Venmo each other money. – Well, lucky for you, you don’t just have a gift. You got the big boy gift. – Okay, you ready? ♪ Silent night ♪ – You can tell he hasn’t done this in awhile. ♪ Holy night ♪ – What is it? What is it? Open it up. – It’s a good present. – Wow! (all laughing) Yeah! – Oh my God! This is the best Christmas present ever.

Was this you, Zach? – It was me. – Yay! – ‘Cause I wanted to make you something dope, so I made you a bow tie. – Thank you. – So you can wear that bow tie. – Yeah, I think I’ll keep it on Pikachu. – Damn it. – But it’s really, it’s really good. – So close. – This is my failed first one, so you and I could totally match, Eugene. – Oh, wow. – You and I could match. We could wear bow ties together. – Guys. Oh, maybe it goes to the bottom. – Oh, no! (laughing) (distorted slow motion talking) – You just spilled. – Oh, no. – All the tea everywhere. – It looks like pee pee. – Yeah! – Wow. I’m so excited to get my gift. I kind of know, at this point, who got it for me.

I know that they didn’t have as much time, but you know what? They had a very busy weekend. The fact that they did it at all, they could’ve just given up. Oh, oh! Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ah. What is it? – It’s– – Oh, I know what it is! – I know what it is. – It’s a string thong. (all laughing) In blue squares. – This is pretty good. That’s pretty cool. – Yeah, it’s a– (all laughing) Hopefully, it’s your size. I think it is. – Well, I have been working out. I’m gonna take stuff out of my pockets. – Yeah. – Turn around. – I think my balls would fall right out of it, but. – Wow. – Ooh. – Yeah! – I got– – It’s very well knit.

– So it’s two different yarns. – Thank you. That’s a great, beautiful rectangle, Eugene. It can cover my dick, or it can cover something else. – Hannah did about two rows. (Keith laughing) So this is also made by Hannah. – So this is Keith’s thong featuring Hannah Stocking. – Yep. – It’s a dick stocking. – Yeah! – Ah, what a Christmas this has been, you guys, and I know now that this was made by Keith. – Mm-hmm. – Wow. Thank you, Keith. Oh my God! It’s a little hat! – Wow! – Holy shit! – You made a hat. – Oh my God! – Thank you. Oh, it’s awesome. – Holy shit, that’s beautiful. – The poof ball is actually made very similar to this. You tie, you bundle just a bunch of yarn around a thing, tie it together, and then you cut the ends, and then it poofs out.

– You made the poof ball? – Yeah, with the ladies at the shop. – Keith, that’s amazing. – You gotta send me a picture of Wes in the hat, though. It’s got a little poof ball. – Especially little poof ball. – Does he have a poof ball hat yet? – It almost looks like a crown, the little dimples on top. – It’s a cute little– – Man, I can’t believe you did a poof. That’s so cool. – Yeah. – Thank you. – Yeah. – Thank you for thinking of Wes. – I will say, that when I got to the end of the hat, and I totally finished it, I was like, aw. I don’t have anything to knit anymore. – This might actually be the first thing that we’ve done in a Try Guys video that will genuinely become a hobby of mine.

– I thought it would take so long and that it wouldn’t be that fun, but as soon as I realized I was doing it for someone else, then the whole thing was infused, that it’s like, oh, I wonder what they’re gonna think about this. – I learned that you probably shouldn’t knit in a gay club while watching a drag show. – God bless us, everyone. (upbeat music) Look Wes! You got a new hat! Yeahhhhhhh!!! Oh no Oh no It doesn’t fit Well, that’s fun .

The guys pick up some needles and get to work knitting each other Secret Santa gifts, with a little help from a professional knit shop.

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– If you’re watching this video, there’s a good chance that you wanna make a little bit more money, you work a nine to five job and you might be skeptical and think that everybody who ever tells you how to make money on the internet is running a scam or trying to sell you something. Hopefully, this video can change your mind about that because I’m basically just gonna tell you what I did on the internet that helps me make thousands of dollars a month and I don’t really have an ulterior motive here beyond wanting you to watch my other videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel. And for those of you who are uninitiated, there are a lot of people who use their YouTube channel or their podcast or even their blog where they write articles to make hundreds of dollars a day in affiliate marketing and it’s passive income because they’re doing the work upfront and even six months or a year, as long as what they’re talking about is relevant to somebody, they’re still making money. There are YouTube videos on this channel that still make me money, not only on ads but literally because they sell products, whether it’s affiliate products for someone else or something that I made, and that’s what I wanna teach you about today.

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It might sound absurd but it’s actually very reasonable to make an extra $100 a day in passive income if you do it right. It’s not something that just anybody can do overnight. Yes, you will have to learn how to market yourself, create content and build an audience. If you are not ready and prepared to learn new skills, leverage social media platforms, and build an audience that can help you make that extra money, give you a little bit of side income, away from the day job, a little bit more financial freedom, that’s something it requires work.

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I know because I was a web designer about a lot of online products and also the needs of an online business so since I am an online business owner, I can recommend everything that I use for my business, and the majority of it has affiliate links. Whether it’s the conference calls that I set up for my coaching clients with zoon.us, there’s an affiliate link for that. Whether it’s the mail marketing systems that I use that helps me have my newsletter and also helps me to re-market and sell my courses to the people on my newsletter or my other digital products or services. Guess what, there’s an affiliate link for that same system that I use. Whether it’s the apps that I use for certain projects, whether it’s the invoicing system, there is all of these products that I use and the companies would love for me to advocate for them and they don’t wanna have to make that complicated.

They wanna give me a commission for helping make the sale, I want to make the sale and make some extra money or passive income recommending something I already use every single day and the average consumer would love to know that somebody is revealing part of their process or giving them tips or advice and that if it’s something you’re doing, then they wanna do it too and they were gonna spend that money somewhere. You might as well benefit for helping them out and this is why content marketing, this is why building a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, an Instagram page is so valuable and why it is a big concentration of the content that I do on this YouTube channel is helping you get from zero followers to 10,000 followers in the platform of your choice. And so, you see the beauty of this is you don’t even need a big audience because it’s down to making the one sale.

It’s down to making the one sale. Now there are other affiliate programs that do percentage commissions. Primer example is a company called TubeBuddy. I’m a super affiliate with them, I’m also a brand ambassador for them and they sponsor content on this channel fairly regularly but I also get a 50% commission recurring on lifetime sales for the YouTube browser plug-in called TubeBuddy, which is an amazing deal for me. When you think about it, it means that as long as somebody came from this channel and used my tips and advice and then shows to sign up for the product, that 50% of whatever the fees are associated monthly with their account are something that I benefit from for facilitating that relationship.

It is a fantastic deal for the company and for me and it incentivizes loyalty. So if you can find in your niche, whatever it is, products and services that have either percentages and recurring revenue attached to them, or high payout flat rates of 50 or $100 or even higher, then you see it’s not unreasonable for you to start making $100 a day in passive income with affiliate marketing. So what do you need to be able to accomplish that? Now that we’ve set up this framework and now that you understand how making the money works and why people will actually click on it and trust your information, let’s go to some basic things you need to do right now to get going with affiliate marketing. First of all, you need to identify what niche you’re in and you need to start looking. Do your research in Google and find out what affiliate programs exist for that niche. Take a look at the brands and the products that you use everyday for whatever you’re doing, whether you’re doing fitness or whether you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing.

And really look at that and then look into the research and see, do they have an affiliate deal? Type in the name of the brand and type in the words affiliate program in Google and it’s as simple as that and you’ll find results for the affiliate programs in your niche or for a company. Is that easy. You know, most things are usually as simple as Googling them. Many of these affiliate programs will ask if you have a website, you usually should have a website if you wanna do affiliate marketing even if it’s not gonna be the primary place that you do that, it’s more likely for you to be approved.

Now not every website does this but a lot of them do. Amazon is the easiest place to do affiliate marketing just because even though the percentages are very low in terms of your commission on the sales, the thing is they have more products and more variety of categories than anyone else and it’s a brand people trust. But you do usually need a website and they wanna know that you have some decent traffic there in order for them to approve you. Now sometimes they’ll just approve you with your social media accounts. So if you don’t have a website, just go ahead and try with your social media accounts. You can always apply again and use your website in the future if you’re turned down.

So that’s one of the things you have to do. Like I said, I have an affiliate link for Bluehost, making the point that again, affiliate marketing is awesome so if you need a website, I have an affiliate link for Bluehost and they give the members of this community a rather large discount so if you just go to robertoblake.com/bluehost or you use my link down below, or use the link here in the info card, guess what? You’ll get a massive discount, I’ll get a commission and see, this is how affiliate marketing works. Now when you have your website and you have your blog set up, using a WordPress blog, the good news is you cannot only put these affiliate links in your post, you do have to disclose them but you also can make something called a resource page.

And a resource page is just a list of everything that you use for your business and you can have affiliate links for that. So like I said, there’s a massive amount of affiliate links that I use day to day in terms of the resources for this YouTube channel, primer example B&H Photo Video links are in the descriptions for all the camera gear. Anyone who wants to produce the quality of content I use, then they’ll get the camera gear that is behind this channel, right? Same thing for the podcast. So that’s an example of how if you have a platform, whether it’s YouTube or podcasting, people wanna buy what produced the results that you have and you’re just being a resource and linking to it. So that’s what I would start with in terms of okay, so anyone who does come to my site knows what I’m using and what I have and if they want it, I get a commission, right? The other thing I would look at is can you make content that’s helpful and useful to people in your niche that can directly relate to a product that you get an affiliate commission for or a service? So that’s something else you need to think about, content strategy.

I get into that a lot here on the YouTube channel, it’s something you might wanna subscribe for. Making content in different platforms, if you have the time to do it is going to be helpful. For many of you just starting a blog and writing like you know, on a weekend, writing three or five articles to get you started and then putting out one or two articles a week, taking only 30 minutes to an hour to write an article, that’s gonna be a good place for you guys to start.

And if you start with high end affiliate products that have high commissions in your niche, or at least high percentages like 20 or 30 or 50% of whatever the product sale is, then you’re closer to making good money everyday making that $100 a day that we talked about very quickly even with a small audience. If you can get them to be loyal and if you give good information. And again, as long as this piece of content exists, there’s an opportunity for it to make you money. By using your other social media links and outlets whether that’s Facebook or starting a Facebook group, starting a Facebook page, Instagram and putting it in your bio link, or if you get 10,000 subscribers, followers in Instagram, swipe up, you get the link out, or using IGTV. Whatever method you use, doing Twitter, whatever method you use, you can link to this content from your website, get it in front of more eyeballs and use hashtags and things in social media to get traffic back to your website and then it’s more likely that people will buy something from your affiliate links and you get to make that money.

So having content to distribute in social media is actually really practical. And something you guys are underestimating is writing articles, posting them in LinkedIn and in LinkedIn groups where you have permission and then getting that traffic back to your website. People who you know, read those articles and do these things in LinkedIn tend to be more affluent and more willing to spend money on something. Everybody’s sleeping on LinkedIn, big mistake. If you’re gonna do YouTube content, I would recommend doing tutorials and product demos that showcase why someone should use this, who it’s for, and whether it’s a good deal or not and then recommend it.

Also you could always recommend alternatives, do comparison videos, versus videos, these are the types of content that usually convert massively in terms of sales. So if you’re looking to do big sales with affiliate marketing, you wanna do it on YouTube. Those visual product demos are a great way to go. Product reviews, comparison videos, absolutely are probably the best funnel for making affiliate revenue from products when you do it on YouTube that way. Whether it’s written content with photos or whether it’s videos on YouTube, buyers guides, doing a breakdown of all the things people could buy, especially either during a holiday or based around a certain tech release or back to school, like the timing of those videos is actually really good for affiliate marketing and you could do some of your best sales either during back to school, during fall, or during the holidays.

I mean, it’s a big deal. I’ve known people to have you know, ridiculous $10,000 a month paydays from just hitting the right time with the right content on buyers guides. One of the things I did successfully back in the day was I did laptop buyers guides and this did really well for me in Amazon. Amazon had a cap out of $25 maximum payout on laptops but there would be these great months where I was doing massive commissions because of all these laptop sales. So it’s just something to think about. And like I said, if you have no audience and you’re like Roberto, I need an audience to do all of these things. Roberto, I don’t understand marketing and you need that skill to do all these things. The good news is there’s 1,000 free videos here on the YouTube channel that talk about entrepreneurship, marketing in different social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and also how to build a podcast. So if you’re saying that you don’t know how to do these things, you can always just subscribe to the channel, it’s free content, you don’t even have to buy a course and you can learn how to build an audience from zero.

You can learn email marketing, you can learn how to do these things and then you can make a little bit of extra money. It just means you might have to watch a few of my videos instead of whatever is on Netflix. And that’s the only price you really have to pay for it. Time. And of course, the benefit to me is that I get new views and subscribers and if you use any of the affiliate links down in the description below, the resources that I’ve talked about, I of course will benefit from that monetarily.

So it’s a win-win for everybody and now you know how affiliate marketing works. So now I think you are ready to get started as long as you are willing to hustle and you realize this will not be an overnight success story. You are in a good position to where this can start making you a little bit of extra income on the side and you can start to diversify your revenue streams because there is no such thing as job security anymore and I think that’s becoming more and more apparent to a lot of people.

I’m not saying you have to quit your day job or you can’t want to work a nine to five job, and I’m not trying to shame anybody who has that situation. What I do know is a lot of people are having their circumstances taken out of their hands. I’m seeing people everyday tell me that they have lost their job out of nowhere or that the industry changed and they are scared of being pushed out.

They’re getting older and maybe the place isn’t valuing loyalty and experience anymore, or unfortunately people are having their health push them out of their career field and their job and they still money to survive. So what I’m trying to do is I want people that are in that situation to have the information that’s going to help them get by or move to the next level and have more financial freedom and more control over their lives. So if I’ve helped you do that today, then I feel like I did a good job and I feel like my mission is closer to being accomplished.

That actually brings me to my question of the day before we close the video. Are you diversifying your revenue streams or are you relying on just one stream of income? I really want to know this and I wanna understand where my audience is in terms of those things so I can talk about it more. Because maybe it’s helpful and if you have questions about passive income, or you still have questions about affiliate marketing, drop those in the comment section too.

I’ll try to reply to as many of them in the first hour, first day, and first week that this video is up. So it’s another good reason to subscribe and hit notifications. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video, I actually really do dig getting into these topics because I think it’s part of what really helped me be successful is learning how to sell and understanding how digital commerce and the global economy is accessible to almost everybody now and I just think it’s a great thing that gives more people opportunity and gives them a fighting chance. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe, share it with a friend. As always you guys, thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today.

You might just make a few bucks off of it. Take care. (upbeat music) .

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Step by Step. Affiliate Marketing is a popular form of Passive Income, and if you do Affiliate Marketing well you can make $100 a Day or More in Passive Income from Affiliate sales!




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Cameras For Photography and Video 📸
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How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners! 2019

– In this video, I’m going to teach how to start affiliate marketing step by step for beginners. I’m going to be sharing seven-plus years of experience on the best ways to get started. So if you’re wondering where are the most profitable affiliate niches or what are the best affiliate products to promote, or even, what’s the best platform to use to get sales and customers, then this is a video you definitely do not want to miss. So sit tight, grab your popcorn, and stay tuned. Hey, what is up everybody, ODI Productions here. And today I have an amazing video teaching you how to get started with affiliate marketing. This is probably the most highly requested video. And I’m updating this for 2019 because there are some things that I have learned along the way, and having seven-plus years of experience with affiliate marketing and been doing this full time for almost three years now back to back to back, I have learned quite a bit during my journey and I wanna share that with you today.

So first things first, if you’re brand new to the channel, my name’s Odi, I go by ODI Productions, I am an entrepreneur, I am a passive income expert in the field of affiliate marketing, and last but not least, I am an absolute car lover, so if any of those sound good to you, make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and join the notification squad. Now, in today’s video, basically I’m going to teach you the actual steps step by step to start affiliate marketing for beginners, and I’m actually gonna be sharing, what are the most profitable niches, what are the best affiliate products to promote, what is the best platform to choose, so there’s quite a lot, so make sure you sit tight and you get ready for this. And if you’re smart, not only are you gonna watch this video and take notes and listen intently, but you’re also going to take action right after you finish watching this video.

If you were to watch this video and not take action afterwards, it’s basically useless. So no matter what knowledge I give you, make sure that you are taking action after you watch this video to actually apply that knowledge that you have just learned, alright? So that’s a litte tip for you guys. Anyways, if you’re brand new to the channel, just a quick background about me, about 3 1/2 years ago I dropped out of my dream school, UCLA, to pursue online business. So I did not have a college degree, and I actually got fired from the only nine to five job that I ever had. But with that being said, in just three short years, I was able to go from sleeping on the floor in L.A. as a broke college student to living my dream life, getting to experience fun things like going to the NBA Finals last year, getting to to drive my dream cars every single day, getting to live and wake up in my dream home, and to wake up without an alarm clock and getting to design my days.

And I think the most important thing out of all of this is just having the freedom to be able to do what I wanna do, and today I am making content for you guys to inspire, to motivate, and hopefully educate you guys, and I really hope you guys take action from what you guys learn today. So with that being said, let’s talk about today’s video. So the first thing I wanna talk about is what is affiliate marketing. And I think it’s a lot easier for me to show you than to simply just tell you. So I’m gonna show you guys one of my first affiliate marketing businesses. This wa actually my first affiliate marketing website that I grew from zero to a full-time passive income, over $3,000 a month passive income with Amazon Associates during my college years. So this is RecordingNOW.com, it’s a website where I reviewed headphones. And if you scroll down and you look at this content, you’ll see I have these Amazon Associates links right here, so Amazon Associates, and you’ll also see them on YouTube videos, here’s one of mine, you’ll see those same Amazon Associates links in the description.

And Amazon Associates is simply an affiliate program. It’s actually one of the oldest affiliate programs, started in 1996. And basically, it allows you to link anything from Amazon’s Marketplace as a affiliate link, and you can post this link on your website, on YouTube, and if people click your link and buy anything from Amazon within 24 hours, you get a commission. And the commission depends on the category of the product. You can see it ranges from as little as zero or 1% up to 10% at the max. Now I’m gonnna get into that in a little bit more, and I’m gonna talk about low ticket versus high ticket, but just to explain affiliate marketing, any time you guys see these links, you see these links, and it’s from Amazon or it’s from another company, basically all the biggest companies in the world have an affiliate program.

Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Bose, Sephora, the list goes on. You can literally type up on Google a company and then search affiliate afterwards to find these affiliate programs. But just to break things down, affiliate marketing is just referrals. You’re just recommending products and services that you already love and you already use to other people, whether It’s people on the internet, whether it’s your friends, your family, and you get paid a commission. Again, the commission ranges from one to 10% for Amazon Associates, but I’m gonna show you guys some products that actually pay 30 to 40% or more.

Okay, so that’s pretty exciting. Now that’s affiliate marketing. Now, why do I love affiliate marketing? Why have I been doing affiliate marketing for the last seven years? Basically, it comes down to a few key factors. One, passive income. Affiliate marketing is one of the few true passive income business models out there, because you’re the affiliate. You’re not the company, which means you don’t have to create your own products and services, which is awesome. Especially considering myself, I consider myself pretty lazy when it comes to having to create my own products and services, which I’ve done before, but to be honest, if I had to choose one or the other, I would rather just have an awesome company with an awesome product or service and just promote them instead.

So it’s basically very hands-off. Since you’re not the company you’re only the affiliate, you only sell for them, you can just focus on marketing and sales. And that’s just one aspect of the business, you don’t have to worry about managing customers, customer service, dealing with refunds, exchanges. There’s no headaches, there’s no hassle, there’s a lot that goes with having your own company. And most people would probably choose to just rather make money and make a full-time living from selling than having to do the whole song and dance of creating a company. And I know, as running a seven-figure company myself, it is definitely a lot of headache and stress that most people would probably not want to take on. So with that being said, another aspect of affiliate marketing that I love is having low overhead. You can invest as little as you want or as much as you want in order to start this business and grow this business. Now theoretically, you can actually start affiliate marketing for free. And I’m gonna teach you guys how in this video. Now I don’t recommend that you start for $0, because it’s basically the slowest way to get results, but if you have at least 100 or $200, you can do a lot of things.

You can create a full website for less than $100. A website, it’s gonna be a key asset in turning your affiliate marketing campaign into an actual business. So with that being said, you can invest that into either creating a website or you can invest in software. If you wanna skip the whole website thing and go to software to create landing pages, sales pages, to get you up and running in no time. And I’m gonna share that later in this video. So, you can spend as little or as much as you want. Because at the end of the day, since you’re the affiliate, there are no product expenses. So when you sell a product as an affiliate, I don’t have to go to Amazon and buy the product and then ship it to the customer. Instead, Amazon is the one who has to handle the fulfillment. Which means they handle the customer, they handle the sales, they handle the refunds, they handle the shipping and distribution, I don’t have to worry about any of that. All I have to worry about is people clicking this link right here and buying stuff off Amazon.

Again, you get everything that they buy within 24 hours of clicking that link. You don’t have to replace the link, you don’t have to renew the link and get new links. It’s literally the same link that’s been here for years. For over two years, same link, haven’t touched it. It’s still getting clicks and still getting sales. So, with that being said, that is why I love affiliate marketing, it’s a win-win-win business model, because if you’re a company and you have an affiliate program, it’s only gonna help you because you don’t pay affiliates unless they make sales.

Now that’s one of the best forms of marketing that you can do for a company, when you don’t have to pay unless you get results. It’s awesome from a company perspective. As an affiliate, you get to make money without having to deal with the stress of running your own company. And as the customer, you get hooked up with the best products and services. This is not drop shipping, these are not generic products from China. These are actual brand name products that people are already buying, which means that there’s already a market out there that you as an affiliate can take advantage of and just basically connect the customers with the right companies and get paid. So with that being said, let’s move on to the actual step-by-step. But before we do that, I just want to announce, I’m launching a free Facebook group called Affiliate Marketing With ODI Productions, anyone can join, and I’m actually gonna be going live this week, showing how I took an affiliate product from zero to over $1,000 a month in monthly recurring revenue in just one week, seven days.

So I suggest you guys do not miss out on joining that Facebook group. There will be a link in the description below, so make sure you click that, join the group, and join in live, I’m gonna be answering your questions, interacting with you guys. And I’ve actually never gone live before, and I’ve never had a public Facebook group. So there’s a first time for everything, make sure you guys check it out. Let’s move on to the actual steps for affiliate marketing.

So, the first thing I wanna say before we get into this is that the first three steps, which are choosing a niche, choosing a product, and choosing a platform, are going to be the most important steps out of this whole process. Now, I’m gonna give you guys an analogy. Basically, if you were to become a professional athlete, and you got to choose what sport you play and the position that you play, the thing is, there are certain positions that get paid more than other positions in other sports.

So just to give you guys an example, if you guys wanna get paid, being an NFL quarterback is a great way to get paid. Because the average NFL quarterback gets paid millions of dollars and they get these huge blockbuster contracts. Now, if you were to choose another sport that is not as popular and not as profitable as let’s say football or being in the NBA, let’s choose professional lacrosse. And I’m not hating on lacrosse, I actually used to play lacrosse in high school. I’m a big fan of the sport. But the professional lacrosse player does not even make close to what a average professional NBA player or the average NFL quarterback, starting quarterback. And probably even second string or even third string quarterbacks at that. So with that being said, the most important thing is choosing the right sport and making sure you choose the right position as well. Because just by choosing the right position and the right sport, you actually separate yourself and you really put yourself in another pay grade when it comes to being a professional athlete, ’cause there’s levels to this. Again, a professional lacrosse player versus let’s say a professional basketball player in the NBA, and let’s say you’re a starting point guard in the NBA, you’re probably going to be making multiple times what a professional lacrosse player’s gonna get paid.

So, with that being said, the first step is actually choosing a niche. So, choosing a niche. What are the most profitable niches? I get this question all the time, I’m gonna actually just answer that for you guys right now. The most profitable niches in affiliate marketing by far are software and digital products. There you go. Now, there are other profitable niches. In fact, every niche can be theoretically profitable. You can literally do knitting as your niche and it can be profitable, but the level of profitability is going to vary, and I think that in my experience, software is the highest-paying affiliate product niche, and the reason why is this. Software companies, they have lower overhead than a brick-and-mortar or a physical products company, why? Because when you create software one time, it can serve multiple, multiple customers. You create a software one time, it can serve 10, 20, 200, 20,000, two million customers without much cost other than your server costs.

But everything is relatively low overhead. Versus let’s say if you had a T-shirt company, you sell T-shirts, every single time you make a T-shirt, you have to make a new one from scratch. And you have to pay five, $10 to make the T-shirt, whatever it costs, but you have to pay that every single time you make a T-shirt, it doesn’t replicate. Software replicates very, very, very easy, and it does not add much cost when you add one more new customer. So software is allowed to basically pay huge amounts of money to affiliates, because they know that, because customers, when they buy software, they subscribe to a software, they tend to stay a customer for many months if not years. And that lifetime cost is actually, or the lifetime customer value, is worth hundreds of dollars, so they can pay affiliates on the flip side hundreds of dollars as well to acquire that customer. So that being said, software and digital products. Now, what are digital products? There are digital info products that are very popular these days, such as an online course.

If some of you aspiring entrepreneurs are in an online course, chances are there is an affiliate program. And the affiliate program probably pays around 30% of a product’s sales. So if you’re selling a course that costs $1,000 as an affiliate, you get a sale, you get $300 just like that. Okay, now I’m gonna give you guys a concrete example of how much it takes to make $300 with something like Amazon Associates versus a high-ticket software.

But with that being said, software and digital products tend to pay around 30 to 40% commission. And some of these are monthly recurring, which means, when you get a customer to sign up under you, you get paid every single month they remain a customer. You’re getting passive income every single month, you don’t have to get a new customer. You can just stick to the ones you already have. So that’s pretty cool. Now, I’m gonna move on to step number two, which is choosing a product. So you want to go with a winning product that already has a history in terms of affiliate marketing that other affiliates are doing well and there’s proof of it on the internet. Because this means that that company probably invests into their affiliate program to make sure that they are actually serving affiliates. Because there’re companies out there that really do not care about their affiliates and they do not care about their affiliate program, and you can see it in the complaints, people not getting paid, there’s maybe problems with the tracking, like let’s say you’re getting a lot of clicks but you’re not getting any sales, maybe you’re not getting paid on time, theses are all issues that you can have as an affiliate.

Luckily, there are companies out there where they have very proven affiliate programs and you can find affiliates who have made tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, from a single affiliate company. And that just shows you that that affiliate program is very solid. So you wanna find some research, make sure that the affiliate product you’re promoting is not something new, it’s not something that hasn’t been proven before and that no other affiliate has been successful with, instead you wanna find products that other affiliates are already promoting and having success with, ’cause it’s a lot easier to model success than reinvent the wheel. Now, let’s move on to the third step. So the third step you wanna do is you want to choose a platform. Now, let me show you some examples of platforms. So this is a website, RecordingNOW.com, this is a platform, having a website is having a business online. It’s having online real estate. YouTube, having a YouTube channel, this is a platform. Again, I have a YouTube channel, and I use it to post my content and build an audience and engage with that audience and create more content and rinse and repeat.

Having an email list, that’s creating a platform. You’re using your email list to connect to your customers. Having an Instagram account, that is another platform. So, with all this being said, what is the best platform to choose? Because you can either have a website, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have an Instagram, or you can actually just skip straight to having a landing page. Now, this is kind of a hybrid. A landing page is kinda like having a website, but having it be more specific. So this is a landing page in a software called ClickFunnels, which I’m gonna talk about in just a second. But basically, it’s a software that allows you to make a quick page where you can start collecting emails or even start getting sales. You can put your affiliate link here where this button is very easily, and then all of a sudden, you can just use this landing page as the place that you send traffic to to get customers, to get clicks, to get sales.

And it’s a quicker way than making a full-on website. You guys see this website right here, I got a whole bunch of content, I got a whole bunch of pages, whereas with a landing page, it’s literally just one page, it’s simple, it’s straight to the point, it can still get results. So you’re gonna have to choose a platform. Now, there’s no one saying that you can’t use all these, and I actually recommend that you use at least two of these combined.

Because if you use YouTube combined with a website, you can send traffic from your YouTube video to your website, as I’ve done here. So that’s an example, you can funnel traffic from one platform to another to the next. Because I can funnel traffic from YouTube to my website to my email list. Do you guys see that? It’s pretty awesome, because now we’re connecting with customers on three different platforms, we’re really getting in front of them and interacting with them and engaging with them. And trust is built over time when you build a rapport with your customers. So that’s all the examples of platforms that I think are relevant today. Now what’s the best platform? And do you need a website to get started with affiliate marketing? These are two really, really good questions I get asked all the time. Now, my short answer to do you need a website is I would say yes. Now, you can get started without a website, and I’ll show you how.

One way is to use landing pages. This way you don’t have to create a full-on website, you can just make a landing page to get online to start selling, but you need some sort of platform to sell and have your affiliate links. ‘Cause if you don’t have a platform, where are you gonna put your affiliate links? So with that being said, what’s the best platform? I like websites, personally, because it’s like having an online real estate where you build this and it’s an actual asset.

I build this website, it’s something tangible. If the website gets let’s say 5,000 visits per month, I mean this is a real business that I have right here. It’s something I can sell to someone. I can sell someone RecordingNOW.com. If it’s making a certain amount of money per month, you can sell it for roughly one year’s worth in one lump sum. Income that it generates. So this is a sellable asset. Now, if you have a personal brand, it’s a bit harder to sell a personal brand than selling something that is separate from your personal brand like RecordingNOW. So that’s just an example of a platform. I like websites because they have a chance to rank on Google for SEO. If someone looks up something, they’re searching up Beats Solo Wireless review, this can pop up on Google. And that’s free organic traffic. So with that being said, the best platform in my opinion are having your own website and then having a YouTube channel. I think YouTube is an amazing platform. You get tons of free organic traffic just by posting.

I mean, it’s weird, but YouTube recommends random videos all the time. They recommend videos on your sidebar and you see them and people click them. And even the channel with zero subscribers can actually get a view or two just through natural organic traffic. With that being said, the flip side, if you don’t wanna go through the website, and you don’t really wanna do the YouTube, you can make a landing page, oops, you can make a landing page, and you can get online quicker. And there’re certain affiliate programs that don’t require you to have a website.

The other reason why I suggest a website is because certain affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, they ask you for a website when you apply for the program, so you need to have a website already. Now, if you don’t have a website, you can use a YouTube channel or a social media account, but I think you need at least 500 subscribers. Now, I could be wrong on that, the number may be different, but last time I checked it was 500 subscribers if you do not have a website. So, that’s just another example of why a website is necessary for affiliate marketing, it just shows you’re legit. It’s like having a business card online. And if you don’t have the website, you don’t really have anything to back you up in terms of showing a company, hey, I can be a good affiliate, I can make sales, but if you don’t have a platform to show them, then how are they gonna take your word for it? Because from a company perspective, you don’t want to be risking having all these low-quality affiliates who don’t even have a website.

You don’t wanna have affiliates who are gonna be spamming your links everywhere, it’s gonna hurt the company’s reputation. So with that being said, you need to choose a platform, in my opinion, I feel like having a website, having a YouTube, combining those two, or on the flip side, if you have a YouTube and you have landing pages where you can directly send customers and then sell the product right here, boom, straight to the point, I think that either of these methods is effective. I’ve done both of these methods and they both work. You just have to choose one. So, with that being said, let’s move on to the fourth step, which is actually applying for the affiliate program. So, Amazon Associates is an example of an affiliate program. Again, it’s one of the oldest ones in the world.

And if you wanna join, it’s free. Free to join, all you have to do is apply. Now when you apply, they’re gonna ask you for certain information, and one of them again is having a custom website. Again, if you don’t have a website, you can substitute this with a YouTube channel if you have at least 500 subscribers. So for the people who don’t have 500 subscribers, you have no choice but to make a website. Luckily, websites only cost as little as three, four, $5 per month. Like five bucks a month, that’s literally like a couple coffees at Starbucks, or basically getting like a fast food meal. So with that being said, it’s not an expensive expense. And it’s well worth it if we are creating a business. And it kind of brings the question to mind, why not invest in your business? I get so many people who wanna get started for free, and I understand it because I used to bootstrap. When I was a broke college student, I didn’t have any choice but to bootstrap and to do the lean startup way, which is just getting scrappy and just trying to figure out every single free resource I can use.

With that being said, push comes to shove, if I had the choice to invest $1,000 into my business to get results sooner than starting from zero and having to wait one year, I would choose paying $1,000 up front to get results sooner. I’ve done both ways, and to be honest, speed is really important when it comes to the online space. ‘Cause if you don’t have resources, you’re gonna have to make up for that in sweat equity and with time.

And if you don’t have years to waste and you wanna get this goin’, you’re gonna have to invest into your business time or invest money and invest in software and tools to help you go faster. Alright, so after step four, which is applying for the affiliate programs and getting into them, then the next step is to create content surrounding your product. So I’m gonna show you examples of content. So on my website, I create a blog post. It’s a written post, you guys can see right here, and I actually review the headphones. I talk about the style, I talk about the comfort, I talk about the build quality, sound quality, et cetera. So that’s content on my website. Content on YouTube is a YouTube video obviously. Now, what’s cool about affiliate marketing and what makes it passive income is you only need to create this content one time. And that’s why I like to call this online real estate. Because once you make that content one time, it’s there to stay, and you can get customers, you can get clicks on your affiliate links, you can get sales for years to come after you make that content.

I never have to make this content again, thankfully, right? So you invest a few hours, maybe you invest a whole day, into making this video, it’s about 12 minutes long. Maybe you spend four hours to make the video, to film it, to edit it, to plan it out. Once you work those four hours, you make this content and it’s done, it’s a finished package and it’s on your website, it’s on YouTube, it’s done forever.

You can get sales for years to come, which means you can make money on it and commissions for years to come. That’s what I love about affiliate marketing. So when you create this content, it pops up when people are searching up, Beats Solo Wireless review. So if people are looking up for this product, then your content ideally would Pop up, and this called SEO. So this brings me to the last step, which is getting traffic. And getting traffic can either be free or it can be paid. And I like to use both. Now, what is free traffic? Again, if somebody looks up Beats Solo Three Wireless review and my video pops up, then that right there is free traffic. It’s organic, it’s called SEO, search engine optimization. Now there are certain techniques you can use to rank higher on Google and on YouTube. And so with that being said, the flip side of this is paid. If instead of having organic traffic, you paid for your traffic using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google AdWords, this is basically paying to show up as a search result on Google for the Google AdWords. So it’s a way to leapfrog the whole SEO thing.

Because if you’re not able to rank for a certain term, then you can use paid traffic to make up for that. If you don’t have an audience, you can use paid traffic to make up for that. Because you’re forcing yourself basically to be in front of people. And it’s not the most ideal versus organic, but at the same time, you can really get so much more traffic and reach if you’re willing to pay for it. ‘Cause think about this, think about how many people are not willing to pay for traffic. Most. Most people just want the free way, they want the easy way. Well, the easy way doesn’t get paid. So you gotta pay to play, paid traffic is the way to go, and if there’s a skill you should master, It’s learning how to get traffic.

But again, in my opinion, out of these six steps, I think the most important are choosing the right niche and the right product and then choosing a good platform. Because again, if you were to choose a professional sport to be a professional athlete, I would choose playing in the NBA or Major League Baseball, because at least you get paid millions of dollars, it’s non-contact or low-contact versus let’s say football, where you’re getting tackled by 300-pound dudes. So I would rather choose to Play in the NBA, which is, it’s physical, but for the most part you’re not getting tackled by people, and then baseball’s another one that is pretty simple in terms of the gameplay. You don’t have to hit anybody, there’s no contact. You get to play for possibly a whole decade. You can play baseball for like 10 years. And you can still have a long career, and you also get guaranteed money, which means you, if you get a contract to make $1 million per year, it’s guaranteed money, which is awesome.

Now if you’re a professional lacrosse player, and again, I hate to come at lacrosse, I used to play the sport myself, but if you were a professional lacrosse player, the chances of making million and millions and millions of dollars are pretty slim. Versus the average MLB or NBA player. So, with all that being said, choose the right niche and the product from the get-go, and this comes to my next point, and this is probably the biggest point to take away from this whole video, choose high-ticket over low-ticket. I’m gonna show you guys a comparison right now. Here’s a low-ticket affiliate program, which is Amazon Associates. Now, I’ve always talked about Amazon Associates in my past videos, and the reason why is because it’s how I got started and it’s how I got my first full-time passive income, and it’s honestly one of the best affiliate programs out there. Because you can promote anything on Amazon and get paid a percentage, and I mean, everything is available on Amazon, right? Apart from software and digital products, but for the most part, everything you can buy off Amazon.

Any single item you can think of. And this makes it very accessible. And because it’s low-commission, it makes up for it with high volume, a lot of people are buying from Amazon, a lot of people are already going to purchase things, they already have stuff in their cart, so if you can just get in between that and get them to click your affiliate link, then you would actually make commission on everything that they’re buying. Now with that being said, let me show you a high-ticket affiliate program and affiliate product that I personally have been loving lately, and I’m gonna show you a real comparison between low-ticket versus high-ticket. But a high-ticket affiliate product is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is actually this software I showed you to make landing pages. And I’ve used it for well over a year, I’ve been their real customer for well over a year, I’ve had some great success with it, I’ve made sometimes over six figures per month using the software to sell my own products, but also, over $20,000 a month consistently as an affiliate for products that use ClickFunnels as a platform.

So I actually share that I have a free ClickFunnels course if you guys wanna check it out in the description. But with that being said, here’s ClickFunnels’ affiliate program. They pay 40% monthly recurring commissions. Now, what does this mean? You get paid 40% of what the customer pays for a subscription, which starts at $97 a month. You get paid 40% of that every single month they are a customer.

So I’m gonna repeat that, you get paid every single month they are a customer, you don’t need to go get new customers, you just need to keep the ones that you get. And 40% of $97 is $38.80. Now let me do a side-by-side comparison, and if you’re gonna take anything from this video aside from taking action, I would say, look at this chart and remember this comparison. Because this is gonna show you the difference between low-ticket and high-ticket.

So low-ticket is Amazon Associates, where the average commission is between four to 8% for most products. If we’re looking at this chart, most products are gonna be in these categories. You can see that all other categories, if they’re not in these predefined categories, is 4%. But then, 4% is basically any of these products right here, I mean it goes lower, if you’re gonna sell PC components, DVDs, TVs, video games, it’s lower than 4%, it’s much lower, it’s actually one to 2.5%. Now if we’re talking about furniture, if we’re talking about home improvement, lawn and garden, kitchen, this tends to be around here six to 8% range, so that’s not bad. But going back to this chart, one customer is worth around $to $40 on the high end. Now what I mean by this is you only get a one-time commission when someone buys. Let’s say someone spends $100, or sorry, $10, and you get 4% of that, it’s about $0.40. Not really much to write home about. $0.40, you can’t really do too much with that. Now $40, that’s if they buy a $300 product at 8% commission, or maybe it’s $500 product, either way, you have to sell a pretty expensive product just to make 40 bucks.

Which is still not bad. And it’s a lot better than relying on just getting views. Because you only get paid $2 for ever 1,000 views. And that’s a lot harder than selling one product one time and getting 40 bucks. Now with that being said, on the flip side, a high-ticket affiliate program like ClickFunnels, which is a software, it’s a marketing software that anyone who sells something online can use, I just showed you this landing page, you can easily drag and drop and move stuff around, and you can use this to sell affiliate products. You can put your affiliate link right here, I actually put an affiliate link right in this button, very easy to use, especially if you don’t wanna deal with the headache of having to make a website. I understand it’s pretty complex to have to create a whole full-blown website. You can just have a landing page. Now, you get 40% monthly recurring commissions, which is a big difference between one-time commission. Because what this means is you don’t have to get new customers every month. Now, one customer with a high-ticket affiliate program like ClickFunnels is worth a minimum of $38.80, that’s if they’re a customer for only one month.

But they’re worth over, potentially over $900 if they stay a customer for two years, and that’s using the lowest plan, which is 97 bucks a month. They actually have a plan which I use which is $297 a month. If you were to recommend someone to that plan and they became a customer, that one customer would be paying basically $118 per month, I believe. So over $100 per month from a single customer, that’s well over $1,000 over the course of one year if they remain a customer. And the cool thing with software is most customers tend to stick.

If you start using a software for your business, like let’s say ClickFunnels, and it makes you a profit, like let’s say you invest $97 and you make 200, 300, 500, $1,000 with this software, you’re not gonna stop using that software anytime soon. So that’s why software is very, very lucrative, because not only can the companies afford to pay you more as an affiliate, but they can also retain that customer for a long period of time, which then increases their lifetime customer value. ‘Cause again, one customer can be worth close to $1,000 or more if they remain a customer for one year, two years, three years, and depending on which plan they use. Now, let me give you a concrete example. To make $300 a month with a low-ticket affiliate program, you would have to sell a $50 product 100 times every single month. You’d have to sell $150 products every single month, and then you start from scratch the next month.

‘Cause it’s only one time, that’s it. You make a sale, you get paid one time and it’s done. Now with a high-ticket affiliate program, to make $300 a month, you would only need eight customers, count ’em, eight customers at $97 a month subscription to make $300 a month, actually a little bit more, it’s actually $3per month. But the key thing here is not really, is not even the amount or anything, it’s actually the fact that you don’t need to sell or start from zero every single month.

You can actually get those eight customers. If you can keep those eight customers over the course of a year, each one is gonna be worth $456, half of this right here. They’re gonna be worth $456 each. And over the course of a year, they’re gonna be worth, collectively, those eight customers, just eight, that’s eight sales, they’re gonna be worth of $3,724. So with that being said, on the flip side, with a low-ticket affiliate program, you would need to sell $5,000 worth of products at a 6% average commission to make $300. So you only get 6% of what you sell.

So you’d have to sell $5,000 worth of products. That doesn’t sound too easy to me. With that being said, with software, you only have to sell $776 worth of marketing software to make $310,40. So, you take your pick, what do you think is easier, selling $5,000 of products, or selling $776 worth of products? It’s a no-brainer. Now the next thing, example I wanna show you is, if you want to make $3,7with a low-ticket affiliate program, which is just eight customers with a high-ticket affiliate program, you’d have to sell $62,080 worth of products at that 6% commission rate. Again, I’m just taking an average commission rate. I’m just choosing 6% because it’s in the middle between one or 0% and 10%. It’s actually a little bit higher than the average. Now, you’d have to sell 103 $50 products every single month for 12 months. And that’s 1,241 customers or sales. Now that’s just to put things in perspective.

And that’s hoping that each product you sell is $50 at a 6% commission. Because if your product is actually a 4% commission, and the product only costs $10, you’d actually only be making $0.40, and you’d have to sell a lot more than 100 per month. So this is just to give you guys an example. What do you think is easier, selling over 100 products per month every single month and having to repeat that consistently, or selling eight times, getting eight customers, and just retaining those customers over the course of a year? Which again is not just your responsibility, it’s actually the company’s. It’s the software company’s responsibility to retain that customer and make sure that they’re well-fed, that they are enjoying the service, the software, that it’s working for their business, it’s more so on the company to make sure that the customers are happy. It’s not just your job. So, that basically is my biggest point of this whole video.

Aside from the actual steps of making sure you choose the right niche and product because again, it’s like choosing to be a professional NBA player versus maybe a professional lacrosse player. Now on top of that, low-ticket versus high-ticket, if you guys are looking at this chart right here, I mean eight customers and you can add close to $4,000 over the course of a year. And again, some customers might opt for the higher payment plan, for the higher service, which means, they’re gonna be worth more than $per month, they’re actually gonna be worth over $100 per month.

And that’s just from one customer. So I hope you guys can see the potential In this, and actually, that’s what I’m gonna be talking about in the live in the Facebook group this week is I’m going to be talking about how I took this software from zero to over $1,000 a month. Right now, we’re looking at ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard and you can see that I have 31 trials, there’s 14 people currently trialing and there’s 17 new trials. Now it says here that it’s $9potential monthly recurring revenue, but if you do the math, this is 31 customers, multiply it by $is actually over $1,200 per month. Now, it’s not set in stone, we don’t know how many people are gonna convert, and these numbers from my experience are just not accurate in terms of the stick rate and the churn. I think that this is still, they’re working on it, that’s why they say beta over here.

But if these 31 people were to become a customer, this is a potential $1,200 per month every single month. 31, if you were to replace this with 31 customers instead of eight, I think you guys can probably see the potential here and how much this is potentially worth. And I did this in one week. So I’m gonna be sharing that in the Facebook group also. I have a free ClickFunnels course, if you guys wanna learn more about this software, then again, I’ve been a customer for over a year. So, I’ve been using this, I’ve used it successfully, I’ve only started promoting it now as an experiment for my mentorship program and showing my students.

But I wanna share more about that with you guys, because I think this is a huge revelation is learning high-ticket versus low-ticket. Because low-ticket, you see how you have to work very hard every single month starting from zero just to make $300 a month, whereas if you just had eight customers, eight customers, eight sales, you can make $300 a month and it’s coming every single month. So you don’t start from zero, it’s actually just your baseline. And that’s granted if nobody cancels or refunds or leaves, but again, if you can get eight customers, chances are you can add another customer every single month. If you’re able to get eight, chances are you could get nine or 10 or 11 or 12. Sky’s the limit here. And that’s what’s exciting about all this. Alright, so that wraps up today’s video. If you guys enjoyed this, please leave a thumbs up and a comment below, it really means so much to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this. And if there’re some key takeaways to get from this video, make sure you choose the right niche and the right product that are profitable and help you to succeed.

Make sure that you are choosing high-ticket over low-ticket so that you can get more results for less effort, and last but not least, make sure you take action right after this video. Now, if you don’t know what action to take, I suggest you take my free passive income masterclass in the description below, you can sign up for free. Again, I’m going live this week in my brand new Facebook group to talk about how I took that affiliate product from zero to a potential $1,200 per month monthly recurring revenue.

And so I can’t wait to show you guys that. And I did that all in just seven days. So with all that being said, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you like videos like this, subscribe, hit the notification bell, ’cause if you don’t hit the notification bell, then you’re not really subsribed, are you? And with that being said, I will catch you guys in the next one. Make sure to check out my other passive income and affiliate marketing videos, I’ll put the playlist right here. You guys can check it out, I hope you guys have a great day and to stay successful, peace. .

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Turmeric Tea DIY Mix For Weight Loss-Get Flat Belly In 5 Days Without Diet/Exercise-Belly Fat Burner

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Hey guys I’m nisa homey and welcome back to my channel today i am sharing homemade turmeric tea mix to get flat belly in just five days if you had tried my turmeric tea recipe then you know it is really possible to lose belly fat in five days and also to lose three – four inches of your waist. After i shared turmeric tea recipe i got so many positive feedbacks through comments emails and personal messages and i thank you for letting me know that YOU benefited from including turmeric tea in your daily diet.These days I get asked for an easier version of this turmeric tea, well most of us are busy in the mornings and may not get time to make this tea every single morning.

So today i am sharing a DIY turmeric tea mix which you can store for long all you have to do in the morning is take the required amount of the mix and pour hot water over it and mix and then allow it to steep for about five to ten minutes. Yes it’s that simple and no you won’t find this recipe anywhere on the internet.

I developed this recipe mix with my observations trials and techniques and sharing it for the first time. Please check the description box for the ingredient list and for more information. To those who are new here please check my turmeric tea recipe so that you will also get to know the benefits of turmeric and how this tea will not only help you to lose weight but also will give you an overall health so without much adieu let’s get started. Please note that i live in kerala the land of spices and all the ingredients i am using are locally acquired try to get good quality turmeric powder the cinnamon I am using is also locally acquired these are the outer bark which has the most nutrients and essential oils i will definitely share another video with regard to the types of cinnamon and its benefits.

These cinnamons may not look pretty but these are the ones you should be using. Using good quality cinnamon is very important in this tea as cinnamon targets belly fat helps to keep you fuller and also curbs your sweet tooth. Now to make this mix first I am going to powder the cinnamon in a small chutney grinder and once it is powdered keep it aside now into a clean glass jar add in turmeric powder then add in the freshly ground cinnamon powder dry, ginger powder, and black pepper powder and once all the ingredients are in the jar, this is how it looks all the four ingredients nicely layered.

Now simply cover it tightly with the lid and shake the jar so that everything is mixed nicely and my easy homemade DIY turmeric tea mix is ready you can also stir it with a spoon if you prefer. Now let me show you how to make turmeric tea with this ready-made mix. Now into a glass add in one third to half teaspoon of ready-made DIY turmeric tea mix and pour hot boiling water over it give it a stir and allow it to steep for about five to seven minutes now remember to keep the ready-made mix sealed tightly and this will keep good for months you can carry this when you are traveling you can keep some mix in your office especially for night shift workers many of you asked me what to drink during night shift and this tea is excellent for people who are doing night shift for best results have this day on an empty stomach in the morning and have breakfast only after 30 to 40 minutes of having this tea do try this recipe and let me know how this turned out thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye

get flat belly in 5 days without diet or exercise with homemade turmeric tea mix, remedy for stomach bloating (thyroid), quick weight loss with turmeric tea.
#turmeric #nisahomey #skinnyrecipes
turmeric powder: 6 tbsp (six tablespoon)
cinnamon powder: 1 1/2 tbsp (one and a half tablespoon)
ginger powder: 1 -1 1/2 tbsp (one and a half tablespoon)
Pepper powder: 1 1/2 tsp (one and half teaspoon)
Turmeric Tea For Thyroid: https://goo.gl/7QtmMm
Into a cup/glass add 1/3 to 1/2 tsp of the mix and then add in 1 cup of boiling hot water. Mix well and allow it to steep for about 10 mins and then have it, but make sure you give it a stir once or twice before drinking. Little sediments will be left at the bottom.
Use a measuring spoon to measure the ingredients
have this drink on an empty stomach in the morning, for best results have one cup at bedtime.
have breakfast after 30-40 mins of this drink
you can continue this drink even after 5 days but as in every remedy it is advisable to take a break of 2-3 days
turmeric tea helps to reduce belly fat and weight loss
turmeric tea helps to reduce stomach bloating
if you are on thyroid pills then have this drink only after 1 hour of taking the pill
this mix can be stored for long period, try not to make in bulk.
use locally available ingredients for best results.
this tea is good for people who has respiratory issues like asthma and also a good immunity booster.
you can decrease pepper powder by half ie 3/4 tsp if you have acidity issues or can use 3/4 tsp cayenne pepper instead
Update: For those who has been taking this tea for over a month, can increase the amount of black pepper to up to 1 tbsp or even slightly higher about 1 1/2 tbsp. Pepper does cause acidity issues to some, so increase slowly.

How To Get Flat Belly In 5 Days (turmeric tea): https://youtu.be/cu-q6S27AHg

How To Lose Weight Fast – 5 KG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EHpTEIsqbU

Fast Diet Weightloss Smoothie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siGsvo6tzNw

Mango Lassi Overnight Oats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0FBN9uQ9e4

More info: http://www.nisahomey.com/2017/01/turmeric-tea-mix-recipe-for-weight-loss.html

Copyright (c): nisahomey.com, this recipe is developed and first published on Jan 6, 2017 by Nisa Homey

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT!!


Do not have this drink if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have any kidney disease or on a blood thinning medication.

Pregnant and lactating women should consult their health practitioner before trying out natural home remedies or any remedies in this channel.

This video is only intended for an informational purpose.Readers are subjected to use this information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this..

The content is offered on an informational basis only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustment to a medication or treatment you are currently using, and/or starting any new medication or treatment. All recommendations are “generally informational” and not specifically applicable to any individual’s medical problems, concerns and/or needs.


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他们制作定制的定制作品。如果您对某件珠宝有所了解并且您从未找到它,那么您想要与之交谈,请务必与Nick联系。这些是Proclamation Jewelry的成员,他们可以帮助您了解理想,完美,强大的男性化作品,并将其变为现实。所以去看看吧。好的。我们来看项链吧。现在,今天在这个视频中,我将谈谈五种风格。就像我说的那样,在文章中我将详细介绍材料和类似的东西。

但我想谈的第一种风格,可能不是风格,而是一些有点标志性的风格。 1.狗牌你能猜出几乎每个军人几乎都要穿的款式是什么?狗牌。狗牌实际上已经失效了,但是如果有人想要的话,我很乐意在评论狗牌的功能时听到你的声音,但基本上你得到两套,大多数人会把一对放在他们的靴子上,另一对在他们的脖子上,那是项链。

我们中的许多人,当你习惯它时会喜欢它的感觉,甚至当我们离开军队时,我们中的许多人仍继续佩戴它。我其实还有我的狗牌。我通常不会穿它们,但它只是提醒我的历史,我经历过的。关于我的一些事情 – 我保留它们,我通常不会佩戴它们,但大多数曾在军队的许多分支机构服役的人,我不知道在美国以外有多少其他分支使用它,但是你已经习惯了这个,你已经戴上了这条项链,这是一个功能。而已。如果你回去看看项链的历史,那就是它们表明你实际上已经有了手段。从某种意义上说,它们是财富的外在象征,在某种意义上说,它可以提供给女性看待的东西。人们过去常常是社会的孔雀。我们不得不发送这些外部消息,“嘿,我们是一个很好的提供者。”信不信由你,这确实让我们更具吸引力。在很多领域,你仍然可以在许多文化中看到这一点。


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现在,我们没有进入季后赛所以它没有完全发挥作用,但我确实记得它,我想它没有用,因为我在这里谈论它。那些是吊坠。拥有阳刚坠饰的东西是你不要过大。你不想进入古装珠宝。那么让我们谈谈最后一块 – 窒息者。 Chokers Chokers是项链。通常,它们可以更靠近颈部穿着。如果我现在穿着短项链,你就能看到它。


这是由一家伟大的公司Proclamation Jewelry再次为您带来的,他们帮助了所有这些。他们为您提供了所有这些重要信息,我强烈建议您检查一下。照顾自己。在下一个视频中见。再见。 。

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How to Tell a Story in Your Content Marketing

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Okay, so now that you know WHY your business needs a story, what do you need to tell a GREAT story? First, it’s all about how you frame the story that you are trying to tell. You need to keep audience and tone in mind, but to really help nail your branding story, you need to understand the golden circle. Yes, the golden circle. Sounds mysterious right? Simon SInek says, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Simon Sinek is an ex-advertising executive and author who is best known for his concept – Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle looks like this and is all about starting with WHY. According to Sinek, most people communicate by starting with the “what” they do aspect and eventually work their way back to talk about “how” and “why” they do what they do. But companies that are universally identified as unique and successful, think Apple or Google, communicate with an “inside-out” type of thinking. They start with the why and only then do they move on to talk about the how and what portions of what they do. To keep it simple – WHY is Why are you doing what you’re doing? HOW is How will this help your audience? And WHAT is What are you offering? So, why does the order in which you communicate the story matter? It has to do with the parts of the brain.

When you’re talking about what you do, you’re speaking to an analytical part of the brain. But when you talk about the why and how, you’re communicating with feelings and dealing with human behavior. And remember, storytelling is all about making that connection. When you’re planning a story, take time to think through the way you’re choosing to tell it. To really connect with your prospects and customers, express the why of your story. Tap into the emotional side of things and begin to educate or build awareness from there. The Golden Circle can help you create your mission statement and set the tone for all of your content. Now that you understand ordering of a story, it’s also important to discuss the elements that make up that story. Regardless of the story you’re trying to tell and how you’re trying to tell it, storytelling has three essential elements – characters, conflict, and resolution. But how do these three parts relate to storytelling and content marketing? Let’s start first with characters. With any good story, there will be characters. Every story revolves around at least one character.

You need to introduce the people involved. With content marketing, the people that are involved are your readers. Your audience. Storytelling can’t happen without valuing and understanding your audience. You should always be listening and respond to your audience’s wants and needs. If potential customers can get the answers to their questions AND see themselves as characters in your story, they’ll be more likely to use your product or service and experience the happy ending you offer. Take a second. Think about a piece of content (maybe a blog post) that you found helpful and really resonated with you. Are you thinking about it? Okay. Why is this piece of content so memorable? There may be a few reasons why, but some of the most memorable pieces of content (or stories) stick in an audience’s mind because of the characters involved. For the content that you were thinking of, were you the character in the story? Did it resonate with you because you felt like it answered a questioned? Helped solve a problem? The character is the connection between you, the storyteller, and your audience.

To make sure you’re focusing on the right characters, start with your buyer persona. This semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer can help guide you to understanding the goals and challenges that your character will face. Is your buyer persona a full-time parent? Well, you might know that time is not on their side and they would describe themselves as busy. You should keep that in mind for your storytelling. Or is your buyer persona a business owner who is looking for a better way to communicate between her team members? She’ll likely see herself as the character if a team is used within your stories.

Or maybe you’re an educational organization looking to attract students who want to take online courses. They might want to read about success stories of students that are just like them. No matter who your buyer persona is, the art of storytelling is making sure you empathize and relate to your audience. While keeping your buyer persona in mind, you should also determine the point of view that your story will have. Will it be first-person, second-person, or thirdperson? And there’s no right or wrong option. It will depend on your buyer persona, the story you’re trying to tell, and the format of that story. For first-person point of view, this is when the character is yourself. When you use “I saw this” or “I learned that”. Using this type of language in storytelling is more confessional. It can help you establish a personal connection with the reader. You can use this to build authority. Try using first-person when there is a known person, an author, behind the content.

This could work for a blog post, video, or even an ebook if the author is noted. As for second-person, the character in this point of view is your audience. “You will see” or “you will learn”. When using “you” language, you need to really understand your buyer personas. Make it personal for them by knowing their pain points. Their goals. Tell the story in a way that shows empathy. Lastly, can’t forget about third-person. This is the “he said” and “she said” type of language. Think back to that buyer persona example for an educational organization. That buyer persona could potentially benefit from a story done in the third-person. Case studies about your customers are a good example of using third-person.

Stories for this point of view can be both fictional or nonfictional. Again, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to point of view. Keep your buyer personas top of mind and think through what will work best for them. You may have noticed that all HubSpot Academy videos use second-person or “you” point of view. That’s on purpose. Since this is YOUR training and this content contains key takeaways you should learn and act upon, it’s important that these videos speak directly to the intended audience – and that’s YOU! Most importantly, when it comes to point of view, decide on one and keep it consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to content and storytelling. Once you have an idea of who the character will be for your story, it’s important to understand the conflict. The conflict is the lesson in how the character transforms through challenge. An emphasis on lesson. Remember, when it comes to content marketing and storytelling the power is in what you are teaching. Conflict helps build developmental and emotional dynamics. It helps make a connection between two entities, and human-to-human connections are the foundation for a successful business. Remember, you’re dealing with people, not machines-your company is providing answers, relieving stress, creating happiness, and making life easier for the end user.

The revenue your company makes comes from a well-thought business plan and customers who believe in you and what you do. If your story lacks conflict, then you’re probably not telling a story. Instead you’re telling a pitch, tagline, unique selling point, or a plain statement. This approach won’t resonate with your audience, and from a content marketing perspective, it won’t get you views, shares, conversions, or customers. Conflict doesn’t mean that you should be overly dramatic. Be genuine. The conflict should drive the overall story and affect how characters react. This is what should inspire your audience to engage. Make sure the conflict fits your prospect’s problems, needs, or stage of the buyer’s journey. If it doesn’t fit, why would they be interested in reading the story? How will they connect? As important as it is to understand your buyer personas, it’s equally as important to understand their buyer’s journey and the conflicts that they face at each stage. What problems are your buyer personas facing in the awareness stage? Those are the conflicts that should be in your story. Spend the time outlining the problems, solutions, and products or services for the different buyer’s journey stages and you’ll have a better idea of the conflicts you can use in your content.

Last element is resolution. Where there’s conflict, your audience will naturally want some sort of resolution. But what happens next? How does the story end? How did the character or characters change? It doesn’t always have to be a happy ending. Every good story has a closing, so the idea of the resolution is to provide context and emotion for the audience to relate and process the story. The resolution should wrap up the story but should also clearly call your audience to action. It fulfills the purpose behind the story. For content marketing, a resolution could be next steps or even a call-to-action for more content. Either way, don’t leave them hanging.

Character, conflict, and resolution. It’s not a complex process, here’s an example. Keeping it simple by using the nursery rhyme, I’m a little teapot. You know: I’m a little teapot short and stout here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up I just shout. Tip me over and pour me out. Now let’s break it down. Who’s the character? For this story, it’s all about the little teapot. Let’s get into the story… I’m a little teapot short and stout here is my handle, here is my spout. This is not a story. It doesn’t strike any emotion that will make you care. But when you introduce some drama about getting all steamed up, now you have a story making element. What’s going on with this teapot? How can you help? And how you tie everything together is where the resolution comes in, the teapot really just needs to be tipped over and poured out. That’s a story. It doesn’t have to be complex.

It’s actually better to keep it simple so that it resonates with your audience. Okay, great. You know how it works with a teapot, but how can this tie into content marketing? Let’s take this storytelling framework and apply it to a business. Let’s choose a market that’s saturated with competition, like shoes. TOMS is a slip on shoe company that focuses on spreading social good; with every product you purchase, TOMS will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

They’ve made this a part of their brand identity, by creating a slogan that reinforces who they are and what they’re about, “The One for One Company”. Now let’s break TOMS’ story down into three parts. Everyone needs shoes to protect their feet. But not everyone has the money to pay for shoes. While traveling in Argentina in 2006, TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie (the story’s character) witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. TOMS is striking an emotional chord with their audience by raising awareness for an issue that they’re passionate about.

The best part is how TOMS ties it all together with their resolution, if you buy a pair of their shoes, then they’ll donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Now that’s a powerful story. And while TOMS started off as a shoe retailer, they’ve created a much bigger, more emotional feel-good story that makes their customers feel like they’re changing the world, by simply purchasing a pair of shoes from them. And just how much success has this brought TOMS? Well, they’ve sold over 60 million pairs of shoes, which means they’ve also given over 60 million pairs of shoes to children in need. Beyond the three elements that make up the story, there are also some best practices to follow and keep in mind. To help make your story great and resonate with your audience you need to: Use content to create emotional appeal, be consistent and authentic, and keep the story clear and concise.

First, using content to create emotional appeal. Your story needs emotional resonance. Emotion is what will give your story power. Make sure to give your story’s character some emotion. Think about the emotional response that you’re looking to get from the reader. Is it fear, survival, guilt, energized, amusement, maybe even hope? To get buy-in from your audience you need to elicit emotion. What’s the difference between your story and someone else’s story? What’s the mission or purpose of your company? Why should your audience care? Next, your story needs to be consistent and authentic. It’s not just what you say through your website or content, but the entire experience that your company has to offer based on your buyer personas needs. David Ogilvy, one of the most well-known advertisers of all time, once said, “tell the truth, but make it fascinating.” You can make any industry, any product, or any service stand out and that’s done with providing an experience.

And lastly, you need keep things clear and concise. Everyone can benefit from cutting down a lengthy story. Ever had a friend tell you a story that took them 10 minutes to get through but probably could have taken them under a minute? Even long stories benefit when you whittle them down to just the most important parts. And be specific. You’re not trying to speak to everyone. Your story and experience should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Communicating with the correct audience niche, and creating that need is just as important, if not more important, than the story you’re telling. So remember, create emotional appeal, be consistent and authentic, and keep the story clear and concise. Before creating your story, plan out who the character is, the tone of voice you’ll be using, what is the conflict, and what is the resolution. And never forget great storytelling will start with WHY. .

Storytelling is the foundation of your content marketing. You’re watching a small part of the free Content Marketing Certification course: http://bit.ly/2PqMY1f

Everyone loves a great story. People want to feel connected to a group, to belong. Stories give you a reason to communicate and relate; stories are stimulating and give you something to believe in; stories make you feel better, smarter, safer, or even loved. Business storytelling is similar. It’s about creating alignment between your business and your prospects and customers. But telling your brand’s story is more than what you write on your website, your blog, or even social media. It’s your value and your mission, and how you communicate that consistently to your audience – wherever they are.

Watch the Greatest Strategy of All Time for Business Success | DailyVee 447

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How did it go oh I see it it’s bad all right next one from Binney yeah motherfuckers what’s up vlog it’s gonna be a wacky day here I don’t know how much shouldn’t be able to film not a whole lot just feels like it’s the story of Batman’s life alright let’s do a couple questions right here right now let me just give you guys a sense of what I’m doing to just to bring a little value like I’m just trying to really bring us more a little more value to the blog got a one-on-one meeting right now with somebody pretty important in business to can’t get anything here just you know classic our meeting where I’m there’s so much of what you know I know this for a long time ago somebody posted something about the blog and like you don’t do anything you know like what the fuck you just travel around and like have meetings and like fuck you when I was like I’m just laughing about this next meeting to me an hour meeting it’s gonna be a meeting it’s be a relationship building its power brokering it’s a you know just who do you think is smart who do you think is doing interesting things actually I think we were able to show a little bit of this meeting which is nice because now I gave her a huge DAP so just like who do you think smart who do you think’s doing interesting stuff and that is worth your hour because you might be able to provide that person value and then that’s in the ethos and Karma’s practical for me there’s no bigger strategy on earth then provide as much value as possible to everybody and then there’s an extra kicker if you can provide value to the 3 to 4 percent of the winners in society without any expectation because you understand if somebody’s a three to four percent winner in society their whole life as somebody who lives that life and like to think that he’s getting into that zone every single meeting is somebody asking you for something so the off-speed pitch the complete curveball if I could spend more time having meetings with people that are playing at the top three four percent of the world in their crafts and genres that I’m interested in and the entire meeting is me providing value for them well then I would be set for the next five decades in my career so that’s that it’s nice little rant on that and then I have a meeting at Apple Shh and then I have who go to vaynermedia LA meet with a bunch of one-on-ones and catch up with people and then I’ve got a meeting with Shh and then I’ve got a meeting with Shh one meeting is with some other taste makers and other ones with potential client none of it can be shown so let’s get into the QA all right first one from Linda dawn mm-hmm hey Linda when you know your day is going to be crazy how do you mentally prepare yourself for it every day of my life is crazy um I’m busy and if you mean crazy like look that’s not fair all my days are crazy by regular standards but above and beyond for me like everybody’s got their baseline you know just uh to me I I use perspective when I’ve got to do things that I’m not looking forward to like going to the dentist is for me like crazy you know you know things like that so just perspective you know like I could be terminally ill it’s kind of where I go somewhere people I care about could be terminally ill so just putting things in perspective like you know I also think that you’ve made your bed you’ve signed up for this like I hate when people do well or complain about shit when it’s the infrastructure they’ve created for themselves like you’ve picked that job you decided to start this startup you signed with that manager you decided to create this business you’ve decided to put yourself out there like I’m a big fan of I’ve signed up for it so I got to eat it that’s next one from Laura Alisa what are your thoughts on content marketing and also what marketing strategy for major businesses do you see in most successful considering the generation and current I’m just telling the person I’m 10 minutes late one more time named flora flora what are your thoughts on content marketing and basically what’s the best marketing strategy for major businesses to do into this generation I mean I think content market content is the variable of success so I think it’s oxygen I mean I don’t think if you’re not producing content you’re not relevant now content can be broken down a lot of ways a lot of people a lot of businesses back to your question are making content in the form of commercials and marketing I think that’s a bad idea for the most part I think there’s a new age of content that can be produced that is far more storytelling compelling don’t make a commercial make a movie trailer to sell your product that kind of thinking so I think every business needs to think more like a media company I hae a Volvo needs to think more like ESPN Conde Nast you know CBS News Steven Spielberg than they need to think about making a Volvo commercial right so I think that a what do I think about it I think it’s the cost of entry of success in today’s environment if you make it in the form of content and information entertainment not in the form of a commercial or a sales pitch that is the biggest differentiator and that’s how I think about it you should start a podcast for a million dollars instead of spending a million dollars in radio ads and that’s where big businesses are getting caught hi sorry thank you come on thank you oh listen you got you got my back here I’m happy to help all right nice to meet you man take care of it it was cool right so I found three that are kind of weird let’s do it cool house the first one for Christopher by the way blog I’m so pumped up about this like I literally think this can become the vlog like backseat answers alright go ahead Christopher um is there any strategy for farmers other than direct marketing meeting produce my family raises commodities like corn soy beans etc margins suck and it feels pointless or current ROI of such a huge investment love this nerdy question big shout out to all the farmers that have been such a foundation of this incredible country but the world evolves right and so farming wants the technology industry of our society no longer to your point brother what’s his name again Christopher Chris Christopher I get it and so here’s what I would say if I was the son of a farmer um was that mine was that my head Pete if I was in that game who’s that my head piece about yeah let’s leave this in the vlog I think it’s really funny anyway Oh bro if I was in that business I would start small and I would start a brand right like if you’re producing corn all right if you’re producing corn like four carrots or cabbage like start a very small direct-to-consumer brand in that space make the capital investment to those those kind of business models so yeah I think that there’s an incredible opportunity for you in starting a very small direct consumer brand call it Christopher’s corn like Bobbie Robbins beef jerky and away you go and so yeah I think that’s the strategy like started direct to consumer consumer packaged goods foods brands started very small make a thousand bucks the first year I don’t care eventually I may eventually you could become Jolly Green Giant if you do it right you’re making this stuff the margin is with the people that know how to market it and sell it figure out how to build those capabilities start small farm stands and Shopify in Amazon and take it from there how did it go oh I see it it’s bad all right next one from Binney yeah motherfuckers all right can you ask Gary any advice for me publicly door-to-door sales specifically I’m secure sorry first of all babban you were evolving into a great teammate these are great niche questions that don’t normally get answered and this is the this is the foundation of back seat answers with Gary any back seat answers BSA well you know I think that there’s a lot of thoughts I have one door-to-door sales men you know I think doing your homework is very important so for example if you know that you’re gonna be in Edison New Jersey and that’s where you sell I would go to Twitter and search Edison New Jersey and see what people are talking about you know if somebody if somebody says Sam darn ‘old yeah like I would have when I was in Edison New Jersey when you roll up and you make a darn old reference or you deliver a Sam d’Arnaud t-shirt or something that nature I think people could use Twitter search in the radius that they’re selling door-to-door some people may think it’s creepy but you start with like hey I’m a I’m an you know if you do to do hello hey I’m a New Wave door-to-door salesman I use Twitter to make it awesome I saw that you’re a Jets fan here’s a little Sam darn old t-shirt you know but now you’re home security sucks like that just wild that’s different you know now you may get the mom who answers the door and she doesn’t know what you’re talking about the Twitter thing but like look technology has allowed us to know more about the people we’re selling to I think one door-to-door sales even the people that win the most have humility you know I would if I was door-to-door sales today I would knock and I would say look I know you don’t want me here you’re busy very simply I think you’re overpaying for your home security like something that would be literally my pension so I think door to door does too much sizzle and not enough steak this is like hey you know I would go reverse brother I would go humility be like I know you don’t want me here you’re busy I appreciate you even opening the door you’re overpaying for your home security system fuck technology that just door-to-door sales my fucking concepts more humility less hyperbole last one this guy runs a snake breeding business if you ran that business how you are good I would make a ton of content if your snake breeding you fuckin won in today’s world like visual content for days like just incredible I would also run heavy heavy ads on YouTube pre-roll based on google searching so people searching snakes snake breathing then they go watch a Gary Vee video but the first three seconds is a snake breeding video and you’re into that pre-roll YouTube based on search query capabilities on YouTube is one of the incredible ad products in the world and how they recommend that you do that if you’re a snake breeder if I bought the company tomorrow and have the bucket of money for two videos one anthem video the way you wanted it one the way I wanted it a one-week or wherever else and social media ads to drive business and and the pairs that we’ve allocated to the influencers if they all started at the starting point that we are at now I would probably take 50 cents on a dollar from all the other buckets and put it into giving out Morse to post on Instagram because I genuinely believe that would sell the most amount and build the most amount of brand give me the the actual number I will personally Wednesday night with with my team put all these ideas over a four hour period line by line for two pop-ups when he comes through like literally lying for line like you know for podcast integration because I’ll hit up like I will literally line by line breakdown the most comprehensive Culture Media plan you’ve ever seen I just want to make sure that I have every dollar and that when I give it to you those were the dollars and then all you’ll have to do is say yes or no and then we can fucking roll yep yep how are you good hey oh hey what’s up Judy well I’m gonna start because I don’t want to hold up too much time so thanks for getting together hello I have a couple announcements that I want to walk through and then let me just hang for ten minutes and maybe ask any answer any questions anybody may have on any of the things going on so we have some pretty exciting announcements

Producing good content on a consistent basis is the best marketing strategy for businesses in this generation. Content marketing is smart because content is the currency of the internet – if you’re not putting out content, you’re not relevant. By the way, I’d love to hear from you guys on what you think about this Q&A format living in DailyVee. Please let me know!!!

Quick shoutout to two influencers, Leenda Dee & Laura Elisa, for two of the questions featured in this video 😉
Leenda – https://www.instagram.com/leendadavenue/
Laura – https://www.instagram.com/lauraelisa/

Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the daily videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say ‘Hey’ ;).

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How to Crush Making Content for Instagram and LinkedIn | Meeting in Los Angeles, 2018

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Micro fucking content written know your audiences you got your prospectus TV shows killing it the thing on the entrepreneur OTT yeah more important what’s the what’s the two hundred thousand let me see a real I mean it’s super fun for me to look at this because it’s so like the model yeah like it feels so first and foremost you’re not putting up enough content like like yeah I don’t know it’s I don’t like first and foremost this is one day ago the next piece is four days ago in three days without posting like I’m posting for actually I’m a little down and I’m upset about and we’re like truck like we’re like like eight step for the last 45 days I’ve gone away from my four times a day five times a day to two or three a day you’re posting once every three days in that example I think you aren’t posting it up let me tell you something that’s super important that we’ve come to realize the micro contents more important in the macro content you’re producing are you producing a blog right don’t put the vlog on the pedestal put the pieces of content from the daily vlog on the pedestal it’s a reverse right 100% the five or six magic moments all you know right now we’re like in this really realizing it’s sage so we’re having a lot of fun because we keep looking at each other because every time we have a moment which used to be a good scene from the blog we know is going to be a separate video I mean I had a I had a video from me and yg the rapper that got million views on on Instagram that like the blog got 29 thousand views for the whole episode so so if you want I G I mean it’s a couple things couple of things to talk about first I think everyone’s getting sucked into IG period meaning it’s so cool it’s showed the platform but like look not everybody’s gonna over index on IG like IG is you know for example I would like to see you put out four pieces of content a day on LinkedIn you will impact your business way more if you do that for what I’m seeing first and foremost it’s a volume game number two I think you um I think you are mailing in the copy too much so I think one of the miss in the market right now is people are mailing and copy because it’s also visual you’d be blown away how much I believe real good cop I mean like be you heart I like that actually because sometimes it’s good to just be like but you’re kind of doing that in the content this is where you can really pontificate like I think one of the reasons why IG does so well is I you know maybe people can tell because I have no grammar skills like I write my copy and as you can see like I kind of go at my best I go there I go there I like write shit I think it matters what’s that would make sense content more contact it’s not enough volume first is like you know you’re like how do I shoot more deer it’d be nice if you shot 88 times a day not for let’s start there comma okay now you’re talking about strategy should I go to fucking tree you know volume volume volume collaboration collaboration collaboration the way to grow an IG is get to other people to co-sign you make content that brings people value other people you’ve got access right I would have a strategy on the team of athletes or business people that have big followings figure out how to get in front of that I know it is but but I would argue that I’m not so sold that IG is the best because the reality is like not and I mean this like there’s a level of like clincher in IG that is going to feel forced if you go too hard at it I’m not lucky like I don’t know what else to say I got lucky that I grew up in Edison New Jersey that I went to an all black college like I I got lucky that there was some hidden cool in me that feels authentic now that this is here I’ll be really honest if I was your business bar me like fuck that podcast IG excuse me podcasting LinkedIn podcast LinkedIn the other question is what do you want to happen I actually want global awareness and admiration and fame admiration so I geez super important to me you know I want to sign athlete like it’s really good that all these 5-star recruits all follow me now that by the time we get our bait you know when I was talking about patience because I know right now I have every 18 year old that’s a five-star recruit who’s going to come out in 24 36 months and we’ll be ready for that you know so but what the fuck are you doing right so like if you’re and like you know there’s your noble goal and then there’s your financial goal and everything has to map to that right I’m by the way a lot of my friends and I actually believe in this a lot if your financial goal enables you to use your noble goal to be just writing checks to charity then go over I’m thrilled being a businessman I don’t bring awareness to my nonprofit I do that quietly um I think the best thing I can do the world is fucking rewire everybody’s head that’s what I’m doing well I’m like I’m attacking depression and like I’m doing real shit without it being so obvious it’s getting more obvious unfortunately which which I’m not kidding makes it harder to do anyway volume is number one to many of you without knowing or in the bigger piece of content business not in the micro business d-roc used to want to make movies win Academy Awards now he’s more excited about making one Instagram chopped up video I could see I know him I know him if he makes a video that gets 17 million views on Instagram in the next four months he’s gonna be on a high for a month about it because the most we’ve ever gone there too I think right so written word written words yeah man you got you’re gonna have to go through your own process of creative ego to practicality of the world we now live in you you’re gonna be by the way you’re gonna be forced into figuring it out because it’s gonna be bad game yeah that’s the part you were forced into it now you’ve learned to love it what race is still like the longest I think you should be in the mid copy transcribing that interview with the vibe I don’t know yes yes yes yes yes that’s the one and I get it and it’s still honestly that’s the number one question people should be asking for the number one question people should be asking me is what is why and what is working for me because that’s that’s it film everything and make 81 pieces of content from it in a day and don’t do a fucking vlog I would literally not do a blog over the article on LinkedIn I mean go answer questions on Quora with your content yeah there’s so much you’ve been doing you should put this video up as much as I should because then you can leverage me you couldn’t run it against garyvee fans on Facebook yes but you don’t either protect this you mean the fans themselves they’re protective because if you try to do it just to get them to be on you they’ll fucking kill you because I made them so authentic but if you actually try to bring value and if you go in humility and be like just like all of you I love you you’re always very you’re very smart so it’s gonna be easy for you be like I also view Gary as a mentor that comes with humility they’ll fucking love you if you’re like trying to come in there like a lot of other people and trying to take their money cuz I’m giving free fucking okay so you know what I mean that’s why

If your social media strategy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn is focusing on macro/pillar content like a vlog, you’re making a huge mistake. The micro content (small highlight clips) that is created from the pillar content is so much more impactful on social.

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