Woman Cleaning Out A Fish For Dinner Gets The Surprise Of Her Life

OMG… ! Woman Cleaning Out A Fish For Dinner Gets The Surprise Of Her Life .

OMG Woman Cleaning Out A Fish For Dinner Understands The Surprise Of Her Life That this fish is an bowfin and 40 min after the Mind scald and was gone it is still alive

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Watch Most Hilarious Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera

Most hilarious fishing photos ever caught on camera Fishing is an excellent activity relax and forget for a moment the stress and worries of daily life Even though it offers a calm atmosphere something unexpected may occur at the moment that you don’t expect Fortunately some of those surprising events have been captured for posterity Let’s check the funniest fishing photos ever caught on camera What sign? Signs are posted in offices on the streets and even at the beach they are everywhere But they’re posted for protecting you however this particular sign of no fishing from bridge may be is something for the beginners protection in any case nobody cares about it a Taunting fish Fishing normally implies spending many hours waiting out in the water But in this case these guys decided to put their rods on a rod stand to keep their bait in the water while they relax For a brief moment, but this particular fish used the chance to taunt the fisherman and show that he won’t be fooled by their bait Using the floods in your favor Heavy rainfalls can cause a lot of problems and one of them is floods They caused damage to buildings and entire streets too close But this guy is taking advantage of a bad situation and instead of staying away from the flooded streets He stayed on the streets with a fishing rod He’ll be successful Trying to convince a fish to take your bait is just the beginning of a long battle Once the fish is hooked Then you have to reel it in However, a fish won’t go down without a fight and as you can see in this pic The fish was so strong that he’s not willing to be reeled in who win this battle personally, I have a feeling that this photo might be mocked a Dream catch This lucky guy not only got the biggest catch of the day But he had the greatest catch of life a pretty and loving girlfriend who supports his hobby and has a good sense of humor She enjoys the fact that her boyfriend caught a fish that’s almost the size of her Be careful on those rocks When the seas are rocky and if you’re not an experienced navigator, you got to be careful So this man underestimated the strength of the water during his fishing trip, and the result Hayes boat ended up paying the consequences The motor has died Spending a day with your best friend is something nice You can drink a few beers while you’re waiting for the baits to be pulled in by a fish however Unfortunate events do happen.

And in this case the boats motor just died So there’s only one thing to do in a situation like this fix it Fortunately, this guy had his good friend to support him in such an uneasy situation We’re just here for the fish When a good spot to fish is discovered somehow, it doesn’t stay secret for much time fishers come from nowhere daily, like it’s magic however, we have a feeling that it isn’t just the fish that these fishermen may be feeling attracted to in this particular spot as We can see in the picture. The sight is pretty amazing a Man fish caught on camera This snorkeler decided to see the beauty of what’s dwelling under the surface Luckily, he had a partner who is able to capture this perfectly timed photo Although this is not a picture related to fishing. It’s still a photo that everyone should see Two nets are better than one besides the typical fishing rod the net is the most popular instrument used for fishing and This woman looks like a real expert when it comes to using a net to fish In fact, she loves using the net so much that she decided to put one on her head Identical teeth there are 28,000 species of fish in the seas with a lot of different variations amongst them Some of them are small some of them are colorful some live in freshwater and some as you can see have very interesting teeth This particular fish has a set of chompers That’s not common to see on a fish but normally seen in human beings and it very nicely matches the guy holding the fish a Family fishing day Planning a family vacation is not an easy task Especially if you have kids so you must think of an activity that can offer some fun for the entire family although this couple loves fishing They have a baby but it seems they found the perfect solution for such situation Bringing a crib on board to keep the little ones safe Fishing in a hole We’ve seen man taking advantage of heavy rains by fishing on flooded streets and this guy was inspired by the same idea However, we don’t think he’s gonna be able to fish anything in that pothole Maybe this guy is actually protesting the government’s lack of action to fix the potholes.

Who knows I think this is down the street from me actually Unique flip-flops Flip-flops are the ideal outdoor footwear, especially if you go fishing But this particular model should be a must-have for Eddie Fisher. They look comfortable and have an appearance that matches perfectly with any occasion Fishing obsession if children always have a favorite toy or blanket they want to sleep with then why can’t adults do the same thing? Definitely this guy loves his fishing pole so much he decided to sleep with him We hope he doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend because she probably wouldn’t want to have them in bed is fishing forbidden in the fishing bridge Okay, this one’s weird imagine you’re looking for a good spot to fish and then you find a bridge over Lake with a sign that says fishing bridge and You believe that you finally found the perfect spot However, your dreams are immediately broken when a second sign you see that says closed to fishing How could there be a fishing bridge if you can’t fish from it? How does this even work? The lay-z-boy boat Spending many hours on the boat can be relaxing but also hard for your body Sitting on metal or plastic for long hours can be painful.

However, these two people found the perfect solution for that a lazy boy Even though it may have been a bit annoying to carry the recliner from your living room to the boat these guys are certainly enjoying a great time a Special wedding People have a wedding when they decide to tie their lives until death do them part in plain words They choose to stay at each other’s sides and support mutually So that means let the bride run to the water to fish right after she said I do how romantic Fishing for everyone Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from young children to older folks Every person can enjoy a bit of calm and tranquility and this man is living proof of that showing that fishing community Showing fishing can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and in any condition Nothing will stop him from enjoying his favorite hobby Is this sign really necessary as We mentioned before signs are normally posted for a purpose even though people tend to ignore them But in this case we can say that it’s completely unnecessary when it’s so evident.

That one important thing is missing water Taking advantage of high grounds it’s recommendable to fish at sea level boarded on a boat or just from the docks It’s very uncommon to see anyone fishing in a higher place, which is a few feet above the water however, these guys wanted to try something new and decided to get a crane to do some fishing from high grounds a Very peculiar lawnchair boat Previously we’ve seen a lazy man bringing his recliner from his living room to his boat, but now we’re seeing another creative man He noticed that bringing a recliner to the boat is not the best options in terms of cost Therefore he preferred to attach a lawn chair to a platform with a motor on it He can just say this is the perfect gear for a solo fishing day What did you think of these crazy fishing photos what was your favorite let us know in the comments below You You

Most Hilarious Fishing Movies Ever Caught On Camera

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10 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT KILLER!!)

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What’s up guys?

Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. The length of this work out is not a necessity, if you’re on the lookout for a fatburning workout. As a matter of fact, since now I will demonstrate to you here the main thing is that you’re becoming the own body spending so much time by the first second until the last. And within this case, we will be spending so much time for 10 seconds only. So, the most cool thing about a work-out is that you may observe the finish line before you start. That makes it more inspiring for you yourself to get back on to the ground and also do this.

The second thing that tends to make this even better is that you can do that directly here in just a little bit of space free of equipment. Discount the materials against the walls. Is that floor as you’re going to be more staring down face about it several situations. We now have right here on faucet issue levels of Burpees. That.

Twelve (12) reps in 1 minute. In the event that you may complete all 1-2 reps of this Burpee’s complicated version, then congratulations, you’ve made it. In the event that you can make it all the way through 10 rounds afterward you’ve achieved your job and you’ve needed a helluvan accomplishment as that is not an simple task. Guys, as I state all the moment, you may do the job out tough or you may work outside term. We are going to choose to work out this, however we will assist you to burn up fat in the approach. again is guaranteed by me. With that said I will take you throughout my version with this. You’ll find a way to see every edition of this Burpee. The important thing is you see how I do it, although I will identify it down below horribly as I do.

Whether you can do 1-2 of the each second at the second escalating up to a total when at all possible and see. Let us give it a chance at Squat-thrusts SQUAT THRUST J-Ax BURPEES SQUAT THRUST SQUAT BURPEES CLASSIC CHEST TO Floor BURPEES Single-leg Mountain-climber BURPEES Aspect KICKTHROUGH BURPEES CHOP AND HOP Single-leg BURPEES ANGRY MULE BURPEES TRIPLE SKYFALLS Inch ARM GET BURPEES UP Therefore that you have it guys. One 10 Minute exercise that you can do anyplace. There is absolutely no excuses. This can be weightlifting and you certainly can do that work out any time you’re seeking that kick in your ass. Whether you’re on the lookout for a program that is completely bodyweight only, we have a kick in the ass for you personally. The ATHLEAN XERO Method. We state that it all the moment; point. No Bands. No Bars. No Bench. No Bull. Nothing, not a pullup Bar to work your entire human body and also create muscle.

Along with almost all of these weightlifting exercises, guys, they truly are nothing more than glorified aerobics workout. You are not going to create some slender muscle in the approach, although they truly are planning to secure you to eliminate extra weight. ATHLEAN XERO does, and you’ll be able to believe it is in ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime, in the event you discovered that helpful, and when you’re going to try out any one of these Burpees if not most of them, make sure to abandon me your opinions as well as your thumb’s up under and inform me how much you made it.

Did you make it all 10 moments? Did you die halfway? Let another person type in to you personally, how much you made it In case you did. I will find you guys again. .

Burn fat and build muscle in 6 weeks with no equipment at

So you don’t think it’s possible to get a killer fat burning workout done in 10 minutes? Prepare to change your This high intensity home fat burning workout can be performed with absolutely no equipment and in very little In fact, with just one exercise serving as the base of each of the exercises in this fat burn workout, you’ll see that it is pretty straight forward as goal of this fat burning home workout is to perform burpees of escalating difficulty every minute on the minute for up to 10 Each minute you need to complete 12 Whatever time is remaining at the end of those 12 reps can be rest that is earned beyond the 1 minute that you receive as part of the So, if you complete all twelve squat thrusts in 30 seconds, you get to rest one minute and thirty seconds before starting the squat thrust home fat burning workout is perfect for those who have always wondered how to burn fat fast but were stuck in the mindset of thinking that traditional steady state cardio was the In fact, because of the involvement of multiple muscle groups that this workout provides over plain treadmill walking or running, you can expect to burn more calories per minute than you would Give it your best for these 10 minutes and you’ll see that your energy expenditure and caloric burn can be is the complete breakdown of the home fat burning workout in this video:

Can you last all 10 minutes?

Minute 1: Squat Thrusts x 12

Minute 2: Squat Thrust Jax Burpees x 12

Minute 3: Squat Thrust Squat Burpees x 12

Minute 4: Classic Chest to Ground Burpees x 12

Minute 5: Single Leg Mountain Climber Burpee x 6 each leg

Minute 6: Side Kickthrough Burpees x 12

Minute 7: Chop and Hop Single Leg Burpees x 6 each leg

Minute 8: Angry Mule Burpees x 12

Minute 9: Triple Skyfall x 12

Minute 10: 1 Arm Get Up Burpees x 6 each arm

Most home fat burning workouts fall short in their benefit to your ability to build muscle at the same They turn into glorified aerobic Even some of the most popular workout programs on the market ignore the golden rule of muscle adaptive Do nothing but cardio workouts and think you are going to build muscle? That is the definition of if you integrate multiple muscle groups into the exercises that you’re doing…and you choose exercises that are a bit more anaerobic in nature, you will allow your body to burn fat and calories without training it to become The ATHLEAN XERO bodyweight program available at allows you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time using workouts that push you to your

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Content Marketing Explained

People today do a whole lot of research before making their purchase decision. Almost 60% of the whole sales cycle is done even before a seller is involved. We are going to cover how this has changed the marketing concept, and how you can grasp the potential of content marketing. The customer journey has shifted from being mainly a sales activity to more of a marketing practice. Modern technology allows us to measure the interests of the prospects and that information gives marketers a clear view of what content the prospects prefer.

This has made content marketing key when it comes to perfecting the buyer’s journey, building long-term relationships between customer and business. With these 4 content marketing tactics, we are not trying to sell to the customers but rather we help them buy. To provide the right content, you need to know your customer. Create your buyer personas; fictitional and realistic representations of your ideal customers that tells you everything about them; age, shopping habits, hobbies, life style. This will help you see and analyze what your customers are thinking, and what they expect from you.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, going through their customer journey and start constructing your own effective marketing funnel. As your customer, what content would I like to see at what time to make me feel comfortable enough to sign-up, purchase, download or in other ways engage in your call-to-actions? It’s time to publish the content that supports your buyer personas. The motto here is to provide the right information at the right time to the right lead and certain types of content are more suitable in different stages. Successful content tactics for generating suspects would be videos and free e-books. When that suspect is ready to become a prospect, relevant content would be webinars and case studies. Further along, to get qualified leads we would offer free trials and demos. Lastly, there would be a sales interaction with the lead. Marketing automation, the engine behind content marketing. Investing in a marketing automation tool is essential to be a successful content marketer. It allows you automate the delivery of perfectly timed content based on your recipients’ behavior.

It keeps your organization informed and your sales team aware when to respond to qualified leads. Begin your content marketing strategy by putting yourself in the customer’s situation. Who is your buyer? When you know that, you can start creating content that will support them throughout their journey. Automate your content delivery with a marketing automation system to get that perfect timing. Now you’re well on your way to become a content marketing ninja .

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When the customer behavior changed, the practices of marketing followed with new ways of communicating with the public.
The journey your customer is on, from first website visit to final sale, used to be mainly a sales activity where the sales team handled the communication with the customers via phone calls and advertisements. However, when customers turned to the Internet as their main source of advice, the roles of both sales and marketing shifted. People were no longer interested in ads and commercials were the products were pushed onto them. Instead, they started looking for information themselves that would help them making a purchase decision. Modern technology allows marketers to measure the interests of the prospects, meaning that we get a clear view of what the customers are looking for.

In this video, we go over the basics of one of the most rewarding marketing concepts today – Content Marketing.

Google Featured Snippets: How to Rank “0” on Google

– Alright, so, in this video we’re gonna talk about how you can rank #0 in Google. Now there’s a really fantastic post done by one of Moz’s employees, his name is Dr. Peter Meyers and I’m gonna go through this post right here to get through to the meat really quickly so you don’t have to go through, read a really long post you can just listen to this on your drive or listen to this while you’re working out. So basically when you’re ranking zero, and we’re gonna go through, we’re gonna look through this post right now, when you’re ranking zero, when you’re searching for something, let’s just give you an example, let’s say, what is, what is football, for example, you know, basically, Google has ability now to show you a snippet of the answer, so they’re trying to give you the answer as quickly as possible.

And the reason for that, imagine if you’re searching from mobile, or if you’re searching from a device that you have internally at home, it might be like Amazon’s new product, I don’t wanna say the name right now ’cause she might turn on. So basically you’re looking for something that’s gonna be able to give you an answer very quickly it’s very concise, k? Now the idea behind this is that if you have an answer like this, you can see this one right here where it says What is SSL, you can see it’s very clear and to the point, it’s very concise, right? So the question is why should you care? Well the thing is this: It’s the same thing as when you’re running pay per click ads, you’re occupying more paid, you’re occupying more real estate, so when you’re running paid advertising to your brand name, well guess what, you get to occupy more site links, you get to have reviews in it, you can change the headline, you can change the copy, as well, you can do a lot more with it, you have a lot more flexibility in general.

So when you’re able to occupy double the real estate, well you’re gonna get more conversions at the end of the day. Now, when it comes to ranking #0, well, these spots are actually higher than organic spots in many cases, so if you’re able to occupy that real estate. This article basically reports that the idea behind these Featured Snippets is that basically Google has been testing this for the past couple years, and you can see it’s getting bigger and bigger over the period of time, you can see Featured Snippets, % of Featured Snippets on Google over the last 12 months over here went from 4% to 12% and it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger because again, they’re trying to create the best experience for the user, it’s not necessarily trying to get people to click back to your site.

So even if you can get people to continue to, you know, show your Snippets, they’re gonna remember your brand over time, and here’s the thing, if they click through on a Snippet they’re going to come back to your site. Now, you’re question is probably, how much of these people are actually clicking through? You know, what is the actual difference that you’re gonna get if you’re actually able to occupy these Snippets? Well, guess what? Here’s where it says right here, in this section you can see when somebody lost their Featured Snippet, over a two week period they lost over 39,000 clicks.

So that is a very big number. And right here HubSpot did a larger study of high-volume keywords, and it showed that the ranking zero basically produced a 114% Click Through Rate boost, even when they already held the number one organic position, so this has huge implications. Now, the question is, what are you gonna do exactly? You know, this article talks about where do they come from, it’s just showing you different Snippets right here, that’s not really what’s important to me, now that we’ve established the importance of Featured Snippets, question is, how do you go about getting one? So it shows you right here, Featured Snippets by Ranking Position, the number one, when you’re ranking organically number one, you have a you know, 30 to 35% chance of getting that snippet.

Now, two and three, you still have a pretty good chance too, you know, two and three basically has about 35%, and it goes lower from there. So, that just shows, I mean, you don’t necessarily need to have the number one organic ranking spot, if you’re on the first page you have a shot at this, so keep that in mind. So basically what you need to do, and Moz did a case study right here which I think is really interesting, we should cover this portion, Moz basically coined the key word Page Authority, that’s one of their key metrics in their tool, and here it’s showing a Featured Snippet done by somebody else that was ranking number two, and they occupied that Featured Snippet.

Why? Because they are more concise with the answer, and they just had a better answer in general, so drumBEAT Marketing right here was talking about page authority, they had a number one Snippet, so Moz wanted to do a test, and see if they can take that spot away because Moz occupies the number one organic position. So what they did was, they made sure that h1 tag answered that question, what is page authority? So what is page authority that specific question is there, so they weren’t answering it yet, I’m sorry, just back tracking a little bit, and they changed their answer to be much more concise and they made it a better experience overall, and they took that Featured Snippet away from drumBEAT Marketing.

So that shows you the power of making these adjustments. You have to have h1 tag that addresses the question and you have to have an answer that’s concise. You have to write something that’s better than what’s out there already. So if you aren’t familiar with the term skyscraper content, well you can search Backlinko skyscraper content, you can figure out what skyscraping other content actually means, and take that concept into Featured Snippets and then you’re gonna be able to own more Featured Snippets out there, and you know this is something to take over, this is a free win in 2016, take advantage while you can ’cause I guarantee you other people are gonna start looking at this 114% Click Through Rate as no joke, losing 39,000 clicks in two weeks is no joke.

Take a look at Featured Snippets, you can Google this post as well, this is Moz Ranking #0, and you should be able to find it. That’s the number sign, I forget what that’s called and yeah, just search it up and you’ll find it and let us know what you think in the comments. .

Single Grain and Growth Everywhere’s Eric Siu walks you through Google’s Featured Snippets, from what they are to how to get them even if you aren’t already rank #1 for a search term.


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BREAKING NEWS !!! Google One Is Google’s New Paid Storage Offerings

If you’re an avid Google Drive user the company has some interesting news for you in an announcement today Google unveiled Google one an upgraded version of their previous Google Drive cloud storage system Google one will reportedly be replacing drive entirely for those who take advantage of Google’s paid storage plans while also providing them with an additional storage plan offering a price tweak and a couple of notable subscription perks to start with Google is slashing the price of their 2 terabytes cloud storage plan from $per month to a mere $per month and they’ll be adding to their low-cost storage options with a $per month 200 gigabytes storage plan the company’s $per month one terabyte storage plan which would be obsolete in light of the 2 terabytes plans price cut won’t be seeing any price tweaks rather Google will simply be eliminating it altogether it’s unclear whether or not the company plans to roll out an alternative in the future but the company’s other storage plans such as their 10 terabytes and 30 terabytes offerings are largely remaining unchanged Google 1 will also include much requested family sharing functionality you’ll be able to add up to 5 people to your storage plan one tab access to support experts free google play credits and deals on select hotels found through Google search google plans to expand this list of perks over time if you’re wondering when you’ll be able to try out Google one for yourself the company claims the upgrade will happen automatically over the coming months if you subscribe to any paid drive storage plan even the cheapest one dollar and ninety nine cents per month 100 gigabytes plan Google hopes to bring Google 1 to free drive users later this year

BREAKING NEWS !!! Google One Is Google’s New Paid Storage Offerings

Google has announced its new paid storage offerings for all of its services, they are now called Google One. Google says that it is designed to make it simpler for you to get extra storage with Google on top of the free storage they offer. The company is now offering paid options from 100GB to 30TB and pricing will start at $1.99 a month for 100GB, 200GB will cost you $2.99 a month and 2TB $9.99 a month. That’s why we’re introducing Google One, a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help you get more out of Google. In the next few months, all paid consumer Google Drive storage plans will be upgraded to Google One. This change doesn’t affect G Suite business customers.

Preference :
– https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/google-one-is-googles-new-pair-storage-offerings-15-05-2018/

What the FAX?! – Vraag het Google #1

I think this is the first time we’re faxing a vlog. The screen is very color coordinated with my shirt, don’t you think? Ask Google. An answer to your question every Monday. Hey, welcome to Google Netherlands’ YouTube channel. What we’ll do here: answer your questions! Questions you’d normally put to Google Search, we’ll answer here. Might be a little bit slower, but we enjoy helping you. So if you’ve got a question, perhaps about YouTube, about Google, or something totally different, Leave your question in the comments below this video. So that makes this first video a bit difficult, because we don’t have any questions yet. But I heard we coincidentally received a question by fax.

Alright, thanks for that. That’s Tim. It’s a real fax by the way. It’s from shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk. Hand-written. The question is: How come when I type my own name on Google and I press “website”, I’ll arrive on the website of my competitor. We are shoemaking shop Ton van Heeswijk. My competitor is called shoemaking shop Ton. Please reply. Best regards, Ton van Heeswijk. Where did you get this? The fax machine. – Where’s our fax machine? Let’s go find it. I’m not sure where he found our fax number. I’m checking on Maps, when you search for Google, there’s no listing for our fax number. So I’m not really sure how he got our fax number. Enjoy, have we got a fax machine? Yes, it’s on the 16th floor. Nino, apparently, we have a fax machine here. Sorry, come again? – A fax machine.

I’m not sure, but if we have one, it’s over there. Is it in here? What does a fax machine do? It’s from the eighties. From way back. It’s sort of remote printing. Here’s the manual. This is the fax machine’s manual. Good luck. – Thanks. This is Luuk’s vlog. Perhaps we can start faxing vlogs to people. Obviously, I’ll first have to print the video. You should edit this, it might take a while. Look. I think this is the first time we’re faxing a YouTube video. That was pretty cool, faxing a video of a vlog. But we still have to help out the shoe maker. Let’s see, in Uden. Shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk.

The screen is very color coordinated with my shirt, don’t you think? Oh I guess this is the fax. Yeah, this is the fax. Hello? I think I dialed their fax number. Wait a second. I’ll just try again. Shoemaking shop Van Heeswijk, this is Mark, good morning. Good morning, this is Rachid Finge, Google. Hi. – Hi, is this Ton van Heeswijk? No, Ton is on vacation. – Oh, he’s on vacation? He’s sent us a fax about his entry in Google, that leads to his competitor.

We’d like to help out. Perhaps I can give you some tips and you’ll pass them along to mister Van Heeswijk? Yes, let me write everything down. – Oh, that’s very smart indeed. OK, tell me. What he should do, when he searches for his company name, he should click “Are you the business owner?” So that way he can let us know that it’s his company. Are you the owner of this company. – Yes, correct. Another tip is to replace shoemaking shop with shoemaker, as more people are searching for that. Shoemaker. So claim your company, and change shoemaking shop to shoemaker. Yes, because a lot more people will find him.

Finally, if he googles “Digital Garage”, he’ll find much more about how to improve his visibility on Google. Great, I’ll pass that on to him. Thanks. Is he on a nice vacation? Well, actually, he’s building a house. – He’s building a house? Please wish him good luck. I will. – Great, thanks so much and have a nice day. Thanks. – Bye. If you’ve got a question for Google too, leave it in the comments. Or perhaps you know our fax number, let us know because apparently we don’t. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. See you next time! What is this? Tim, check this out, they brought me some makeup. .

Stel, je hebt een vraag aan Google… dan fax je die toch gewoon? Dat dacht een schoenmaker uit Uden. Maar kunnen ‘m we ook echt helpen met zijn vraag?

Eigenlijk doen we bij Google niets anders dan jouw vragen beantwoorden. Als je iets niet weet, gebruik je Google Zoeken. Als je de weg kwijt bent, gebruik je Maps. Als je iets niet weet in een andere taal, gebruik je Translate. Jouw vragen beantwoorden – er is niets leuker dan dat.

Daarom doen we dat vanaf nu ook op YouTube in Vraag het Google: elke maandag jouw vraag beantwoord! Wat je vraag ook is – of die nou iets met Google te maken heeft of juist totaal niet, Rachid Finge en de andere Nederlandse Googlers doen ons uiterste best om een antwoord te vinden. 🙂

Laat je vraag achter in de comments en abonneer je op ons kanaal. We beantwoorden elke week de leukste vraag!

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Google +1 Button Guide

I’m Tom Howlett, and one of the key changes I’ve seen in 2011 is the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button was introduced in March in the USA and in June in the UK. This was Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button, which was introduced in 2010. This gave users a chance to click the button if they liked a particular web page or felt it was worth sharing. Webmasters could also add the button to their own websites if they wanted to. At the time, visitors using Google could see how many +1s a site had within the search engine result pages. They could also see how many +1s a site had when viewing a particular web page, and this would show roughly how popular that site was. Syncing with people’s Google profiles, it would also highlight sites that they had liked. So since this introduction, Google+ has been released, which is Google’s own social network.

This has made the integration of Google +1 button much more social by adding the ability of sharing the web page directly with people in your social circles. Search engine results now display pages that your friends have liked, which make using the Google search engine much more socially driven. Of course, this is only available for people with a Google account and will have little effect on the large number of people who browse Google without being logged in. So what effect has this had for website owners? The presence of the +1 button on Google results and different web pages may influence web users slightly. A high number of +1s may suggest that a site is particularly useful or even entertaining and could act as a trust signal when people are browsing the Web.

This could influence the amount of people who click through to your website. It could also increase the amount of traffic you get by receiving traffic via Google+. Google may also use the +1 data to influence the quality of their search results, which could have an impact on rankings. However, this isn’t likely to override any other important ranking factors. The +1 button is bound to be a key driver next year. For more information as the +1 develops, visit Koozai.com or any of the social profiles below. .

http://www.koozai.com – 2011 saw the introduction of the Google +1 button as a new way of sharing content socially. This video looks at the impact of this button and how it could impact the search results we see.

For more information visit http://www.koozai.com

[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ gogobebe(고고베베)

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[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ gogobebe(고고베베)

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In March when we can feel the spring coming, MAMAMOO comes back with ‘White Wind’ as the grand finale of the Four Seasons Four Colors Project. The ninth mini album ‘White Wind’ as the last part of the Four Seasons Four Colors Project was completed with Whee In’s signature color ‘white’ and her signature symbol ‘wind’ following the symbols of other members, ‘flower’, ‘star’ and ‘sun’. The album title ‘White Wind’ matches well with the pure and innocent image of Whee In and the album describes the group’s history from the beginning in a white canvas.

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