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It’s absolutely amazing and when you Scrolls well the menu comes with it absolutely Incredible and get features about bookmarklet a full page script without having to do it individually, so yes If you enjoyed this make sure to leave a like help each other out comment down below in description Share this video and share RoyalURLs around to your friends and family, and yes, hope you enjoyed I’ll see you in the next video adios .

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How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer!

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How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer! hello I’d like to introduce you to my friend Benjamin and his friend Benjamin and his friend Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin and Benjamin this is what’s called ten racks as they say in the hood that’s $10,000 right here and this is the amount of money I make every single day online now how to make money online it’s a huge question it’s a huge question it’s the goal of like everybody on the planet how can you use a computer to make money how can you use a computer to make money because if you can make money on the internet you can live anywhere you want to be you can do anything you want to do you can work any time you want to work with your time now every day I wake up and I have a choice to make I have a lot of choices I can do anything I want with my time because my business is completely automated my business allows me to make ten thousand dollars every single day and I’m actually gonna show you in this training that I’m holding this week exactly how you can build your own online business how you can actually copy and paste a business with that that’s already proven like a franchise owner don’t be an entrepreneur do not be an entrepreneur be a franchisee over you can model something that’s already proven and you can use it to make lots of money online here let me show you let me show you so so here come over here so this this is my computer over here and this here let me show you this is the amount of money I make this is one of my accounts and this is the amount of money I make every single day three thousand four hundred and seventy-three dollars I’ve made just so far today that’s just so far today here come here come here six thousand two hundred and fifty two dollars here’s here’s what I’ve made so far this month okay here’s what I’ve made so far this month current sales that’s two hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars it’s about ten thousand dollars every single day look at what I made last month last month three hundred three hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars five hundred and seventy nine dollars and 49 cents now on this free training that I’m gonna give you show you I’m gonna be showing I’m actually gonna be giving this away all this money here I’m actually gonna be giving it away to you to those of you that are on this training and who are engaged I’m going to be giving this away because I want people to understand what it is like that this is possible but what you have to do what you have to do here come back here come back here is you have to understand how the system works you have to understand we’ve been taught we’ve been taught to use our hands we’ve been taught to work for companies we’ve been taught to work for hourly wages or monthly salaries like chattel slaves we’ve been conditioned through the education system don’t ask questions stay a role wait your turn they’ve conditioned us through a governmental II controlled education system to stick in our place and work a job which will never afford us the ability to make serious money and live a life of freedom the computer democratizes everything this is your chance to make money and make it make a lot of it this is your chance to make serious cash now if you sign up for this training you sign up for this training I will be giving away I’ll be explaining to you how I’m giving away this money and I will be showing you how you can get it okay I’m also gonna be showing you how you can make this sort of money every single day without having a prior existing audience without having to invest lots of your own money without having to spend a lot of your time without having to buy products and start an e-commerce or an Amazon FBA or drop shipping or Shopify business without having to do sales calls every day and without having to without without having to deal with all of the houses just using a computer to earn you money that’s all you need all you need is a laptop or desktop computer to earn you money and that’s what I’m going to show you in this training so sign up there should be a link somewhere around this video and I’m gonna show you how to make the Benjamins how to make friends with some of these guys make time for money I’m gonna show you the way and it’s really exciting on the other side so let’s get let’s get it I’ll see you on the training How To Make SERIOUS Money Online: Free Training Reveals How I Make Over $10k Per Day On My Computer!

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How To Earn A 6-Figure Income Making Money Online At Home Using Your Computer

Super Affiliate System – Become A Top Affiliate Marketer With SUPER Affiliate John Crestani.

Have you ever wanted to start earning a full-time income online? Don’t know where to start?

There are so many ways to make money on the internet that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which path to take.

From SEO to CPA marketing and everything in between, it is truly an open market. So how do you decide where to begin?

Whatever you choose, you will have to learn about that type of marketing in order to become good at it.

You can’t just decide today that you want to be an affiliate marketer, make money online and expect to be earning a decent income tomorrow. You have to learn your craft.

Super Affiliate System provides an easy ­to ­follow course helping people become successful paid traffic affiliate marketers in 12 weeks, as well as providing them with templates of audiences, ads, and landing pages to use in their promotions.

The program takes students through 12 weeks, and over 50 hours worth, of videos explaining the affiliate marketing process, from start to finish.

The first few weeks of the course involve basics, such as giving students a complete understanding of the business model, the mentality required, how to set up tracking software and domains, and how to create landing pages for the offers they want to promote.

The next few weeks of the course go over how to use the major traffic sources, Adwords, Facebook, and native advertising.

As affiliate himself, John has had and will show, profitable affiliate campaigns he’s launched on all these traffic sources.

The last few weeks of the course go over optimization, scaling affiliate campaigns to then tens of thousands per day, and ways to outsource/hire labor.

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Super Affiliate System Features Overview:
What will you learn over the 12-week Super Affiliate course?

Below are the components of the included in the Super Affiliate System:

The 12 Week Super Affiliate System training program, including 12 modules.
12 Live Q&A calls with the Super Affiliate System team
Slack mastermind group
SuperAffiliateSystem members forum
Custom audiences email lists of buyers to use in Facebook advertising
Ad swipe file and landing page templates for all major Nutra niches
Over­the­shoulder video walkthroughs of live campaigns
These can be boiled down to 4 Core Features, which include:

-“Done For You” Ad Campaigns

About John Crestani:

Whether you’ve heard of him or not, he’s a GIANT in the affiliate marketing industry, he’s generated over $2 million in affiliate commissions using Facebook ads alone.

He may be pretty underground and low-key but John is no doubt an experienced super affiliate and he knows how to make money online.

The best thing about John is that he’s straight down-to-business. Transparent and straightforward.

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Super Affiliate System – Become A Top Affiliate Marketer With SUPER Affiliate John Crestani.

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FREE WEALTH TRAINING: How To Earn A 6-Figure Income Making Money Online At Home Using Your Computer

10 AMAZING PRINCESS Dress CAKES 👑 Compilation!

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dark meat is the best ice with white icing smooth icing out with a piece of kitchen towel roll fondant out cut fondant to shape shown place fondant on cake place other pieces of fondant on cut hole in top of cake make face out of peach coloured fondant paint fondant as shown cut out pieces of black and white fondant use red fondant too! shape red fondant into bow your Cruella Di Vil cake is finished! .

10 Princess CAKES iced 10 ways in under 10 minutes!
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Amazing Princess Dress cakes compilation! New videos every week, don’t forget to subscribe!


Music Credits:
Nicolai Heidlas Music – Drive
‘DRIVE’ – Fresh Upbeat Pop Background Music
Nicolai Heidlas Music – Sunny Afternoon
Sunny Afternoon – Upbeat Ukulele Background Music
Nicolai Heidlas Music – Paint It
[142 BPM ‘PAINT IT!’ – Free Upbeat Pop Background
Nicolai Heidlas Music – Morning Sun
Morning Sun – Free Happy Background Music
Nicolai Heidlas Music – Pacific Sun
‘PACIFIC SUN’ – Free Happy Ukulele Background Music
by Nicolai Heidlas Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Ro: Hey guys, its Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!

Today I have a special guest, Ro: this is my sister Mo. Mo: Hello! Ro: we got so many more request to do something frozen related Ro: specifically Elsa and Anna, so today Ro: Mo and I are gonna be making… da da Ro: princess Elsa. Mo: And Anna.

Ro: princess cakes Ro: Oh, put her little hand up, let’s do a high five. Ro: Oh yeah! Let’s get started!

Ro: To make this princess cake, the first thing that you’re gonna need are three Ro: different types of cakes. Mo: The first one is gonna be in an 8 inch round pan that’s one inch high, Mo: so it’ll look like this.

Then you’ll also an eight inch pan Mo: two inches high, so it’ll be a little bit taller and we’ve leveled them off Mo: so they’re easy to stack up. Ro: Mmhmm! And the third cake you’re gonna need Ro: is gonna be a round dome shape cake. We made this by putting our batter into a bowl Ro: and then look at that when you pop it out, boom! Ro: A little dome. And just remember when you’re baking your bowl cake to reduce your Ro: heat in the oven by just a little bit, Ro: and cook it for a little bit longer so that your cake doesn’t burn. Ro: Alright, let’s stack this cake together! Mo: Alright everybody, we’re gonna start with our two inch cake and we’re gonna put it Mo: on these spinners so that it’s easy to frost later.

We’re gonna take a small, round Mo: cookie-cutter put it in the middle, and then cut down, Mo: to hollow out the middle section. Ro: Perfect. Ro: pull that puppy out! Both: Ta-da! Mo: Oh my god, that looks Mo: delicious. Ro: As you can see we are making two princess cakes but you can just do this to one. Ro: Now you’re going to take your frosting. I’ve got a light blue frosting Ro: and Mo’s got a dark blue and you’re just gonna put a little frosting Ro: in between the cake layers like this. “wheeeeooooooo” Ro: then you’re going to take a spoon or spatula Ro: and just move it around Both: do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, da-la, do-do-doo-doo, do-do-dee-dee-do-do-dee-dee Ro: Now you’re going to take your 8 one inch round and place it right on top.

We’ve already cut holes in Ro: the middle. Over dere? Mo: Hello! Ro: Herro! Ro: Press them down, and it’s okay if it’s a little messy on the outside because we’ll fix it later. Ro: And then you’re gonna frost again on the top and then we’re gonna put on our domes. Ro: now we’re going to take your dome cakes and we’ve also cut a hole on the top of these Ro: And we pushed it all the way through. Mo: Oops! Both: hahahaha Mo: I’m dropping crumbs! Ro: You’re going to line it up and put it right on the top, perfect! Ro: Now that we’ve got our cake layers stacked we’ve, got the princess dress Ro: all ready, we’re gonna make our crumb coat, which is just the first layer of Ro: frosting, and they call it crumb coat because it has little crumbs in it. And that’s OK! Ro: Because it’s the first layer, you don’t see it. Ro: So, take your frosting and this is where the spinner Ro: really comes in handy.

So, you’re just gonna lightly press Ro: a little bit of frosting out. Weee do do, all the way around, just spin your around Ro: and work it down the cake. Ro: Now you’re going to take your must-patchula, and you’re just going to slowly and gently Ro: spread it all the way around. Mo: And once you’re done frosting, you’re just gonna take your cake and place it in the freezer Mo: for about ten-minutes you and and it will help the frosting harden to help us Mo: When we sculpt and decorate the dresses. Ro: Now you’re going to take your dolls Ro: and, if you don’t have the Anna and Elsa dolls, that’s okay you can just get Ro: Barbies that have similar hair colors. One that has blonde hair and one that has Ro: kind of a red-brownish color Ro: And now we are going to de-robe them. Mo: Take her boots off, kick-back Ro: I feel so, like, creepy. I’m like, taking off her skirt, OK. Mo: You’re going to want to put the arms up to make sure that they don’t stick down in the cake and Mo: Ruin any of the frosting.

Ro: Put your arms up oh ah-oh oh. Mo: Put your hands up, playin’ my song Both: Butterflies fly away! Ro: Alright now we’re going to just stick them in, right down the middle. Ro: Weeeeeoooop Mo: Now that we have our beautiful sister princesses in their gorgeous gowns, Mo: it’s time to start decorating them. And I’m gonna start with some Mo: purple dyed frosting. Ro: Mmhmm! Mo: And Rosanna has some teal. Ro: Yeah, I got some light teal, and we’re just going to decorate the dresses to look like Ro: Anna and Elsa from the movie.

But, were going to get a little creative with it. You can decorate it Ro: how ever you’d like. I’m gonna do snowflakes and sparkles. Ro: And for Anna we’re gonna do little flowers Mo: Yeah I’m gonna do some flowers and um, foofy things on her dress. Ro: Yeah let’s get foofy with it! First thing I’m gonna do is I’ve got a tip, it’s number fotry eight Ro: and its kind of this long tip and you’ll see what kind of shape Ro: it makes. But I’m just gonna fill in, right here Ro: where she meets the cake. Ro: Kind of making a top of the dress, like this. Ro: I’m just going all the way around. Mo: I’m gonna start by making little balls that go Mo: around her dress to top off it. Ro: I’m gonna hold her hair, to keep it out of the way. Mo: Thanks sister! Now I’m gonna finish up by doing the same thing Mo: at the bottom of her skirt, for the outline. Ro: Now we’re gonna decorate, I’m gonna add Ro: some little bling and sprinkles for our ice princess over here.

And then Mo. Mo: I’m gonna start using the pink and decorating her dress a little bit more. Mo: It’s my favorite color so I think I’ll start doing the flowers and maybe, uh, Mo: I could put some pink over here? Ro: NO! She’s ice princess! Mo: Ok, you’re missing out, pinks the best Ro: Molly, let it go, let it go-oo! I’m just playin! Both: Ta-Da!!! Ro: Here are our Princess Elsa and Anna cakes! I Hope you guys liked em, Ro: If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies, Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Ro: Also, a big thank you to my sister Mo, for being here. Sister, you did a good job! Mo: It was so much fun. Ro: High five! You can follow my sister on her Twitter or new Instagram.

Ro: I’ll put the links down below. Please send her funny photos because she’s new to the internet! Ro: So mess with her! I’ll be posting pictures of our creations Ro: on my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and all of that. Ro: And if you create any of these, please send us some pictures because we Ro: love to see baking creations. Ro: We get a kick out of it! Did you like that? Mo: High kick! Oooohhhhhh!! Ro: hahahahaha Mo: Did you guys hear that? Ro: Was that your hip? Mo: Yeah! Ro: Was it like popping? Two thumbs up and a foot! Both: hahahahaha Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye! Ro: A diguhdigadiguhdiga Ro: hahahaha ow! Ro: And now we’re just gonna dector….

decorate Ro: The Dresses? Hahaha I just picked my nose! Ro: ONE, TWO, THREE!! Mo: God dang it! Mo: Pumpernickel! Ro: Go! Go Mo: Now that we have our gorgeous… Ro: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ro: Wait, giiiirl get right! OK. Mo: OK Mo: Ahem! Ro: OK… Boom .

Today I made Disney princess cakes with my sister! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let me know what kind of treat you would like me to make next.


10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online – How To Make Money Online

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Hello everyone, my name is John Smith. and welcome to the “Work From Home Jobs” channel your number 1 YouTube Channel to learn about work from home jobs affiliate marketing, how to make money online how to make money from home, passive income, and more! Be sure to click the link in the description below, for my number one “work from home job” and “making money online” recommendation By clicking the link, you will learn how to make a lot of money from home and GET PAID DAILY! Enjoy the video and subscribe to our channel. .

My #1 “Work From Home Job” and Making Money Online Recommendation


Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance
in favor of fair use.

This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and decide to make a product purchase, a small commission will be paid to us. This helps support our channel and allows us to continue to make awesome videos for you guys.

Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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List of 100+ Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – (Legit & Researched!)

The Ultimate BIG LIST of Work from Home Jobs

4 Steps: Make Money Online Selling Simple Household Items

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– Okay, how do I make money online. People always ask me how I make money, and I thought I’d just show you some actual screenshots on my phone. On different products, different businesses I have. Plus I’m down here at the beach house, in San Diego, I thought I’d give you behind the scenes tour of my life. Like I said, I’ve never really shown this, but here’s today, one of my companies here 17 thousand 384 dollars today alone, make 715 thousand in the last month. Selling simple household items. You know I like books, that’s how much I sold in books. And I got another company, you know I like glasses. So we sell glasses, sleep glasses, I’ll show you a little, screenshot of that one.

This is a Shopify, this month it’s sold 17 thousand, today it’s done 13 hundred bucks. There’s an airplane coming in, let me give you a tour. And I’m going to share with you four simple steps. That you can get started making money online today. Now you’re not gonna start out making 700 thousand dollars a month like I’m doing. It took me a while to build up. But I’m telling you it’s easier to start now, than it’s ever been. Cause when I got started, you didn’t have Shopify, Amazon wasn’t easy to sell on, you didn’t have Stripe to collect credit card number, you know to collect, and process payment. So, if man, if you’re not in this game, I’m gonna put a button below, you see over there you see right there, I’m gonna be doing a little short talk, on my website, you click this, go over to my site, and it’s absolutely free, you don’t have to put a credit card in. I’m gonna show you the four ways to get started. If you want, within 24 hours, making money online. Now like I said, it’s not a get rich quick scheme but trust me, there’s simple household items around your house, 700 thousand dollars in the last month I’ve sold of books and book related things, you know educational stuff.

More, this is just one business, you could sell candle, I know people selling candles, making 100 grand. I know a guy selling candles, I think you’re gonna make a couple million bucks. Everywhere you look, so step number one to making money online, find a household item that’s interesting to you. My mom’s visiting, say hello. You know, you could sell tortillas.

You could sell food, you could sell dishes, pots, pans. That’s step number one, find a simple household item, that’s related to what you do on a day to day basis. Like I said I sold, what did I sell in glasses, 13 hundred today. And then, this is just not showing Amazon. Amazon did about three or four thousand today. So about five thousand dollars a day. And I also do stuff related to sleeping well cause everybody’s got a bed and gotta sleep.

So, here’s some cars, I bring these down from L.A. Where I, my main place is. This is a Rolls Royce Dawn, convertible, got the top up. This is a convertible, Aventador. So, I’ll show you out here, one thing cool about this house you could throw a huge parties, cause you gotta front yard, and then there’s two floors I’ll show you. So step number two, so step number one, find a simple household item, that you use everyday that interests you, could be really simple, go simple.

Step number two, decide if you wanna sell using a website that you can build on Shopify, ClickFunnels or you can just use Amazon. You need to decide, between those three. There’s the upstairs, there’s two bedrooms up there. This place has five bedrooms, and six bath. Step number three, okay, you gotta connect them and you gotta get a way to collect money. So you can either use, Stripe, Braintree or if you sell on Amazon, they have built in, you can process through them, I don’t recommend PayPal as your only source, sometimes, depends. Step number four, let me show you downstairs, by the way, click the button below, go watch the full presentation, I’m just giving you a quick tour, you need the full presentation it’s absolutely free, it’s on my website. The button’s either here or here. Click it, go watch, I’m gonna do an in depth talk on this.

Got my books, like I said, these books, selling, making 700 thousand a month, thank you books. Simple household items, you could make money selling art pieces, this, tables, chairs. You didn’t realize your whole life full of money making opportunities, if you know how to sell online. So step number four, after you, this is a crazy looking bathroom in here, I don’t know why they made it so gold, but, gold finger bathroom. Step number four, once you got those, is you need to white label the products. So you don’t wanna have to create, like if you wanna sell glasses or if you wanna sell cosmetics or if you wanna sell tables, you don’t wanna actually manufacture them, at least not to start. So there’s a simple way that you can use what’s called white labeling, or drop shipping. To take products that people have, and put your own label and brand on it. With that said you can be up and going with those four steps, literally, if you start early enough today, you can do it today, be up and running.

Now like I said, you gotta get sales. But that comes, if you know how to do it. Amazon, literally, has I forget how many sales a day 80 million sales a day, different items sold. So if you do well in the Amazon ecosystem, people will find you, especially if you know how to rank there, it’s the master bedroom. Guys know I like shoes, can make money shoes, you can be an affiliate. But I’m, specifically, I wanna tell you, these are some new ones I got, 13 retros. Specifically wanna show you, how to make money online in a simple, realistic, way. Like I said, you know for some of you, you might be intimidated by trying to make, you know, 715 thousand dollars a day, by the way, we’ve been making money, while we were on this walk, while we’re on this walk made a couple hundred bucks in the last couple minutes, that’s the beauty, by the way, of selling online. I call it robotic income, like robot never gets tired it just does the work, if you build a website correctly, using Shopify, or ClickFunnels or Amazon. They never get tired, those servers run as long as there’s electricity they’re running.

And one of the cool things, if you wanna make 100 grand a year, a lot of people think it’s hard to make a 100 grand a year. It is if you have a nine to five job, cause you’re only working eight hours a day. But a robot never gets tired, robotic income, there’s no end, it can run 24 hours a day. Did you know, to make 100 thousand dollars a year, pull out a calculator, and do the math, let me show you. 100 thousand dollars a year, kay, right there, divided by 365 days, cause a robot, a website can work nonstop, is $273 a day right. 100 divided by 365 days, then how many days are there, I mean hours in a day, you only gotta make 11 dollars and 41 cents an hour, 11 dollars 41 cents an hour, you’re making 100 thousand dollars a year, 200 thousand, 23 dollars an hour, 22 dollars an hour. So click the link below, I’ma show you in depth how to do this, let’s get you started. Hopes and dreams are killed by procrastination. Don’t procrastinate, I showed you real screenshots, these are not made up.


People are always asking me how I make money online.

THIS video reveals my process, in 4 steps:

One of my streams of income comes from selling household items.

I went with simple things (like books and glasses) and I suggest you do too.

If you try to sell anything too weird, you might make money… but you’ll have a hard time scaling.

Once you’ve picked your item, you’ll need a website.

The variety of tools available today makes building an online store easier than ever.

Amazon, Clickfunnels, or Shopify will literally help you get started within 1 day.

Once your site is running you’ll need a way to process payments.

Setting up a merchant account used to be a hassle.

But nowadays, services like Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe help you accept credit cards online easily.

Finally, you need to white-label or dropship your products and build your brand.

Once you get these 4 steps completed, you’ll have an automated source of income that NEVER takes breaks.

It’ll work for you 24/7.

For an in-depth explanation about this process, click the link below:

📚 Tai’s Recommended Book List:

★ SNAP →



Musical Fiction | Rudy Mancuso

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Alright, let’s try it. There was a lonely guy named Robert, who was feeling kind of down, so he got himself a coffee- He’s depressed, he wouldn’t drink coffee. There was a lonely guy named Robert, who was feeling kind of down, so he got himself a beer- Sound, drown, clown So he got himself a beer and he saw a weird clown- Nah, that’s weird. So he got himself a coffee, and then he started to drown. So he got himself a beer and he made a weird sound. So he got himself a beer and then he was wearing a gown.

So he got himself a beer then he had a nervous breakdown Oh! I got it 😉 Was a lonely guy who was feeling kinda down so he got himself a beer and he sat there with a frown His girfriend just broke up with him that day so things were not okay… So he got himself an uber- Alright Robert’s broke. So he got himself a lift without any hesitation Driver said “Where are you going?” I don’t have a destination. He said “That’s pretty weird why would you order a car if you don’t know where you’re gonna go?” Are you stupid or something? What the f*** is wrong with you? That’s way too aggressive.

Driver said, “Where are you going?” I don’t have a destination He said “I know a nice bar that has great booze” I don’t know what rhymes with booze. What rhymes with booze… He said “I know a nice bar that has great booze “I’m a big fan of Tom Cruise!” So he got himself a lift without any hesitation Driver said “Where are you going?” I don’t have a destination He said, “I know a nice bar that has great booze.” Well I have nothing to lose. So he got out of the car and made his way inside the bar, the driver out the window yelled “Please give me 5 stars!” He then sat down to get a drink from the bartender by the sink.

That’s when he saw the very thing that changed his whole reality! And Oh! It was the prettiest face in the world. She was unlike any other girl! She smiled at him, her teeth as white as pearls! Oh yeah! Like any other girl! So he got up from his seat, cause his heart had skipped a beat. It was time to change his day. He knew just the thing to say. He said, “Hey.” She said, “Hey.” He said, “Hey” He said, “Sorry to interrupt.” Robert walked back to his seat, as he accepted his defeat. Then he finished up his beer, as he lost all of his cheer . Then he felt a hand upon his shoulder. As the air grew even colder, she said before he drank another “Sorry about what happened with my brother.” “I thought that was your man.” It’s just my brother, Dan.

Hey Dan. Hey man. So he got right up off of his chair and ran his fingers through her hair and- (Ding! A notification!) Mary: I think we should break up. There was a lonely guy named Robert, who was feeling kind of down, so he got himself a beer and he sat there with a frown. His girlfriend just broke up with him that day, but things will be okay. Hello, make sure you click here to watch full episodes of Best Cover Ever. Which I’m also in and make sure to subscribe to Best Cover Ever’s channel only on Youtube (MWUAH) .



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How To Make Money Fast! 20 Ideas For Quick Cash! || SugarMamma.TV || Canna Campbell

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Hi guys, so this morning, I had the absolute honor of being on channel nine’s the today show where I got to share my quick cash making, money-making tricks to help you come up with money for the silly season. Christmas is only or less than eight weeks away and whilst the beginning of the year we have the best intentions for planning and preparing for this expensive time of the year, often it catches us by surprise when we see Christmas decorations in the department store, which is what I noticed the other day. Anyway, I’m going to link in the description box below the clip from this morning but on top of that, I’ve also made a few a video with my top 20 ideas to help you come up with cash quickly. Number one is babysitting. Now, I used to do this all the time and it actually acted as a double saving because not only were you earning money it also stopped you going out and spending money.

Number two is dog-walking. If you love being outside and love dogs, why don’t you do a letterbox drop and see who’s in your neighborhood who would like some help in walking their pets. Number three is become an uber driver. If you’ve got some spare time and a car why don’t you combine those two things and earn some extra cash particularly on the weekends. Number four is air tasker. If you’re particularly handy around the house there are plenty of time poor people out there who will happily pay for your services and help around the house. Number five is market research. Now, I have done heaps of market research and it’s a great way to earn some quick cash because often they pay you after the interview. Now, market research can be done online sometimes in your own home and sometimes in a group environment and is a lot of fun and really quite interesting. Again, I will link a couple of the companies that I’ve registered with in Sydney, but you can also register with companies online.

Number six is sell your skills if you’re really good at applying makeup or know how to spray hand people or great with a camera. Why don’t you market yourself and sell your skills and services Number seven is market stalls. If you’re good at making something why don’t you have a go actually selling it at your local markets? I have seen people so marmalade. I’ve seen people sell fruit and vegetable.

I’ve even seen people sell hat pieces and fascinate the races and it’s a great way to test the market while also making some cash. Number eight is if you’re being paid by the hour increase your hours if you can by working extra three to four hours extra during the course of the week this can really add up. Alternatively, you can try and change your roster so that you’re working on weekends or evenings when there’s overtime rates being paid. Number nine is getting to the garden. Why not offer your gardening skills even if it’s just simple weeding and cleaning of people’s gardens or mowing lawns? These are jobs that people will happily pay cash for if they don’t have to do it themselves. Number 10 is sell your stuff. There are so many new websites and apps that make it really quick and easy to get rid of your stuff.

You don’t necessarily need to have a garage sale. Although you can if you want and the great thing about it being online is you can do it in your own time. Number 11 is start a blog if you’ve got valuable content or great imagery that you think will benefit people, why don’t you start up your own blog and then sell the banner ads off the back of that. Number 12 is rent your home out. Now, there are great websites like airBnb that make this process really quite quick easy and safe but you can essentially rent out your whole entire home or just rent out one or two bedrooms and again because all online you control who rents the property and what dates the property is actually available for.

Number 13 is get a location agent if you’ve got a fabulous home and want to earn some cash there may be people who are willing to pay to rent your place to film a commercial or a TV show. Number 14 is get a casual weekend job. Have a look in your local paper or online for local offices, restaurants, cafes, bars they’re looking for extra casual part-time staff. Number 15 is start a new business. Now, of course all new businesses need to be entered in with a lot of planning and preparation there are lots of people I know out there who’ve done extremely well in starting up a small business and letting it flourish but if you do your research and do it right, it actually can end up being a great little cash earning business.

A great example is a really good friend of mine. She recently launched a Neoprene handbag business and set up a shop online so she can choose the hours that she works and still look after her daughters. Plus it’s a great little cash earning business. Number 16 is sell your services online. There are companies out there looking for people to do proofreading, data entry, form filling and what’s great about this is you can do it from home in your own hours on a computer. Number 17 is become a website and app reviewer. There are people out there who want to test prototypes of websites and apps and they really value your feedback and opinions of how that works and how user-friendly it is they happily pay you for that feedback.

Number eighteen is become a delivery driver. Whether that be dropping off newspapers or working for a food delivery company. It doesn’t matter. There are lots of companies out there always looking for new drivers. Number Nineteen is write and publish your own ebook. Today it has never been easier to actually get a book out there and sold, especially if you can build up a social media following which brings me into my 20th and final idea to help make you some quick cash is affiliate marketing. If you have a strong social media following you can get paid to promote certain products and services on your social media feed of course. You should always disclose you’re being paid. This is a great way of making some quick cash. I hope this video helps inspire you to make some quick cash if you need to and if you have any other ideas that other subscribers would love to hear about making extra cash please put them in the description box below because remember sharing is caring and if you are participating in the 1,000 Dollar Project, make sure you use some of these ideas to help you get financially I, myself am using most of these for the 1,000 Dollar project, so that’s it for Money Monday.

Make sure you check all the links in the description box below so I can make it as easy as possible for you to implement these ideas and I will see you later on the week for a fashion video for Lifestyle Love. Ciao for now, bye. .

I show you 20 legal and easy ways to earn some extra money / cash.

1. Babysitting
2. Walk Dogs for cash
3. Become an uber driver
4. Sell your services on Airtasker
5. Market Research
6. Sell your skills and services
7. Sell goods at local markets
8. Work extra hours or work during higher/overtime rates
9. Gardening / Mowing Lawns
10. Sell your stuff online
11. Start a blog
12. Air B’N’B
13. Location Agent
14. Weekend casual job
15. Start a small business check out
16. Do data entry/ proofread / form filing
17. Test websites and apps
18. Delivery Rider (Dilivero)
19. Write & Publish an eBook
20. Affiliate Marketing

Oh and here is the link to The Today Show on Channel 9! xCC


SugarMamma.TV is all about educating, inspiring and empowering everyday people to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in your life. Bite sized videos, with quick and easy to understand tips, that you can apply straight away and see the results. SugarMamma.TV is a powerful movement making money and finance more approachable, energetic and enlightening.

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SugarMamma.TV is all about educating, inspiring and empowering everyday people to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in your life. Bite sized videos, with quick and easy to understand tips, that you can apply straight away and see the results. SugarMamma.TV is a powerful movement making money and finance more approachable, energetic and enlightening.

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Left Handed Knitting Tutorial for Beginners

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Hey knitters if you are left-handed or you’re teaching someone how to knit left-handed and you feel like you’re all thumbs this is the video for you I’m a lefty I’m going to teach you how didn’t it left-handed it’s something that any lefty can do you don’t have to knit right-handed when I started knitting I started right-handed and I just could not get how the I couldn’t get a good grasp on those needles I’d end up putting one on my arm or using it as a stake on my leg and I’d wrap the yarn around it wasn’t until I decided to relearn knitting as a left-handed person and knit mirror image of a right-handed person that it all made sense I knit continental style I’m going to show you how to knit how to cast on knit purl bind off and knit continental style that’s a way to hold your needles so it makes sense so stay tuned I’m gonna flip things around and show you how it’s done hi lefty knitters here’s everything you’re going to need to get started knitting your first project or just practicing knitting in general you’re gonna start with a skein of worsted weight yarn a pair of size 8 knitting needles I prefer to learn and teach knitting on bamboo knitting needles and these are size eights that’s a good size and the way you can tell that is if you look on the yarn label it will give you the recommended this is what’s called a gauge you’ll say 20 stitches to 4 inches and it was done on a size 8 needle so that’s what we’re going to use for this project so let’s start by also you’re gonna have a pair of scissors around to cut the yarn when you’re done let’s start by making a slipknot you have to start your knitting projects with this so you just make two loops and then you flip one over into the other and pull up like that and your slipknot should be able to move Loosli along here should be able to pull it up and down so you’re going to take that and put it on the needle like this now you’re going to do a thumb cast on all this is you’re going to bring your thumb behind the work and flip your thumb back to kind of create a cross and then insert the needle into that loop and pull it up in just make that loop it would be basically the same as taking the yarn flipping it around and putting it on the needle like that and tightening and you want to make it tight enough that it it kind of hugs the needle but you can easily glide it along as you can see there so I’ll just put 10 stitches on the needle so I’m going to draw up grab the yarn flip it back and with that little X I’m going to go into the circle that it made now I have two four six eight ten stitches and in this case you will you do count the Slipknot the stitch that you made that is one of your stitches so we have ten stitches on the nikkei so once you have those stitches cast on you’re going to place those stitches in your right hand and if you were right-handed you would knit from left to right but since you’re left-handed you’re going to knit from right to left so what we’ll do is we take the meet the left hand needle insert it into the stitch pick up the yarn and wrap it clockwise around that back needle then what you’re going to do is you’re going to pull that needle through the loop while picking up that new stitch you put on then you slide the old stitch off the right needle into the loop wrap the yarn around slide that needle off and then take it off the stitch into the loop wrap around draw up the stitch take the right hand stitch off the needle so you’re adding a stitch and you’re moving it from one needle to the other and you’re just repeating that over and over again across the row now this to cast on we did was a loop cast on it’s the easiest cast on to learn and it’s better to just learn this cast on to start and then there’s more advanced cast ons that you can do as you learn to knit the problem is it’s not a great cast on it creates this little string sometimes between the stitches that’s because there’s nothing holding these they’re just loops so it’s kind of annoying but if we were to show you a more advanced cast on you’d forget it right away and the most important thing is learning the knit stitch and the purl stitch once you get those down and you’re comfortable with them and you go to learn a more advanced cast on such as the longtail cast on you’ll get it right away so now we’ve knitted our first row of knit stitches there’s 10 stitches and how do you know where you are in the knitting your loop your tail from your yarn ball should always be in the back and if this tail is really long you might want to trim it to about 4 to 6 inches so that you don’t accidentally pick this up and knit it I’ve done that way too many times so just always keep the tail about 4 to 6 inches in fact I’ll snip it off right now you don’t want to cut it too short because you need to be able to weave in that yarn end if you were to cut it right up here and think that was it your project would unravel so you don’t want to do that so let’s knit one more row I’m going to take that knitting back to my right hand make sure that this yarn is going to be in the back and now I’m going to insert the left needle underneath and go into the stitch wrap the yarn around pull up a loop and take that stitch off the needle and I’m just going to repeat that across the row give yourself a little time to master holding the stitches and the needles it’s a very uncomfortable position when you start so just give yourself time to realize that it’s like holding a pen or a pencil for the first time there’s a an art to it and it takes a little finagling to master both so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it the first second so now we’ve just knitted two rows of knit stitch and you can see that there are when you create a knit stitch it makes these little V’s so this row of ridges is the back side of the previous row which create these they’re called purl bumps so the front side of a warp stitch is called knit and the back is called a purl so to purl we’re going to start the same way but the yarns going to be in the front not in the back so we’re going to go into the stitch and wrap the yarn around the needle clockwise like that and then go back out of the stitch and slide it off again into the stitch wrap the yarn clockwise around out of the stitch and slide it off so if we were to look at this from up here we’re doing the exact same thing just kind of from the top instead of the bottom you’re going into the front of the stitch not the back so if we were to knit that we’d go in from here and the yarn would be in this yarn would be in the back but in this case the yarns in the front and we’re going to come in to the front of the stitch and wrap it around okay we’ve finished one row of purling and now you can see that since we did the purl row on the back on this row that we just finished we’re getting another row of knit stitches on this side of the work so you can see it’s creating this little V here now I’m going to show you how to take the stitches off the needle that’s called binding off or casting off and it’s not much different than knitting there’s just one more step involved so we’re going to go into the stitch wrap the yarn around the needle knit one stitch then we’re going to knit the next stitch now to get these stitches off the needle you’re going to take that first stitch you knit and put it up over the second stitch like that so you’re gonna keep repeating that across the row try not to get too tight because if you’re too tight your bind off or cast off will be too tight and it will not look the same as the rest of your project so knit the next oh I forgot to bind that one off so here we go lift it over knit the next stitch take that first one off and at the next stitch take that first one off now if you can see my hands are a little cumbersome in this and that’s because I knit not holding my needles this way I normally knit continental style which for me is much more fluid and comfortable than this throw method or American style so now we have bound off all of those stitches except for this one stitch that’s left so what you’re going to do is clip the yarn and then you’re going to simply take that tail put it into the loop and draw up the loop like that and now you’ve cast on you’ve knitted you’ve pearled and you’ve bound off next I’m going to show you how to knit continental style okay I’ve cast on my ten stitches they’re not too tight they slide pretty well across the row and I’m going to start knitting but what’s going to change is how I hold my yarn so I like to hold it in my right hand and let my right hand act as the feeder for the stitches that way might this just feeds the yarn and holds this needle and my left hand gets to do all the work and that’s where it feels really comfortable so I’m going to go into the stitch wrap the yarn around the needle and then draw up the loop and what I end up doing is this stitch basically I mean this needle basically goes in hooks the yarn pulls it up slide it off so I’m not doing all that physical wrapping around even though I’m wrapping around it’s more of a slip of the stitch I’m just picking that up and if you’ve crocheted before it’s very similar holding crochet hooks and yarn it’s it’s more like you’re crapping grabbing it and pulling it up and then sliding it onto the new next needle so it’s the exact same step knitting is the exact same technique you’re just holding your yarn differently and your needles differently to allow you to master that and as you can see before my right hand was doing a lot of the work and now my my right hand barely moves only to feed the yarn and slide these stitches up but my left hand is really getting in there and grabbing the yarn and making those stitches and I can knit so much faster more comfortably more fluidly my stitches look so much better than what I did over here you can see my knitting just has a much better appearance all around by using this technique and I knit faster and so much more comfortably and confidently so I’ll do one more row of knitting and then I’ll do a row of purling so you can see what Continental purling looks like again I’m just grasping the yarn and I tend to pull this down so that when I go in I can just hook that up like that and slide it off and it takes a little while to get this technique but I think you’ll find it so rewarding and it’s exactly the same as a right handed person would do it’s just a mirror image they’re doing it from left to right same Continental they just hold everything in the opposite hand and knit the opposite direction but it’s all exactly the same so now let’s do a purl stitch in Continental same method of holding your needles and your yarn but we’re going to knit in the front of the work so I have my yarn in front and I insert my needle into the front of the work and then you wrap around and hook down so it’s the same thing just you’re pulling the other direction so you can see I’m wrapping the yarn I’m making instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle I’m kind of wrapping my needle around the yarn do you know what I mean it’s just this the same way to go about it it’s just that instead of the yarn doing the work the needle is doing the work so hooking it around and going back down and what I also like about this is that when you knit and purl in a one row it’s so smooth I’m going to show you how to do that so I’m going to do a knit with the yarn in the back then a purl I just kind of fluidly move it forward and do my purl oops now back to knit so I’m not like making this big dramatic gesture it’s such a simple little twist of the wrist that allows you to knit and purl almost seamlessly and effortlessly so I’m going to try to slow it down let the needle grab the stitch the needle does all the work it’ll make your left hand very happy to be able to do that and now you can see I have a beautiful knit and purl knit one purl one row there and that’s how you knit continental style left-handed so we’ve covered a lot today we learned how to cast on bind off knit purl knit and purl continental style and transition between a knit and purl in one row on a all on left-handed knitting so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if there’s something else you’d like to see please let me know in the comments below thanks so much for watching and have a great day

LEFT HANDED KNITTING TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS | If you are left-handed, this knitting video is for you! It’s a complete left handed knitting tutorial for beginners. We cover the basics including: left handed thumb method cast, knitting stitches (both knit and purl), cast off, and continental knitting.

Timing for each technique:
1:55 – How to make a slip knot left handed
2:25 – Left handed thumb cast on
3:50 – How to make the knit stitch left handed
8:27 – How to purl stitch left handed
12:45 – Continental knitting left handed

Whether you want to learn to knit left handed or you are trying to teach a left handed child to knit, watch this video from a fellow southpaw!